Inventory of the Ken Knabb Papers at Yale





Terms and Abbreviations


1-A. Situationist International

SI Books
          SI (1957-1972)
          Post-SI books by Guy Debord
          Post-SI books by other SI members
          Translations of SI books into English

Shorter SI texts
          SI pamphlets and journals
          SI papers
          Translations of shorter SI texts into English
          Translations of SI texts into other languages

Texts about the SI (and/or Debord)
          Shorter texts

1-B. SI-Influenced Works by Non-SI Members
           Pamphlets and journals
                       In French
                       In other languages
                       Other countries
                       United States

1-C. Other Radical Works
          Pamphlets and journals

1-D. Oversize Documents and Other Media


Bureau Prehistory
          Council for the Eruption of the Marvelous (1970)
          1044 (1970)
          Contradiction (1970-1972)
          Unpublished writings by the above three groups

“Notice” group (1973-1977)
          Other documents

Bureau of Public Secrets (KK, 1973-present)
          BPS Publications
          Correspondence (USA)
          Correspondence (international)
          Unpublished writings
          Other media and printing artefacts


Books by Rexroth
Shorter writings by Rexroth
Translations of Rexroth’s writings into other languages
Books about Rexroth
Articles about Rexroth
Other media

4. ANNEX (Richard Kempton collection on the 1960s New Left and counterculture)






In 2016 I sold my situationist archive to the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library at Yale. The collection, which the Beinecke refers to as the “Ken Knabb Papers,” consists primarily of thousands of situationist-related documents accumulated over a fifty-year period (books, journals, pamphlets, posters, leaflets, articles, correspondence, notes, drafts, audio and video recordings, etc.) as well as a smaller collection of material by and about Kenneth Rexroth.

I’m pleased that all these documents are now housed together with several other significant situationist-related collections that the Beinecke has acquired, including the papers of Michèle Bernstein, Jacqueline de Jong, Mustapha Khayati, Attila Kotányi, Donald Nicholson-Smith, Gianfranco Sanguinetti, Raoul Vaneigem, and Gil J Wolman.

The KK Papers are stored offsite in 49 numbered boxes. The Beinecke Finding Aid lists the general types of material in each box, but this gives only a rough idea of what is included and where particular items are located. The present online Inventory is far more detailed and it is organized in a more consistent manner. During the coming months I will be working with the Beinecke to coordinate this Inventory with the Finding Aid.

In my sale agreement with the Beinecke I specified that, unless otherwise indicated, all of the documents in the KK Papers are to be open to the public for onsite viewing or photocopying. It is also possible to order photocopies of particular items via email. For general information about visiting the Beinecke and other special collections at Yale, see the Guide to Using Special Collections at Yale. For information about ordering photocopies of specific documents at the Beinecke, see the Reproduction Orders webpage. If you need help in locating particular documents in the KK Papers, please contact the Beinecke curator, Kevin Repp — kevin.repp@yale.edu.

Within each of the three overarching sections of this Inventory (“Situationist Archive,” “Ken Knabb Archive,” and “Kenneth Rexroth Archive”) I have generally distinguished between (1) books; (2) pamphlets and journals; and (3) “papers” (the latter referring to leaflets, letters, articles, notes, drafts, photocopies, and other items stored in file folders), but there is some overlapping. Thin pamphlets and journals are sometimes filed in the folders of papers. Also, in cases where I corresponded with an individual or group, some of their leaflets or other papers may be filed with their letters in the “Correspondence” files of the “Ken Knabb Archive” rather than under other categories. In any case, you should be able to find just about anything in the collection by searching this Inventory for the name of the text, author, or group you’re looking for.

Within the “Situationist Archive” I have distinguished between (1) “SI” texts (texts by or about members or ex-members of the Situationist International); (2) “SI-influenced” texts (by non-SI members); and (3) “other radical” texts (where there is less explicit situationist connection), but the distinctions between the latter two categories are somewhat fuzzy. (An insightful anarchist or council-communist text may actually have more in common with the situationists than a superficially “situish” text that merely repeats a few platitudes about “the spectacle,” etc.) See the Note at the end of the “Terms and Abbreviations” section, below.

Although I have made every effort to make this Inventory as accurate and complete as possible, it is still only approximate and provisional. My original 2015 inventory (of which this is a revised and expanded version) was made while I still had all the documents at hand, but now that the collection is at the Beinecke I am no longer able to quickly check the particular documents, so there are likely to be some errors and omissions, as well as stylistic inconsistencies. For example, book, pamphlet, and journal titles are usually italicized, while article and leaflet titles are usually in quotes, but I can’t always remember whether a text was a leaflet or a pamphlet. Many texts were anonymous or undated, so author attributions may occasionally be erroneous and the dates indicated are sometimes only approximate. I will continue to make corrections and revisions and to add more explanations to some of the descriptions. Feel free to let me know about any errors that you may notice.

July 2022






BPS = Bureau of Public Secrets = Ken Knabb

KK = Ken Knabb

KR = Kenneth Rexroth

SI = Situationist International (1957-1972)

situ(s) = situish = SI-influenced = non-SI persons, groups, or publications significantly influenced by the SI (see “Note” below)

trans. = translation OR translated by

re = about OR relating to

~ = approximately

papers = leaflets, letters, notes, drafts, photocopies, etc., stored in file folders (sometimes also includes thin pamphlets and journals)

leaflet = one sheet, printed on one or both sides, usually 8.5″ × 11″ (USA) or 8.5″ × 12″ (Europe)

poster = usually 11″ × 17″ or larger, printed on one side

pamphlet = a text of two or more folded sheets of paper, usually stapled, sometimes with a thin spine

brochure = a single sheet of paper folded to make four or more pages

book = book with spine

HB = hardback (books are usually paperback unless otherwise specified)

journal = one of a continued series, usually with stapled binding, sometimes with spine

reprint = reprinting of original text (facsimile or not)

copy = photocopy of original or of reprint

Book publishers are usually indicated. Other texts were usually self-published by the authors or their groups. Unless otherwise indicated, French texts were usually published in Paris; British texts were usually published in London; American books were usually published in New York; and KK/BPS texts were published in Berkeley, California.

NOTE: To avoid ambiguity, I have usually not used the word “situationist” in the Inventory descriptions since it can refer to either the original SI members or to others who have taken up some of the SI’s ideas or tactics. Throughout this Inventory, “SI” refers to the Situationist International (the specific organization: 1957-1972) or to its members or ex-members. The terms “situ(s)” and “situish” and “SI-influenced” refer to people (or groups or publications) who were never SI members but who were significantly influenced by the SI. In the aftermath of the May 1968 revolt such people were often referred to as “pro-situationists” or “pro-situs,” but those terms soon became perceived as pejorative, particularly following Debord’s scathing denunciation of “pro-situs” in La Véritable Scission dans l’Internationale (1972). Another term that is sometimes seen is “post-situationist,” but that ambiguous term is either meaninglessly trivial (they came after the SI) or ludicrously pretentious (implying that they have gone beyond the SI). The terms “situ” and “situish” and “SI-influenced” are used here neutrally, without value judgment. As a matter of fact, many of these people’s activities and perspectives differed significantly from those of the SI; many of them had a rather limited understanding of what the SI was really all about; and even those who had a fairly good understanding did not always express that understanding in a very coherent or effective manner. Nevertheless, countless people in countries all over the world have expressed or reflected at least some situationist themes or tactics, and in their ensemble they have made many significant theoretical and practical contributions to radical struggles. As I noted long ago, their diverse projects, however minor or abortive in many cases and despite the apparent delirium of many of their polemics against each other, reflected an almost unprecedented democratization of theoretical activity:

“In generating among many of its partisans the same exigencies that it practiced itself, and in forcing even the most unautonomous to become at least autonomous from it, the SI showed that it knew how to educate revolutionarily. In the space of a few years we have seen a democratization of theoretical activity that was not attained—if it was even sought—in the old movement in a century. . . . The very nature of the situationists’ mistakes—exposed and criticized by them with pitiless thoroughness—is a confirmation of their methods. Their failures as well as their successes serve to focus, elucidate and polarize. No other radical current in history has known such a degree of intentional public theoretical debate. In the old proletarian movement consequential theoretical polarization was always the exception, the explosion that came out contrary to the intentions of the theorists themselves and only as a last resort when the very continuation of a factitious unity was visibly no longer possible” (The Society of Situationism).

Though most of the more explicitly “situationist” groups and actions took place in the decade or two following the May 1968 revolt, situationist themes and tactics have continued to directly and indirectly influence radical movements in the subsequent decades — as reflected, for example, in the widespread emphasis on direct democracy (as opposed to hierarchical organizations and deference toward leaders) and on active participation (as opposed to remaining “passive spectators”) to be found in the antiglobalization movement, the Occupy movement, and many other movements and tendencies in countries around the world.






1-A. Situationist International (SI) 


BOOKS BY AND ABOUT PRE-SITUATIONISTS (1948-1957; sometimes extending into the early SI years, ca. 1957-1962)

Cobra [complete journals, 1948-1951]. Éditions Jean-Michel Place, 1980 [HB]

Cobra 50 Ar. Arken Museum for Moderne Kunst, 1998

Ivan Chtcheglov, Écrits retrouvés. Allia, 2006

Jean-Marie Apostolidès & Boris Donné, Ivan Chtcheglov: Profil perdu. Allia, 2006

Jean-Marie Apostolidès, Il faut construire l’hacienda. Les Impressions Nouvelles, 2006

Jens-Auguste Schade, Des êtres se rencontrent et une douce musique s’élève dans leurs coeurs. Champ Libre, 1978 [French trans. of a Danish novel originally published in 1944. It was greatly admired by Ivan Chtcheglov.]

Jean-Michel Mension, La Tribu. Allia, 1998

Jean-Michel Mension, The Tribe (trans. of above by Donald Nicholson-Smith). City Lights, 2001

Ralph Rumney, Le Consul. Allia, 1999

Ralph Rumney, The Consul (trans. of above by Malcolm Imrie). City Lights, 2002

Patrick Straram, Les bouteilles se couchent. Allia, 2006

Patrick Straram, Lettre à Guy Debord (1960). Sens et Tonka, 2006

Guy Debord (ed.), Potlatch 1954-57. Champ Libre, 1985

— reedition of above by Gallimard, 1996

Michèle Bernstein, Tous les chevaux du roi. Buchet-Chastel, 1960

Michèle Bernstein, All the King’s Horses (trans. of above by John Kelsey). Semiotext(e), 2008

Michèle Bernstein, La nuit. Buchet-Chastel, 1961

Mirella Bandini, L’estetico, il politico: De Cobra all’Internazionale Situazionista 1948-1957. Officina Edizioni, Rome, 1977 [in Italian, but with some documents in French and other languages]

Les Lèvres Nues: 1954-1958. Plasma, 1978 [complete journals of the Belgian surrealist group, including articles by Debord, Wolman, etc.] [HB]

Ruth Baumeister (ed.), Fraternité avant tout: Asger Jorn’s Writings on Art and Architecture: 1938-1958. 010 Publishers, Rotterdam, 2011 [Danish and Swedish texts trans. by Paul Larkin; French texts trans. by Ken Knabb]

Asger Jorn, Pour la forme [facsimile of 1957 edition, reprinted by Jean-François Martos, ca. 1980]

Asger Jorn, Pour la forme. Allia, 2001

[an Asger Jorn art catalog]. Silkeborg Kunstmuseum, Denmark, 1995

[another Asger Jorn art catalog]. Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, 2000

Gil J Wolman, L’anticoncept. Allia, 1994 [script of 1952 lettrist film]

Gil J Wolman, Défense de mourir. Allia, 2001 [selected writings]

Piet de Groof [pseudonym: Walter Korun], Le général situationniste. Allia, 2007

Gérard Berréby (ed.), Documents relatifs à la fondation de l’Internationale Situationniste: 1948-1957. Allia, 1985 [a huge oversize volume, including all issues of Potlatch + other texts from Cobra, the Lettrist International, and the International Movement for an Imaginist Bauhaus + Jorn’s Pour la Forme + Jorn & Debord’s Fin de Copenhague] [HB]

Guy Debord, Mémoires. J.J. Pauvert, 1993 [facsimile reprint of 1958 original]

— reedition of above by Allia, 2004

Boris Donné, Pour Mémoires. Allia, 2004 [a detailed study of the above work] [HB]

Guy Debord, Contre le Cinema. Institut Scandinave de Vandalisme Comparé, 1964 [beautifully designed and illustrated scenarios of Debord’s first three films, with an Introduction by Asger Jorn]

Alexander Trocchi, Cain’s Book. Grove Press, 1960

Alexander Trochhi, The Outsiders. Signet, 1961

Alexander Trocchi, Sappho of Lesbos: An Amorous Odyssey

Alexander Trocchi, Helen and Desire

Alexander Trocchi, Invisible Insurrection of a Thousand Minds: A Trocchi Reader (ed. Andrew Murray Scott). Polygon, 1991



Internationale Situationniste 1958-1969. Van Gennep (Amsterdam), 1970 [700+ pp., facsimile reprint of the complete French journals] [Due to extensive use, the binding of this copy is split into three parts.]

— reedition of above by Champ Libre, 1975

— reedition of above by Fayard, 1997 [includes a few additional texts]

[See the “Shorter SI Texts” section, below, for reprints and translations of individual articles from the French journal.]

Gérard Berréby (ed.), Textes et documents situationnistes: 1957-1960. Allia, 2004

Christopher Gray (ed. & trans.), Leaving the Twentieth Century: The Incomplete Work of the Situationist International. Free Fall Publications, London, 1974

— reedition of above (with modified layout and illustrations) by Rebel Press, London, 1998

Ken Knabb (ed. & trans.), Situationist International Anthology. Bureau of Public Secrets, 1981

— second printing of above, with updated bibliography, 1989

— third printing of above, with updated bibliography, 1995

Ken Knabb (ed. & trans.), Situationist International Anthology: Revised and Expanded Edition. Bureau of Public Secrets, 2006

Guy Debord, La société du spectacle. Buchet-Chastel, 1967

— reedition of above by Champ Libre, 1972

— reedition of above by Gallimard, 1992

Raoul Vaneigem, Traité de savoir-vivre à l’usage des jeunes générations. Gallimard, 1967

René Viénet, Enragés et situationnistes dans le mouvement des occupations. Gallimard, 1968

Guy Debord & Gianfranco Sanguinetti, La véritable scission dans l’Internationale. Champ Libre, 1972 [this copy inscribed to KK from Tita Carrión]

— reedition of above by Fayard, 1998 [includes a few additional texts]

Écrits complets de la section italienne de l’Internationale situationniste (trans. into French by Joël Gayraud & Luc Mercier). Contre-Moule, 1988

Archives situationnistes, Volume 1: documents traduits 1958-1970 (texts trans. from Italian, German, and English into French by Luc Mercier). Contre-Moule/Parallèles, 1997

Section américaine de l’Internationale Situationniste, Écrits (trans. from English to French by Fabrice de San Mateo). CMDE, 2007



Jorge Manrique, Stances sur la mort de son père (trans. from Spanish to French by Debord). Champ Libre, 1980

Guy Debord, Préface à la quatrième édition italienne de “La société du spectacle”. Champ Libre, 1979

Preface to the Fourth Italian Edition of “The Society of the Spectacle” (trans. of above by Frances Parker & Michael Forsyth [= Michel Prigent & Lucy Forsyth]). Chronos, 1979

Guy Debord, Considérations sur l’assassinat de Gérard Lebovici. Champ Libre, 1985

— reedition of above by Gallimard, 1993

Considerations on the Assassination of Gérard Lebovici (trans. of above by Robert Greene). Tam Tam, 2001

Guy Debord & Alice Becker-Ho, Le “jeu de la guerre”. Lebovici, 1987

A Game of War (trans. of above by Donald Nicholson-Smith). Atlas, 2007

Guy Debord, Commentaires sur la société du spectacle. Lebovici, 1988

— reedition of above by Gallimard, 1992

Comments on the Society of the Spectacle (trans. of above by Malcolm Imrie). Verso, 1990

Comments on the Society of the Spectacle. 1991 [pirate pamphlet reprint of the above Verso edition]

Guy Debord, Panégyrique, Tome Premier. Lebovici, 1989

— reedition of above by Gallimard, 1993

Panegyric, Volume 1 (trans. of above by James Brook). Verso, 1991

Debord, Panégyrique, Tome Second. Fayard, 1997

Debord, Panegyric, Volumes 1 and 2 (trans. of above James Brook & John McHale). Verso, 2004 [HB]

Debord, Oeuvres (ed. Jean-Louis Rançon). Gallimard, 2006 [a huge “Quarto” edition: 1900+ pages!]

Debord, Oeuvres cinématographiques complètes. Champ Libre, 1978 [HB]

— reedition of above by Gallimard, 1994

Debord (ed.), Ordures et décombres déballés à la sortie du film “In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni”. Champ Libre, 1982

Debord, In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni: Édition critique augmentée [with Ordures et décombres... added]. Gallimard, 1999

Debord, Des contrats. Le Temps qu’il Fait, 1995 [3 film contracts with Simar Films]

Debord, The Society of the Spectacle and Other Films (ed. Richard Parry; translations by Ken Knabb, Black & Red, Keith Sanborn). Rebel, 1992

Debord, In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni (trans. Lucy Forsyth). Pelagian, 1991

Debord, Complete Cinematic Works: Scripts, Stills, Documents (ed. & trans. by Ken Knabb). AK Press, 2003 [HB]

— paperback printing of above, 2004

Debord, “Cette mauvaise réputation...” Gallimard, 1993

Debord, Correspondance, Volume “0” (1951-1957). Fayard, 2010

Debord, Correspondance, Volume 1 (1957-1960). Fayard, 1999

Debord: Correspondence: The Foundation of the Situationist International (June 1957-August 1960) (trans. by Stuart Kendall & John McHale of the above Volume 1). Semiotext(e), 2009

Debord, Correspondance, Volume 2 (1960-1964). Fayard, 2001

Debord, Correspondance, Volume 3 (1965-1968). Fayard, 2003

Debord, Correspondance, Volume 4 (1969-1972). Fayard, 2004

Debord, Correspondance, Volume 5 (1973-1978). Fayard, 2005

Debord, Correspondance, Volume 6 (1979-1987). Fayard, 2007

Debord, Correspondance, Volume 7 (1988-1994). Fayard, 2008

Debord, Le marquis de Sade a des yeux de fille [facsimile correspondence with Hervé Falcou and Ivan Chtcheglov, 1949-1954]. Fayard, 2004

Jean-François Martos (ed.), Correspondance avec Guy Debord (1981-1991). Le Fin Mot de l’Histoire, 1998

Jean-François Martos, Sur l’interdiction de ma “Correspondance avec Guy Debord”. Le Fin Mot de l’Histoire, 1999



Timothy J. Clark, Image of the People: Gustave Courbet and the 1848 Revolution. Princeton, 1982

Timothy J. Clark, The Absolute Bourgeois: Artists and Politics in France: 1848-1851. Princeton, 1982

Timothy J. Clark, The Painting of Modern Life: Paris in the Art of Manet and His Followers. Princeton, 1984

Gianfranco Sanguinetti [pseudonym: “Censor”], Véridique rapport sur les dernières chances de sauver le capitalisme en Italie (trans. from Italian to French by Guy Debord). Champ Libre, 1976

— The Real Report on the Last Chance to Save Capitalism in Italy (trans. of above from French to English by Len Bracken). Flatland, 1997

Gianfranco Sanguinetti, Du terrorisme et de l’État (1979; trans. from Italian to French by Jean-François Labrugère & Philippe Rouyau). Grenoble, 1980

Du terrorisme et de l’État (1979; trans. from Italian to French by Jean-François Martos). Paris, 1980

On Terrorism and the State (trans. of above from French to English by Lucy Forsyth & Michel Prigent). London, 1982

Raoul Vaneigem [pseudonym: “Ratgeb”], De la grève sauvage à l’autogestion généralisée. 10/18, 1974

Raoul Vaneigem [pseudonym: “Jules-François Dupuis”], Histoire désinvolte du surréalisme. Paul Vermont, 1977

A Cavalier History of Surrealism (trans. of above by Donald Nicholson-Smith). AK, 1999

Raoul Vaneigem, Le livre des plaisirs. Encre, 1979

The Book of Pleasures (trans. of above by John Fullerton). Pending Press, 1983

Raoul Vaneigem, Avertissement aux écoliers et lyceens. Mille et Une Nuits, 1995

Raoul Vaneigem, The Movement of the Free Spirit (1986) (trans. Randall Cherry & Ian Patterson). Zone, 1994

Raoul Vaneigem, Adresse aux vivants sur la mort qui les gouverne et l’opportunité de s’en défaire. Seghers, 1990

Raoul Vaneigem, Nous qui désirons sans fin. Le Cherche Midi, 1996

Raoul Vaneigem, Entre le deuil du monde et la joie de vivre. Gallimard, 2008

Raoul Vaneigem, Collection of Desires. Paper Street, 2003 [includes translations of The Book of Pleasures; From Wildcat Strike to Total Self-Management; Terrorism or Revolution; and A Warning to Students of All Ages]



NOTE: The English translations of most SI and post-SI books are listed above, immediately following the original French edition. The four books below are listed separately because they include so many alternative translations and editions.


Translations of Guy Debord’s La société du spectacle:

Society of the Spectacle (trans. Fredy Perlman et al.). Black & Red, Detroit, 1970

— revised version of above by Black & Red, 1977

Trans. Fredy Perlman, Tony Verlaan, Paul Sieveking, Michel Prigent, Colin Carsten & John Fullerton. London, ca. 1972 [poorly printed; includes an Errata sheet]

— another edition (probably a revised version of the above translation). Practical Paradise Publications, London, 1977

Trans. Gérard Lambert & Frazer (MS. trans. of first half of the book [theses ##1-110], London, ca. 1972-1974)

The Society of the Spectacle (trans. Donald Nicholson-Smith) [1990 draft]

— completed trans. by Donald Nicholson-Smith. Zone, 1995

The Society of the Spectacle (trans. Ken Knabb). Rebel Press, London, 2004

— new Rebel Press printing of above with some corrections, 2007

Trans. Ken Knabb (Black Powder Press, Santa Cruz, CA, 2009) [reprinted from Treason Press edition: Canberra, Australia, 2002; which was itself copied from KK’s original 2002 online posting at the BPS website]

Trans. Ken Knabb [with added foreword by Martin Jenkins]. Soul Bay Press, Sussex, England, 2009

The Society of the Spectacle: Translated and Annotated by Ken Knabb. Bureau of Public Secrets, 2014 [new translation with extensive annotations]


Translations of Raoul Vaneigem’s Traité de savoir-vivre à l’usage des jeunes générations:

Treatise on Living for the Use of the Young Generation (bound photocopy edition of anonymous rough MS. translation, ca. 1971)

Treatise on Living for the Use of the Young Generation, Part 1 (pamphlet edition of chapters 1-6). 1971

— several pamphlet editions/reprints of the above Part 1

— Part 2 (chaps 7-11)

“Work” (pamphlet reprint of chap 5)

The Revolution of Everyday Life (trans. John Fullerton & Paul Sieveking). Practical Paradise Publications, 1972

The Revolution of Everyday Life (trans. Donald Nicholson-Smith). Rebel Press/Left Bank, 1983

The Revolution of Everyday Life (revised trans. by Donald Nicholson-Smith). Rebel Press/Left Bank, 1994

The Revolution of Everyday Life (new trans. by Donald Nicholson-Smith). PM Press, 2013


Translations of René Viénet’s Enragés et situationnistes dans le mouvement des occupations:

Enragés and Situationists in the Occupations Movement (ms. trans. by Loren Goldner, Berkeley, ca. 1971)

— mimeo version of roughly the same translation, ca. 1971

— above trans. with revisions by Paul Sieveking (UK, 1972)

— reprint of above by Paper Tiger Publications (York, UK)

—  another ms. trans. [translator(s) and date unknown]

[Note: All of the above versions translate only the main text of Viénet’s book, not the added documents at the end of the original edition.]

“Depths and Limits of the Revolutionary Crisis” [pamphlet: Chapter 6 of the above, published by Christopher Gray]

Enragés and Situationists in the Occupation Movement: France, May ’68 (trans. Goldner & Sieveking?). Autonomedia, 1992 [This edition includes some (but not all) of the appended documents]


Translations of Guy Debord and Gianfranco Sanguinetti’s La véritable scission dans l’Internationale:

The Real Split in the International (ms. translation, translator unknown). England, ca. 1973

The Veritable Split in the International (trans. Michel Prigent & Lucy Forsyth). Piranha, 1974

The Veritable Split in the International (trans. Michel Prigent & Lucy Forsyth, 3rd edition). Chronos, 1990

The Real Split in the International (2 ms. draft translations by John McHale, 2002) [McHale’s completed trans. was later published by Pluto Press, London, 2003]

Theses on the Situationist International and Its Time [trans. of the main text of La véritable scission by Chris Winks, 1972). Not Bored, 1998




Internationale Situationniste ##3, 5-12 [9 of the  original 12 French journals]

Adresse aux révolutionnaires d’Algérie et de tous les pays. 1965 [SI pamphlet in five languages: French, English, German, Spanish, and Arabic]

De la misère en milieu étudiant. 1967 [2nd printing of original edition]

— reprint by Éditions Champ Libre

— 2 other French reprintings

Les Lèvres Nues. 1978 [pamphlet reprinting of the Internationale Lettriste articles that originally appeared in the Belgian surrealist journal]

Asger Jorn, Critique de la politique économique

Asger Jorn, La genèse naturelle

Raoul Vaneigem, Isidore Ducasse et le Comte de Lautréamont dans les Poésies [pamphlet reprint of an early article by Vaneigem]

Guy Debord, Rapport sur la construction des situations [2 different reprintings of the 1957 pamphlet]

Débat d’orientation de l’Internationale Situationniste. Centre de Recherche sur la Question Sociale, 1974 [booklet prepared by Joël Cornuault]

— reprint of above by KK. Berkeley, 1975

Guy Debord & Asger Jorn, Fin de Copenhague. Allia, 2001

Guy Debord, Le déclin et la chute de l’économie spectaculaire-marchande (reprint of 1965 SI article on the Watts riot)


SI PAPERS (leaflets, articles, correspondence, etc.)

Misc. French SI publications & reprints

“Vient de paraître” [SI comics poster announcing the publication of Vaneigem’s Traité de savoir-vivre and Debord’s La société du spectacle] [1967]

Photocopies of the following documents from the Strasbourg scandal (1966-1967):

“Communiqué du dernier bureau de l’A.F.G.E.S. à la presse” [first two pages only]

Michèle Bernstein, Guy Debord, Mustapha Khayati & Donald Nicholson-Smith: announcement of the SI’s exclusion of the “Garnautins” [Théo Frey, Jean Garnault & Herbert Holl]. 15 Jan. 1967

Théo Frey, Jean Garnault & Herbert Holl, “De la merde en milieu situationniste” [reply to above]. 19 Jan. 1967

Bernstein, Debord, Khayati, Martin, Nicholson-Smith, Vaneigem, Viénet, “Attention! Trois Provocateurs” [poster re the Garnautins]. 22 Jan. 1967

[Garnautins], “Appel à tous les étudiants en état de porter les armes” [anonymous denunciation of the above poster]

Théo Frey, Jean Garnault, Herbert Holl, Édith Frey, “Rien que la merde, mais toute la merde.” 2 Feb. 1967

[Garnautins], L’unique et sa propriété. May 1967

Michèle Bernstein, “The Situationist International” (article in English in Times Literary Supplement, 3 Sept. 1964)

Michèle Bernstein: three samples of her regular “Chronique” column in Libération (2 Jan. 1986, ca. October 1986, ca. November 1986)

Guy Debord, “Pour un jugement révolutionnaire de l’art” [article in Notes Critiques #3]. Bordeaux, 1962

S. Chatel, “A bout de souffle de Jean-Luc Godard” [article on Godard’s film Breathless in Socialisme ou Barbarie #31, which Debord was responding to in the above “Pour un jugement révolutionnaire de l’art”]

An-Nidhal: organe tunisien de la révolution arabe #5 (Sept.-Oct. 1970). [paper including “En attendant la massacre: 24 thèses sur la situation actuelle,” an August 1970 article by Lafif Lakhdar & Mustapha Khayati on the Palestinian situation, written shortly after Khayati’s resignation from the SI]

Conseil pour le maintien des occupations (CMDO), “Adresse à tous les travailleurs” (May 30, 1968). Original May 1968 leaflet

[CMDO], Conseil National du Patronat Français (June 7, 1968). [Original May 1968 satirical leaflet, attributed to the national association of French bosses]

René Viénet, “La révolution inconnue” [introduction to a French edition of Harold Isaacs’s The Tragedy of the Chinese Revolution]. February 1967

René Viénet, “Préface à la collection” [preface to a series entitled “Bibliothèque Asiatique” that Viénet was editing for Champ Libre. After Champ Libre published three or four volumes in this series (notably Simon Leys’s Les habits neufs du président Mao), Champ Libre discontinued its relation with Viénet, but several other Viénet-edited volumes with this label were later published by other publishers.]

René Viénet, “Au bord de l’eau” (review of a new French translation of the classic Chinese novel The Water Margin [a.k.a. All Men Are Brothers] in L’Express, 10-16 Feb. 1979)

Guy Debord, “Remarques sur le concept d’art expérimental.” October 15, 1957

Guy Debord, “Les situationnistes et les nouvelles formes d’action dans la politique ou l’art” (article accompanying an exposition in Denmark). June 1963

Guy Debord, Mustapha Khayati, & René Viénet, “Réponse aux camarades de Rennes sur l’organisation et l’autonomie” (16 July 1967) [remarks on organizational questions sent to a French anarchist group]

Guy Debord, “Note sommaire des Éditions G. Lebovici sur les difficultés de la traduction du Panégyrique de Guy Debord” (Nov. 1989) [text addressed to prospective translators, later included in Volume 2 of Panégyrique]

Asger Jorn, “Vive la révolution pasioné” [May 1968 poster reproduced as postcard; Jorn’s misspelling of passionnée]

Jorgen Nash, “Situationistisk Internationale Det gyldne ar for Nash” [poster reproduced as postcard]

“Internationale Situationniste #15” [not really: someone’s facetious title for an eclectic set of reprinted articles, including: Debord & Canjuers’s “Préliminaires pour une définition de l’unité du programme révolutionnaire”; a letter from Asger Jorn; a French trans. of Alexander Trocchi’s article on Orwell (from Evergreen Review #6, Autumn 1958); Gaston Bachelard’s, “La création ouverte”; etc.]

Les amis de 4 millions de jeunes travailleurs, Internationale Situationniste: Réédition d’articles [pamphlet containing facsimile reprints of 7 SI texts: “Le déclin et la chute de l’économie spectaculaire-marchande,” “Définition minimum des organisations révolutionnaires,” “Contribution au programme des conseils ouvriers en Espagne,” “Le point d’explosion de l’idéologie en Chine,” “Deux guerres locales,” “Pour le pouvoir des conseils ouvriers,” and “Adresse à tous les travailleurs”]. Early 1970s

Guy Debord & P. Canjuers, Préliminaires pour une définition de l’unité du programme révolutionnaire [1972 reprinting by Luc Mercier of the 1960 Debord-Canjuers text] [Canjuers = pseudonym of Socialisme ou Barbarie member Daniel Blanchard]

SI internal correspondence

50+ letters and internal documents, primarily those comprising the “Orientation Debate” of 1969-1971. [Mostly in French, a few in English. This set of photocopies of the original documents overlaps, but is different in some regards from, the Débat d’Orientation collection published by the CRQS (listed in the “SI Journals and Pamphlets” section, above).]


Photocopies of entire original edition of Potlatch (newsletter of the Internationale Lettriste, 1954-1957)

Publications of the Italian Section of the SI

“Corrispondenz con un editore” [poster]

Internazionale situazionista #1 [copy of journal articles]

“Il Reichstag brucia?” [copy of original article]

Les travailleurs d’Italie et la révolte de Reggio de Calabre [French trans. of Italian pamphlet]

Les ouvriers italiens et la révolte de Reggio de Calabre [different French trans. of above pamphlet, followed by translations of two other short texts: “Le Reichstag brule-t-il?” and “La bombe de Milan a explosé contre le prolétariat”]

Le conflit sino-russe [French trans. of Italian article]

Le retour de la révolution sociale [French trans. of Italian article]. Grenoble, 1974

Gianfranco Sanguinetti, “Prove dell’inesistenza di Censor” + copies of several articles related to the Censor scandal

Avviso al proletariato italiano... + Gli operai d’Italia e la rivolta de Reggio Calabria + Corrispondenza con un editore (pamphlet). Genoa, 1976

“Avis au prolétariat italien sur les possibilités présentes de la révolution sociale” [French trans. of the first article above]

“Advice to the Italian proletariat on the present possibilities of the social revolution” [English trans. of above article]

Publications of the American Section of the SI and related groups (Council for the Liberation of Daily Life, Create Situations, Diversion)

Robert Chasse, “The Problem of Sexuality Revisited” [notes, ca. 1967-1968]

Robert Chasse, “Play as the Rediscovery of Reality” [3pp. of notes, ca. 1967-1968]

CLDL [Council for the Liberation of Daily Life = Robert Chasse & Bruce Elwell], “Reply to Murray Bookchin concerning his theories on the recent French ‘revolution’ ” (4pp.). New York, Sept. 1968

CLDL, “An Open Letter to Radical Action Cooperative (RAC), Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), Students, Faculty, Others Engaged by University Life” (3pp.). 16 Sept. 1968

CLDL + SI, “The Enraged in France” [short report on the May 1968 revolt]. New York, June 1968

CLDL, “The Newest School Buildings Are Indistinguishable from the Newest Prisons or the Newest Industrial Complexes.” 22 Sept. 1968

— reprint of the above article in Anarchy magazine. London, ca. December 1968

Robert Chasse, The Power of Negative Thinking, or Robin Hood Rides Again. CLDL, April 1968 [critique of the American New Left]

— reprint of above pamphlet by Council for Conscious Existence (Massachusetts, ca. 1969) [with a different cover]

Address to the Revolutionaries of Algeria and of All Countries [American SI reprint of English version]. New York, ca. 1967

“The Return of the Durutti Column” [American SI trans. of the 1966 Strasbourg comic by André Bertrand]. ca. 1967-1968

American SI, “Post mortem, ante facto” [copy of poster re US elections]. ca. November 1968

American SI, “Address to Uncle Al’s Audience” [copy of a Pogo comic detourned to discuss school struggles]. November 1968. [But this photocopy is presumably from a later reprint, since its says: “Issued April 9, 1969 by the Fled Limp Gang...”]

[Tony Verlaan], “The Late Great Show of Opposition” [copy of comic]. ca. December 1968

Situationist International #1. New York, June 1969 [only issue of American SI journal]

Robert Chasse & Bruce Elwell, A Field Study in the Diminishing Force of Cognition Where It Is Least Expected: A Critique of the Situationist International as a Revolutionary Organization [large pamphlet: detailed account of Chasse and Elwell’s exclusion from the SI]. New York, 1970

American SI, “Address to All Workers” (American SI poster re US postal workers’ strike). March 1970

American SI, “Strobe Light Tyrannies of Adolescence” [American SI leaflet (by Jon Horelick) re ecology etc.]. New York, ca. March-April 1971

American SI [Jon Horelick & Tony Verlaan], “To Nonsubscribers of Radical America” [large poster critiquing Black & Red’s translation of Debord’s The Society of the Spectacle]. New York, ca. September 1970

Black & Red (Detroit), reduced-size reprint of above poster, with letter to B&R from Horelick & Verlaan copied on the reverse + a note: “reprinted without permission by Black & Red.” Detroit, ca. September 1970

Ken Knabb, “Bureaucratic Comix” [American SI reprint of KK’s January 1971 poster]. ca. February 1971

Anon. [probably Tony Verlaan], “Notes on the different situationist publications before they were abandoned” [list of planned articles for #2 of the American SI journal and for #13 of the French SI journal]. 1970 or early 1971

Guy Debord, Attila Kotanyi & Raoul Vaneigem, “Theses on the Commune” [American SI poster, trans. of 1962 SI text]. New York, March 1971

Create Situations [= Tony Verlaan & Arnaud Chastel], “Create Situations That Go Beyond the Point of No Return” [comic-poster announcing the new group/name]. ca. April-May 1971

Create Situations [Arnaud Chastel], “The Corpse in the Crypt.” New Jersey, Spring 1971 [leaflet re Godard]

Create Situations, untitled comic poster on US wildcat strikes etc. 1971

Jon Horelick, Diversion #1. New York, June 1973 [only issue of this journal, which followed the 1971 split between Horelick and Tony Verlaan]

Diversion, “La verdad de los países subdesarrollados en la revolución internacional.” Spring 1973 [Spanish trans. by Julian Cordero of Mustapha Khayati article]

Diversion [Jon Horelick], “Beyond the Crisis of Abstraction and the Abstract Break with that Crisis: the S.I.” Late 1973 [leaflet, responding to Debord & Sanguinetti’s La véritable scission dans l’Internationale]

News of Disalienation . London, ca. 1974 [Spontaneous Combustion pamphlet reproducing an article from Diversion #1]

Diversion, “The Stagnation Is Over.” 1978



Raoul Vaneigem, The Totality for Kids [Vaneigem’s article “Banalités de base,” trans. by Christopher Gray & Philippe Vissac: original British edition]. London, 1963

— reprint of above pamphlet by Ken Knabb. Berkeley, ca. June 1970

The Poor and the Superpoor [SI articles on the Third World, trans. by Create Situations]. New York, ca. June 1971

The Beginning of an Epoch [SI article on May 1968 revolt, trans. by Create Situations]. New York, ca. June 1971

Asger Jorn, Open Creation and Its Enemies [trans. of 3 Jorn articles]. Unpopular Books, London, 1994

“The Revolution of Modern Art and the Modern Art of Revolution” [unpublished 1967 article by British SI members]. Chronos [Michel Prigent], London, 1996

René Riesel, “Preliminaries on the Councils and Councilist Organization” [trans. of article from Internationale Situationniste #12]. ca. 1970s

Paul Sieveking, Omphalos [journal that includes Eduardo Rothe’s “The Conquest of Space in the Time of Power” (trans. of article from Internationale Situationniste #12) + a chapter from Vaneigem’s Traité de savoir-vivre]. London, 1970

Ratgeb [= Raoul Vaneigem], Contributions to the Revolutionary Struggle [trans. of Parts 1 & 2 of De la grève sauvage à l’autogestion généralisée]. Bratach Dubh, UK, 1981

— reprint of above pamphlet by Elephant Editions, 1990

“Address to Revolutionaries of Algeria and of All Countries” [reprint of English trans. by American SI]. New York, fall 1967

Berkeley Barb (29 Dec. 1967). [This issue of the underground paper includes a reprinting of the first part of On the Poverty of Student Life and of the Strasbourg comic “Return of the Durruti Column.” The complete text was reprinted over several subsequent Barb issues, ending in 16 Feb. 1968.]

The Decline and Fall of the “Spectacular” Commodity Economy [pamphlet, published by French, British, and American sections of the SI, December 1965

— reprint of the above pamphlet, minus the illustrations, by the group 1044. Berkeley, November 1970

The Decline and Fall of the Spectacular Commodity Economy [reprint of SI article by Solidarity Communications, with an Epilogue by Bernard Marszalek]. Chicago, September 1967

Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed #34  [includes reprint of “The Decline and Fall of the Spectacle-Commodity Economy” from SI Anthology]. Columbia, Missouri, fall 1992

“Notes from Nowhere, Riot or Insurrection?” [article re Los Angeles riot; includes extensive excerpts from “The Decline and Fall of the Spectacle-Commodity Economy” from SI Anthology]. Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1 May 1992

Media Blitz #3 [reprints “The Decline and Fall of the Spectacle-Commodity Economy” from SI Anthology]. New York, 1992

Anarchy #7 (New Series). London, 1972 [includes trans. of Riesel’s “Preliminary Notes on Councils and Organisation” and of Vaneigem’s “Some Advice Concerning Generalized Self-Management”]

To Create at Long Last a Situation Which Goes Beyond the Point of No Return: 4 Situationist Texts [trans. of “Theses on the Commune,” “The Decline and Fall of the Spectacular Commodity Economy,” “The Totality for Kids,” and “Theses on Unitary Urbanism”]. Libertaria, London, 1971

“Some Advice Concerning Generalised Self-Management” [reproduction of Chris Whitbread’s trans. of Vaneigem’s article]. Spontaneous Combustion, London, ca. 1974

“Preliminaries on the Councils and Councilist Organization” [reprint of Riesel article from SI Anthology, by Sea-LALA (Seattle Libertarian Aid for Latin America)]. Seattle, 1983

“Notice to the Civilized Concerning Generalized Self-Management” [reprint of Vaneigem article from SI Anthology]. Sea-LALA, Seattle, 1983

“Contributions Toward Rectifying Public Opinion Concerning Revolution in the ‘Underdeveloped’ Countries” [reprint of Khayati article from SI Anthology). Sea-LALA, Seattle, 1983

“Contributions Toward Rectifying Public Opinion Concerning Revolution in the ‘Underdeveloped’ Countries” [poster, included in the LP None Shall Escape]. Caribbean Situationist, London, July 1973; later distributed by One Purse (Oakland, California)

Letters from several publishers requesting permission to reprint various articles from the SI Anthology

Raoul Vaneigem, The State Is Nothing, We Are Everything [trans. by Michael Disney of 2010 pamphlet). 2015


English editions of Mustapha Khayati’s De la misère en milieu étudiant:

On the Poverty of Student Life. 1st American edition, April 1967 [published by Tony Verlaan, poorly printed and briefly circulated by him before it was replaced by the much better British version]

2nd American SI edition. New York, ca. 1968 [copied from the British SI edition, trans. by Donald Nicholson-Smith & Tim Clark]

Ten Days That Shook the University [NY reprinting of British edition]

Once Upon a Time the Universities Were Respected [very free version by “eye makers”]. New York, 1969

On the Poverty of Student Life. Council for the Eruption of the Marvelous, Berkeley, ca. April 1970 [freely adapted and augmented version: the original Chapter 2 (re Provos, Zengakuren, etc.) is replaced by a CEM critique of American New Left and countercultural tendencies]

On the Poverty of Student Life. Plastic Factory, Lancaster, England [stored with oversized British texts]

On the Poverty of Student Life (reprint of British SI edition by Contradiction, minus the British Afterword). Berkeley, May 1972

On the Poverty of Student Life [reprint by Point-Blank]. Berkeley, ca. 1973

On the Poverty of Student Life [reprint by Black & Red, Detroit, 1973] [Note: The same translation had been previously reprinted serially in Black & Red ##3-6 (1968-1969).]

— later reprinting by Black & Red. Detroit, 1983

On the Poverty of Student Life. New translation by Lorraine Perlman. Black & Red, 2000




Internacional Situacionista, Vol. 1.  Literatura Gris, Madrid, 1999 [trans. by Luis Navaro of the complete French SI journals]

Internacional Situacionista, Vol. 2. Literatura Gris, Madrid, 2000

Internacional Situacionista, Vol. 3. Literatura Gris, Madrid, 2001

Crítica de la vida cotidiana: textos situacionistas. Editorial Anagrama, Barcelona, 1973 [trans. by Eduaro Subirats of 7 SI articles]

Guy Debord, In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni. Editorial Anagrama, Barcelona, 2000 [trans. by Joaquim Sirera of Debord’s last film]

Guy Debord, La sociedad del espectáculo y otros textos situacionistas. Ediciones de La Flor, Buenos Aires, 1974 [trans. by Jorge Diamant]


Raoul Vaneigem, Banalidades de base

Guy Debord, In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni & Critica da separacao [2 filmscripts]. Oficina Raquel


Situationistische Internationale 1958-1969 [Vol. 1 only = issues ##1-7]

Guy Debord, Die Gesellschaft des Spektakels. Projektgruppe Gegengesellschaft, Dusselforf, 1974

Das Elend der Studenten [trans. of On the Poverty of Student Life + Vaneigem’s article on self-management]

Raoul Vaneigem, Handbuch des Lebens kunst fur die jungen Generationen. Nautilus, Hamburg [trans. of Traité de savoir-vivre...]


Mezodromio #1 [trans. of On the Poverty of Student Life]

Mezodromio #3 [ trans. of 3 articles from Internationale Situationniste #12: Vaneigem re self-management, Riesel re workers councils, and “How Not to Understand Situationist Books”]

Mezodromio #7 [contents uncertain, but seems to have some SI material]

Diethnis Bibliothiki: trans. of “The Explosion Point of Ideology in China” [from Internationale Situationniste #11]

Diethnis Bibliothiki: trans. of Guy Debord’s Preface to the 4th Italian Edition of Society of the Spectacle and other texts

René Viénet [trans. of Enragés and Situationists in the Occupations Movement]

Guy Debord [trans. of The Society of the Spectacle]

Guy Debord [trans. of Contre le Cinema (scripts of Debord’s first three films)]

[an anthology of SI articles]. Akmon, 1979

Tetradia... [includes trans. of “Unitary Urbanism” and of another SI article]


Guy Debord, Skuespillsamfunnet . 2009 [trans. of The Society of the Spectacle]


Guy Debord, Dziela Filmowe. Krakow, 2007 [complete filmscripts, trans. by Mateusz Kwaterko]

Nedza studenckiego zycia [Chap. 1 of On the Poverty of Student Life]


Guy Debord, Drustvo spektakla & Komentari drustvu spektakla. Zagreb, 1999 [trans. of The Society of the Spectacle and Comments on the Society of the Spectacle]


trans. of On the Poverty of Student Life + “Return of the Durruti Column” comic + “Our Goals and Methods in the Strasbourg Scandal”

trans. of Guy Debord’s Complete Cinematic Works & related documents. Moscow, 2015


trans. of On the Poverty of Student Life by Melancholic Troglodytes. London, 2001


On the Poverty of Student Life . 1978 [trans. that originally appeared in a Japanese anarchist journal in 1970, reprinted as a pamphlet by Tommy Haruki]

trans. of Guy Debord’s The Society of the Spectacle. Heibonsha, 1993

Guy Debord, The Society of the Spectacle. Fujinomiya, 1995 [trans. and self-published by Tommy Haruki]


trans. of Guy Debord’s The Society of the Spectacle. 1996

journal including translations of Debord’s “Theses on Cultural Revolution” and “Situationist Theses on Traffic”; Eduardo Rothe’s “The Conquest of Space in the Time of Power”; and the SI’s “Minimum Definition of Revolutionary Organizations.” 1997



[Note: Books focusing primarily on presituationists (ca. 1948-1957) are listed in the “Pre-Situationist Books” section, above.]

Jean-Pierre Voyer & Jean-Jacques Raspaud, Internationale Situationniste: protagonistes, chronologie, bibliographie, avec un index des noms insultés. Champ Libre, 1972

Lignes #31 (May 1997) [special issue on Debord]

Cécile Guilbert, Pour Guy Debord. Gallimard, 1996

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Frédéric Schiffter, Contre Debord. PUF, 2004 [revised edition of above book]

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Stefan Zweifel et al. (ed.), In girum imus nocte et consumimur igniThe Situationist International (1957-1972). JRP/Ringier/Museum Tinguely, Zurich, 2007 [profusely illustrated catalog of a 2006-2007 exhibition in Basel (Switzerland) and Utrecht (Netherlands); includes a large amount of material about the SI in English]

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Vincent Kaufmann, Guy Debord: la révolution au service de la poésie. Fayard, 2001

Vincent Kaufmann (ed.) [A large, lavishly illustrated dossier on Debord (2003). I can’t remember the title or the publisher.]

Richard Gilman-Opalsky, Spectacular Capitalism: Guy Debord and the Practice of Radical Philosophy. Minor Compositions, 2011

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— #2. Denoel, 2002

— #3. Denoel, 2003

— #4. Denoel, 2004

— #5. Denoel, 2005

NOTE: For KK’s critical comments on most of the above books, see his Situationist Bibliography.







In French:

Jean-Marie Apostolidès, Les tombeaux de Guy Debord. Exils, 1999

— revised edition of the above. Nautilus, 2002

Jean-Marie Apostolidès, Guy Debord: traces, revers, écart. Sens et Tonka, 2001

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In Italian:

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In English:

Luther Blissett, Guy Debord Is Really Dead. 1994

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Not Bored, Guy Debord: Dead and Loving It [articles from Not Bored, 1994-2009]

Iwona Blazwick (ed.), An Endless Adventure, An Endless Passion, An Endless Banquet: A Situationist Scrapbook. [catalog of 1989 exhibition in London and New York, particularly as related to British culture]. Verso, 1989

-- same book bound in sandpaper

Beni Memorial Library, A Bibliography of North American Situationist Texts. Ann Arbor, April 1975

Artforum (2006 issue) [includes articles on Debord’s films by Keith Sanborn and Greil Marcus]



3 folders of articles, reviews, and passages from newspapers, books, and journals, about the SI:

1. Misc. Foreign [35+ articles and excerpts, mostly from France]

2. British [60+ articles and excerpts]

3. American [100+ articles and excerpts]

Guy Debord

Several dozen articles specifically about Debord, especially just after his death in 1994

Debord Films

75+ articles, notes, and leaflets re his films







Jean-Pierre Voyer, Introduction à la science de la publicité. Champ Libre, 1975

Jean-Pierre Voyer, Une enquête sur la nature et les causes de la misère des gens. Champ Libre, 1976

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André Migeot, De la manière de s’imposer dans le monde. Champ Libre, 1978

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Éditions Champ Libre, Correspondance, Volume 1. Champ Libre, 1978, reprinted by Ivrea, 1996

Éditions Champ Libre, Correspondance, Volume 2. Champ Libre, 1981

Gérard Lebovici: Tout sur le personnage. Lebovici, 1984

Boy Igor, And Yet It Moves: The Realization and Suppression of Science and Technology. Zamisdat, 1985

The Invisible Committee, The Coming Insurrection. Semiotext(e), 2009 [trans. of 2007 French book]

Ken Knabb, Public Secrets: Collected Skirmishes of Ken Knabb. Bureau of Public Secrets, 1997

Ken Knabb, Secrets Publics: Escarmouches choisis de Ken Knabb. Éditions Sulliver, 2007 [French translations by KK et al., mostly from Public Secrets but also including several subsequent KK texts]



In French:

Critique. December 2004 [includes Apostolidès article “Guy Debord: image d’un enfant perdu”]

Anon., Protestation devant les libertaires du présent et du futur sur les capitulations de 1980

— the above article reproduced with a response by Pierre Brée & Jean-Pierre Voyer

Décharge publique #1

Jean Pérès, Du côté du sujet. Bordeaux, 1976

Dominique, Prélude, fugue et fantaisie chromatique: Journal intime des troubles de ce temps. Dérive 17, 1979

C. de Chusrople, Abrégé de la théorie de la musique. 1982 [critique of/response to Francis Pagnon’s En évoquant Wagner]

Du Prolétariat #2 (“Critique du marxisme comme méthode, ou l’écho des multinationales pro-stituationionnistes” [sic]). Bordeaux, 1987

Y. Delaporte & J. Serelle, Les luttes de classes en Pologne. 1971

Yves Le Manach, Artichauts de Bruxelles. Insomniaque, 1999 [small book re Debord, etc.]

Les Fossoyeurs du vieux monde ##1-4. ca. 1977-1983

Os Cangaceiros ##1, 3. ca. 1985-1987 [follow-up to Fossoyeurs]

La guerre sociale ##2-4. ca. 1977-1981

[La guerre sociale group], De l’exploitation dans les camps à l’exploitation des camps. 1981

Isidore Donatien, Postulat à “De la guerre sociale.” 1980

Encyclopédie des nuisances ##1, 5, 9-10, 14-15. 1984-1992

Encyclopedia of Nuisances. 1989 [trans. by Donald Nicholson-Smith of the 1986 article “Abyss” from Encyclopédie des nuisances #8]

Encyclopédie des nuisances, George Orwell devant ses calomniateurs: quelques observations. EdN/Ivrea, 1997

Pierre Beaufils & Philippe Locuratolo, Apologie de Jacques Bonhomme: critique de la politique économique.  1975

Jimmy Lallement, La Gazette d’Angers #3: Les conduites d’améliorent. 1973

Jimmy Lallement, La Nouvelle Gazette Rhénane: supplément au no. 301. 1974

Jimmy Lallement & Jordi Vidal, La raison dans l’histoire. 1975

Anon., Les cinq dernières minutes. 1974 [pamphlet re Lip strike]

4 millions de jeunes travailleurs, Statuts imaginaires pour une association des travailleurs communistes. ca. 1970s

Bartholomé Béhouir, De la conciergerie internationale des situationnistes. August 1971

BM Ducasse, La Grande Famine en Irlande. 1972 [French trans of a British pamphlet]

Pour l’organisation conseilliste ##1-2.  1970-1971 [journal of the GRCA — Groupe Révolutionnaire Conseilliste d’Agitation]

Anon., Esquisse de la réalite conseilliste. 1970

Anon., Pourquoi les médecins? Nantes, 1969

Jeune Taupe ##27, 29. ca. 1980

Pomerol & Médoc, Lordstown 72, ou les deboires de la General Motors [Éditions de l’Oubli, 1977; reprint of 1973 pamphlet by 4 millions de jeunes travailleurs]

Anon., Les mauvais jours reviennent. 2001

Anon., Proléétaires, si vous saviez...: Italie 77-80. 1984

Alain Tizon, Qu’importe. 2007 [poems]

Ab Irato, L’Échaudée ##1-2. 2012

La guerre civile en Pologne. Deux Mondes, 1976

L’Achèvement ##1-4. Lyon, 1990s

L’Achèvement, supplement to #3

Hors-d’oeuvre.org. ca. 2005 or later [a journal].

Gérard Lambert, En passant, Tome 1. 1987

Gérard Lambert, Nantes fulminante: chronologie d’une rébellion. 1994

Internationale Nexialiste #2. 1977

Internationale Nexialiste, La région intermédiare: remarques sur l'organisation révolutionnaire. 1976

Errata #1. 1973

L’Original: revue des sciences traditionnelles #7. ca. 1978 [special issue on Le Grand Jeu]

Anon., “Nous sommes tous des casseurs”: Youth Revolt in France, March 1994 [British trans. of French pamphlet]

Portfolio in French by or about Cheikh Anta Diop [Senegalese situish, some connection with Voyer]

Pamphlets and journals by the CRQS
(Centre de Recherche sur la Question Sociale = Daniel Denevert, Françoise Denevert, Nadine Bloch & Joël Cornuault):

Daniel Denevert, Pour l’intelligence de quelques aspects du moment. 1971 [originally published anonymously]

— 1973 reprinting of above

Daniel Denevert, Théorie de la misère, misère de la théorie. 1973

CRQS, Déclaration à propos du Centre de Recherche sur la Question Sociale. 1974

Theory of Misery, Misery of Theory. Berkeley, 1974 [trans. of the above three texts by KK, Dan Hammer & Robert Cooperstein]

Daniel Denevert & Jeanne Charles [= Françoise Denevert], Chronique des Secrets Publics, tome 1. 1975 [only issue of this booklength journal: includes articles, documents, chapters from an unpublished book about the situationists, plus correspondence with Debord, Voyer, Champ Libre, etc.]

Jeanne Charles, Arms and the Woman. 1975 [trans. by KK of article from the above journal]

Nadine Bloch, All Things Considered. 1977 [trans. by Gina Rosenberg of Bloch’s 1976 pamphlet Compte Rendu]

Joël Cornuault (editor or author of post-CRQS booklets and articles, some in collaboration with Nadine Bloch):

Les raisons de colère #1. 1978

La vie quotidienne et le reste. 1979

Géographies humaines et autres textes. Plein Chant, Bassac, 1985

Portraits de Florentin, précédé de Apprentissages. Plein Chant, 1987

Les attachements. Plein Chant, 1989

André Breton et Saint-Cirq-Lapopie. Plein Chant, 2003

Plein Chant ##59, 60, 73. 1996-2001 [all three issues include articles by Cornuault]

Éloge de Gilgamesh. Fédérop, Église-Neuve-d’Issac, 1992

Élisée Reclus, géographe et poète. Fédérop, 1995

Chroniques désordonnées. Fédérop, 1997

Mark Twain, Comment j’ai tué un ours [trans. from English to French]. Librairie La Brèche, Bergerac, 1994

Élie Faure, Montaigne, poète tragique. Librairie La Brèche, 1996

Maine de Biran, L’observation de soi. Librairie La Brèche, 1996

André Trillaud

Front de libération totale #3. 1970

À bas les groupes. early 1970s

L’origine de l’entreprise de la pollution et de la criminalité. 1975

Contribution à la critique du romantisme de l’anti-travail. 1977

De la contradiction. 1977

Essai sur la société “affranchie” et comment s’en affranchir. 1979

La fin du travail, stade suprême de l’aliénation. 1981

Non, Nicolas, la Pologne n’est pas encore morte. 1983

Monographie de la presse parisienne. 1986

Les secrets de la forme. 1986

L’Affranchi ##1, 3-7, 9-11. 1988-2000

Les rêves d’un jeune homme ridicule, ou la Fable de l’Âne. 1995

Orwell: Trois essais sur la falsification [French trans. from English]. 1998

[The above texts are all bound as pamphlets. The following are all bound as small books.]

De l’utilité d’avoir des ennemis. 2003

Nouvelles vies parallèles: Friedrich Nietzsche et Howard Hughes. 2005

Éloge de la pauvreté et de l’anonymat. 2006

Retour de la Chine: impressions de voyage. 2008

Fin du tour de la Russie en 2010. 2010

Souvenirs de la maison des mots. 2011 [book about his experiences as a proofreader for prominent authors]

Structures élémentaires des villages provençaux. 2012

Guide du XXe (arrondissement) pour le XXe (siècle). 2012

Sur Debord, etc. 2013 [This book is stored with “Books about the SI”]

Souvenirs de la maison des images: une non-carrière éclatante. 2014 [book about his experiences in the world of cinema]

Lieux communs sur la “révolution”. 2016

In Other Languages

In English (USA):

Anthony Leskov, Communicating Vessels ##1, 3, 5-8, 10, 12, 14, 17-27. [several issues reprint or quote KK texts or other texts at the BPS website, e.g. poems and essays by Rexroth]

Anthony Leskov, Communicating Vessels: An Anthology of Essays. Communicating Vessels Books, 2006

Holley Cantine, Double, Double, Toil and Trouble [Communicating Vessels pamphlet]

Twilight in Turkey (Chicago) [virtually complete run; many of them reprint or quote KK texts]

Len Bracken, The Neo-Catiline Conspiracy and Select Extraphile Screeds. Backbone Books, 1996

Scott O’Bar, The Abolition of Self. 2005

Viz: Interarts. 2007 [multimedia journal; includes reprints of KK’s Dagwood comic, Debord’s Society of the Spectacle filmscript, etc.]

Version 90 #3. 1991 [includes reprint of KK’s The War and the Spectacle]

In English (UK):

Wayne Spencer, Gasping from out the Shallows. 2007

For a World Without Moral Order [trans. from French]

English Section of SI: The Revolution of Modern Art and the Modern Art of Revolution [unpublished 1967 article, published as a pamphlet by Chronos in 2000] [Note: There was never a formal English Section of the SI, though there were four English SI members who were preparing to form one when they were excluded in December 1967.]

Monsieur Dupont, Nihilist Communism. 2003 [small book]

In German:

Die Aktion [journal]. Nautilus, January 1990

Der Revolutionare Funke #3. Berlin

Des Kaisers neue Kleider. 1979 [Subrealist article on Iran]

Les Habits Neufs de l’Empereur [French translation of above article]

Revolte! #28/29. 1981 [Subrealist journal]

Vacation of Hegel. 1979 [English trans. of a Subrealist pamphlet]

La Radioactivité et ses ennemis. 1976 [French trans. of a Subrealist pamphlet]

Feminismus oder Erotik. Flugschrift #20, 1976

In Spanish:

Expreso Nova [3 issues]

Alicia Miranda Hevia, El Segundo Movimiento. Argentina, 2005 [small book re 20th-century ultraleftism through the Lettrists and Situationists]

In Italian:

La stella del mattino: laboratorio per il dialogo religioso #4. 2003




May 1968 graffiti

Walter Lewino (ed.), L’imagination au pouvoir [photocopy of the 1968 book]

Marc Rohan (ed.), Paris ’68: graffiti, posters... [copy of 50 pp. of the 1968 book]

On the Barricades: Journal for the Protection of All Beings #2. City Lights, San Francisco, 1968 [graffiti & photos from May 1968]

Gérard Lambert (ed.), Mai 1968: brulante nostalgie. 1988 [small book]

Ken Knabb (ed. & trans.), May 1968 Graffiti. 1999 [trans. of ~225 graffiti, reprinted from BPS website, but also circulated as a paper copy; later incorporated into Situationist International Anthology: Revised and Expanded Edition (2006)]

Centre de Recherche sur la Question Sociale (CRQS)

Daniel Denevert, La théorie situationniste et les processus de séparation [unpublished book, 1972; several chapters from it were later included in Chronique des Secrets Publics (1975)]

Daniel Denevert, Suggestions relatives au légitime éloge de l’Internationale Situationniste... 1976 [photocopy circulation; includes critiques of “debordisme”]

An untitled catalogue of KK and CRQS publications

Jeanne Charles (Françoise Denevert), “La critique ad mulierem”. 1974 [article on women in the situ milieu, later included in Chronique des Secrets Publics]

“Brave Margot!” ca. 1970. [leaflet critiquing a high school teacher]

“La société du situationnisme et autres textes” [proposal to French publishers for a French-language collection of texts by CRQS, KK, etc.]

Adresse aux vitrines de France et de tous les pays [small pamphlet]

“Communiqué sur la strategie du C.R.Q.S.”

Praxis #1 [Danish journal, includes Danish trans. of “La critique ad mulierem”]

Sur le fond d’un divorce. 1977 [pamphlet re the Deneverts’ split with the “Notice” group]

“Lettres sur l’amitié.” October 1980 [mostly by Daniel and Françoise Denevert; the final page (the only letter by Évelyne Jaeglé) is missing]

Notes for English translations of CRQS texts

Drafts and correspondence re translations of the CRQS’s “Déclaration,” Daniel Denevert’s Théorie de la misère, Jeanne Charles’s “La critique ad mulierem,” and the Deneverts’ “Notes pour un manifeste situationniste”

Joël Cornuault & Nadine Bloch (after their separation from the CRQS)

La vie quotidienne et le reste

Les raisons de la colère

Détournement ou contrefaçon? [trans. of Isaac Cronin’s article “Critique of Counterfeitism”]

Les événements courants ##1-4

À propos des “Evénements courants”

De la coupe aux lèvres ##1-6

Le hasard objectif. March 1979

La bourse ou la vie. 1979

La vie, un rêve?

Un questionnaire pas comme les autres. 1979

Mini-journal pour la Pologne

S’il fallait en croire

Compte-rendu. 1976

All Things Considered [1977 trans. of Compte-rendu by Gina Rosenberg]

Critica delle “Osservazioni critiche sul libro: Del terrorismo et dello stato” [Italian trans. of Nadine Bloch’s critique of Sanguinetti’s book Terrorism and the State]

Misc. French situ (1969-1972)

~20 original leaflets and pamphlets from the classic period of situ effervescence following the May 1968 revolt, including:

Le vieux monde nous crève

Fin de l’ère chrétienne

Avril au Portugal

Contre-révolution en Irlande

I.C.O. [Informations, Correspondance Ouvrières, Grève de vacataires à la Halle aux Vins

Tout ce qui n’est pas dépassé pourrit

Groupe des Enragés, Éléments d’orientation

À propos des conseils ouvriers

“J’aimerais embrasser une fille sur le cul”

Tony Arno & Perini, Considérations sur l’autonomie [Tony Arno = Anton Hartstein, ex-SI member]

Tony Arno & Perini, Porte ouverte au monde des crimes [follow-up to above]

J.M. Loiseau, Perspective Prolétarienne

Christian Sebastiani & Lotrous, La resa dei conti: Lettre ouverte à Perspective Prolétarienne [large poster] [Christian Sebastiani was an ex-SI member]

J.M. Loiseau, Et pour quelques connards de plus [reply to the above critique]

Compte à rebours

Bartholomé Béhouir, De la conciergerie internationale des situationnistes

Fausse contestation en géographie et spécialistes de la fausse contestation

Actualité de la question de la propagande et de l’organisation politique chez les révolutionnaires en 1971. Nantes

Juvenal Quillet & Bernard Schumacher, Histoire du Conseil de Nantes [large mimeoed booklet]

Misc. French situ (1973-1975) including:

Centre de Recherches sur le Comportement Politique (Nantes), Les tribulations de la critique théorique au pays du prolétariat

Esquisses, La grégaire solitude [poster]

Toni Arno [= Anton Hartstein], New Left

Interférences: Pour une critique des appareils d’information et de communication #4

Laurent, Critique du conflit LIP et tentative de dépassement

Jimmy Lallement, Point of No Return #4

Misc. French situ (1976-1979) including:

Boudenot, L’U.O ou l’usage de la célebrité conventionnelle et de l’irréflexion dans l’idéologie situationniste [critique of Union Ouvrière]. Bordeaux

À tous les communistes. Strasbourg

Felicia par elle-même: hommage et dépassement de Debord

Marge: un faux mouvement

Des Bavards Incorrigibles, À vos pièces... [poster]

Station-Gaieté #3

La recherche d’un emploi de la vie

De la division du travail... [reprint of a chapter from Vaneigem’s Traité de savoir-vivre]

Songe d’une nuit d’émeute

Les Fossoyeurs du Vieux Monde: several leaflets and pamphlets by the group that later morphed into Os Cangaceiros

Agence pour l’auto-suppression du prolétariat [Lille group], Rapport sur la construction des situations [large poster] + several other texts by the same group

Misc. French situ (1980-1985) including:

Raoul Boulard, Perspectives de modifications conscientes de l’activité révolutionnaire

Jean-Louis Paul, Le principe ouvrier dans la théorie de Marx [photocopy of a book]

Centre de Recherche pour une Critique Radicale de l’Économie, En finir avec le travail et son monde

Le Boomerang (Lyon), Contribution pour une critique pratique de la pensée théorique

Comité d’Action Surréaliste, “Enfin, Aragon fait de bon vers!”

Les Ami(e)s de Mary Black, Les autonomes à Saint-Lazare: un réformisme aux couleurs radicales

Hyperborée: Chronique des temps perdus

“Quelques jugements des commentateurs sur Du Terrorisme et de l’Etat de Gianfranco Sanguinetti”

“Du terrorisme et de l’État” [publicity for a French translation of Sanguinetti’s book]

“Qui est le Juif?” [leaflet: excerpt from La Guerre Sociale #3]

“Notre royaume est une prison” [La Guerre Sociale & Le Frondeur]

“Dernière heure pour comprendre”

“C’est l’État qui commet le terrorisme”

“Dernières révélations sur l’explosion de la rue Copernic” [poster]

“La boîte des pandores”

“Pandora’s Box” [translation of above leaflet]

+ several other leaflets re terrorism in Italy and elsewhere during this period

Misc. French Situ (1986-present) including:

Pistes pour une réflexion sur la vie mutilée [large dossier re Reich, Voyer, etc.]

“Lettre ouverte à Abdeelkarim Khalki et al.” [poster re 1985 police assassination of Jacques Mesrine]

Association contre le nucléaire et son monde [several journals & leaflets by this group]

Charles Reeve, “La rumeur sociale de la crise: les coups de colère des banlieux françaises.” 1991

“Lettre ouverte au Prefet Monestier et au Juge Chauty.” 1987

L’Antenne #7. 1986

Les catastrophes survivraient-elles à la disparition des médias? [comic pamphlet]

L’ordre de dispersion [comic pamphlet]

Dejeautre, “À l’occasion du centenaire de la mort d’Arthur Rimbaud.” 1991 [poster]

Lounissart, “Quelle guerre la connerie!” 1992

Sur le béton...l’image. 1988

Barthélémy Schwartz, Un art d’économie mixte. Ab Irato, 1997

René Riesel, “Déclaration devant le Tribunal d’Agen.” 1998 [Riesel was an ex-SI member]

Boudart, “Le jeu révolutionnaire.” 1997

La grève fait relâche, le spectacle continue. 1996

Le publicitaire ##2-4

Sirocco: Communiqué #34 [smuggled from Algeria]

“Gênes: état de piège.” 2001

La lanterne rouge #1. 2003

Oiseau-Tempête ##4, 8, 11, 12 [1998, 2001, 2004, 2005]

Le crépuscule du XXème siècle ##1-8

Chroniques de barbarie ##1-24

Lucioles #2. 2011

Mauvaises intentions #2. 2009

“Sans papiers: s’organiser contre l’expulsion.” 2009

“Fermeture des centres de rétention.” 2009

“En grève jusqu’à la retraite!” 2010

Alain Montesse: 4 articles on media/technologies [Edgar Varèse, etc.]

+ several other misc. leaflets, pamphlets, and other documents

Daniel Daligand

Les Fils de Mr. Hyde ##13-14, 16

Chronique du Levalloisien [collected reprinting of his Gazette and Les Fils de Mr. Hyde]

Fables [also includes Jimmy Lallement’s “Proverbes” and Dassonville’s “Contes”]

D.D. le Diabolique

Entr’actes. 1985

Daniel Daligand & F. Guinochet, Mises au point. 1978

Luc Mercier

“Traité de savoir-vivre à l’usage des étudiants de Villetaneuse”

Les situationnistes [pamphlet: passages by and about SI]

“Bilan lettriste”

“Est-ce ainsi que les hommes vivent...” [leaflet on Louis Aragon]

“Perinde ac cadaver” [poster, with Joël Gayraud]. 1980

Falsification et censure sont aussi des mots anarchistes: Correspondance au Monde Libertaire [dossier]

“Considérations intempestives”

“Valsez saucisses!”

“Une dizaine commerciale révolutionnaire”

“Critique d’un aspect de l’idéologie rétro, vite”

“Les derniers des mohicans”

“Rue Jacques Mesrine”

“Cousu de fil blanc”

“Rien qu’un pion sur l’échiquier”

Des fissures dans le consensus. 1987 [pamphlet re anti-nuke movement]

L’envers du décor. 1990 [dossier/critique of the Encyclopédie des Nuisances]

Le vraisemblable sur l’assassinat de Gérard Lebovici [pamphlet]

Apostrophe à l’auteur de Guy Debord, ou la beauté du négatif [pamphlet about Shigenobu Gonzalvez’s book]

Giorgio Agamben, “Gloses marginales aux Commentaires sur la société du spectacle de Guy Debord” [trans. from Italian by Mercier]

Moishe Postone, La déconstruction comme critique sociale: ce que Derrida pense de Marx et du nouvel ordre mondial, Part 1 [pamphlet, trans. from English by Luc Mercier & Olivier Galtier]

— Part 2 of the above pamphlet

Timothy J. Clark & Donald Nicholson-Smith, Pourquoi l’art ne peut pas tuer l’Internationale situationniste [pamphlet, trans. from English by Mercier]

[NOTE: KK’s correspondence with Luc Mercier re the France unemployment revolt of 1998, along with the numerous related documents that Mercier provided to KK, is in a separate folder, below. See “We Don’t Want Full Employment, We Want Full Lives!”]

Encyclopédie des Nuisances [EdN]


Prospectus, Tome 2

Adresse à tous ceux qui ne veulent pas gérer les nuisances mais les supprimer

Septs ans de réflexion

Catalogue. 2001

Jean-Pierre Baudet & Jean-François Martos, L’encyclopédie des puissances. 1987 [critique of EdN]

Caboret, Dumontier, Garrone, Labarriere, Contre l’E.D.N.: contribution à une critique du situationnisme. 2001 [46-page critique of EdN]

Alliance pour l’opposition à toutes les nuisances [= EdN + Venant Brisset, Jean-François Labrugère, etc.]

20+ leaflets, posters, and pamphlets, including:

Bulletin ##1-3

Relève provisoire de nos griefs contre le despotisme de la vitesse. 1991 [pamphlet]

Pierrette Labrugère, Chère Barcelone. 1987 [small book by J-F Labrugère’s sister, recounting her experiences of Barcelona]

Interrogations/Insécurite Sociale

Des travailleurs face au syndicalisme [dossier, Supplément à L’Insécurité Sociale #7]

Un bilan des derniers grèves dans les centres de tri [L’Insécurité Sociale #1]

Wage Labour and Demand Struggles [trans. of French pamphlet]

État, nation... ou communauté humaine

Sur les 4 principes de base de Focus

Questioning Ecology

Interrogations. 1991 & 1992

+ a few other leaflets

Laurent Chaumette

correspondence + 5 texts:

Un début dans la vie [pamphlet]

Réflexion [pamphlet]

Par-delà révolution et religion ##1-3


Mordicus ##1-12. 1990-1994 [complete run of this large illustrated journal + a few leaflets]

Jean-François Lahaeye

A few letters + ~25 leaflets and pamphlets, including:

Réflexions critiques sur l’amour

Abrégé de logique théorique

Précis d’analytique

Libertins d’esprit ##1-3

Libertinages, suivi de De l’association et pour un nouveau programme communaliste

Pour un réalisme radical

Le contexte philosophique de mon cheminement scientifique et de mes hypothèses implicites

Lettre ouverte à José Darroquy et Laurent Boyer

Nous avons tous les moyens de rendre le monde agréable à vivre

Pour rectifier la physique positiviste!

Théorie du temps cosmique

Impédance géodesique

Bilan d’une investigation libre en philosophie naturelle

Une expérience préliminaire à la réfutation des “événements sans cause” de la physique quantique

Nos raisons par l’absurde ##1-5, 8

Le Frondeur and related publications

Le Frondeur ##8-9

Le Frondeur (new series) ##1-6

Chroniques du temps qui passe #4

Chroniques des stratégies présentes ##1, 3-4

Yiannis Ioannidis, Potentialités situationnistes: propos sur la communication libre et ses ennemis. 1990 [large pamphlet published by Le Frondeur]

Jean-Pierre Voyer, including:

Reich, mode d’emploi. Champ Libre,1971 [original brochure + poster]

Reich, instrucciones de uso [Spanish trans. by El Amigo del Pueblo, Argentina]

Reich, modo de empleo. Berkeley, 1974 [Spanish trans. by Tita Carrión]

Reich, modo d’uso [Italian trans.]

Reich, gebrauchsanleitung [German trans.]

The Use of Reich [British translation by BM Ducasse, extensively marked up by KK in the process of making his own translation]

Reich: How to Use. Bureau of Public Secrets, Berkeley, 1973 [trans. KK]

“Discretion Is the Better Part of Value.” Berkeley, 1973 [trans. of Voyer letter by KK as an addendum to Reich: How to Use]

“Lettre ouverte aux citoyens du F.H.A.R.”

“Encyclopédie des apparences, Tome IV: Science de la publicité” [ms. draft of Voyer’s first book]

“Science of Publicity” [ms. English trans. of above]

Introduction to the Science of Publicity [rough translation by Isaac Cronin & Robert Cooperstein of Voyer’s published book (which was much larger than the above ms. version)]

Fin du situationnisme paisible. 1981 [large pamphlet]

“Le tapin de Paris” [poster]

There Is No Society of the Spectacle. ca. 2014 [trans. by Isaac Cronin, Roger Grégoire & Linda Lanphear]

“We’re looking for a good publisher...” [leaflet/letters by Isaac Cronin etc. proposing publication of a selection of Voyer’s writings]

Gérard Lambert [Gédicus]

~30 leaflets, open letters, newspaper clippings, etc. (mostly 1980s and 1990s, a few later), including:

“Match inamical pour la Pologne”

“Assez, assez d’insultes à l’intelligence!”

“Entrons dans la danse!”

“Pas de sursis”

“Éléments de réponse”

“Grève, boycott, sabotage”

L’Humanité: Organe central du Parti Communiste Français” [fake issue, re Poland, 1981]

“Lettre ouverte à Mr. Jean-Marie Rausch, maire de Metz”

“Donnez votre sang, donnez vos tripes!”

“Il n’y a rien à craindre”

“Lettre ouverte à un cadre de Peugeot”

“Lettre ouverte à Antoinette Fouque”

“Lettre ouverte aux initiateurs d’une petition...”

“Tant pète le désert des esprits...” 1991


“Appel pour une vie”

“La franche vermine”

“Loin des yeux, loin des peurs!”

“En 2000...ça va être leur fête!”

“Arretez de baratiner!”

“Ker Ozene―Ker Oseille”

[NOTE: Unlike many other authors listed here, Gérard Lambert has continued publishing numerous short pieces, but since 2000 they have mostly been emailed rather than printed (or in addition to being printed).]

Éditions Champ Libre/Éditions Gérard Lebovici/Éditions Ivrea

Catalogs (1985, 1987, 1993, 1996, 1997, 2001, 2005) and correspondence, + some articles on the assassination of the founder, Gérard Lebovici

Other French Publishers

Catalogs, announcements, etc. of Éditions Allia, Spartacus, Gallimard, Nautilus, L’Insomniaque, etc.

Internationale Nexialiste

6 texts, including:

Internationale nexialiste #1

Internacional nexialista #1 [Spanish trans. of above]

Mildiou (journal). 1976

Les eaux glacées du calcul égoïste

Jimmy Lallement & Joël Guigné

a few letters and texts, including:

Pour un monde nouveau

Essais, nouvelle série ##33, 37-39, 44-45

Groupe Révolutionnaire Conseilliste d’Agitation (GRCA)

Texts by group including Jean-Louis Rançon, François Lécuyer, Jacques Le Glou, and Alain Chevalier (the latter an ex-SI member), including:

Contribution à la prise de conscience d’une classe qui sera la dernière. 1970 (pamphlet)

Ne travaillez jamais: pour la subversion généralisée par la généralisation de toutes les subversions. 1971 (poster-pamphlet)

La grande colère conseilliste du Père Duchesne de la Scieta. 1971 (pamphlet)

“Towards Councilist Organization; Wildcat Strike, Strike Committee and Autonomous Organization; Some Organizational Problems of the Councilist Movement” [MS. English trans. of first three articles in Pour l’organisation conseilliste #1]

Le G.R.C.A. (suite et fin)



Nick Brandt (Spontaneous Combustion)

~50 leaflets, pamphlets, and journals including:

The Emin―“The Opium of the World.” 1976 [pamphlet: critique of a UK “self-development” group/cult]

— a revised version of the above pamphlet

Dialectical Adventures into the Unknown. 1974 [journal]

Carry on Consciousness [pamphlet: author’s self-critiques of articles in the above journal]

“Thoughts on Leaving the 20th Century.” 1976 [leaflet reproducing KK’s critique of Chris Gray’s book in Bureau of Public Secrets #1]

“Class Struggle in Italy, 1977” [leaflet: adaptation of Isaac Cronin’s leaflet of the same title, with additions and revisions by Brandt]

“Alternative” “Socialism”―the Manifesto for Radical Diplomats . late 1970s [pamphlet: critique of Keith Patons’s Alternative Socialism]

Revolutionary Theory for Beginners. 1978 [pamphlet including translations of Nadine Bloch’s All Things Considered, Joël Cornuault’s Some Reflections on Subjectivism and Intellectualism, and excerpts from Jean Pérès’s On the Side of the Subject, with an Afterword by Brandt]

Call It Sleep. ca. 1983 [pamphlet reproducing script of video by Isaac Cronin and Terrel Seltzer]

Miner Conflicts, Major Contradictions. early 1980s [pamphlet re UK miner’s strike]

The Class Struggle in South Africa 1976-80 ca. 1983 [pamphlet including part of Reflections on the Black Consciousness Movement and the South African Revolution (by Selby Semela, Sam Thompson & Norman Abraham, 1979) and The South African Movement in 1980 (from Chris Shutes’s On the Poverty of Berkeley Life, 1983)]

France Goes Off the Rails: the Movements in France, November 1986-January 1987. 1987 [large-size pamphlet by BM Blob (David & Stuart Wise) and BM Combustion (Nick Brandt)]

“You Make Plans―We Make History”: Ecological Collapse, Science, the Anti-Globalisation Protests and Reclaim the Streets. 2001

+ misc. leaflets, including:

“Riot? Win a Policeman Competition”

“The Government Warns You”

“The Misery of Unions”

“Rest in Peace”

“The Mystery of Struggles Defeated”

“Our Organization”

“Wage Slavery for No Change”

“Daily Riot”

“The Show, All Lies”

“Milosevic or NATO”

“Regeneration = Degeneration”

+ several stickum-paper items (for pasting on ads, etc.)

+ misc. notes on diverse topics

Michel Prigent/Chronos Publications [London]

The Banned Lecture: Gilles de Rais

An Introduction to the Misery of Islam. 1969

“The Killers”

“The Misadventures of the Situationist International in the Temple of Doom”

K-Y #1. 1991

“Mercurius Fumilgosus”

A Critical Review of Decomposition in Britain in 1986

Fascination: A Guide to the Bogus Situationists

“New York City Commonwealth of Darkness”

“Out Now! The Catalyst Times”

The Catalyst Times [large photocopy dossier]

Other British situish texts

King Mob Echo #1. 1968

King Mob #2 [photocopy]

Vague ##16-17, 22 [issues re situs]

International Group of the Durruti Column, Plastic Factory on Student Poverty

What’s Wrong with McDonald’s?

“On the street”

“Sic: Telling it like it is”


Class War #73

“Am I totally normal too?”

Spectacular Times [6 pamphlets by Larry Law]

Anon. [David & Stuart Wise], The End of Music

London Psychogeograpical Association Newsletter ##6-7

“It’s Us They’re Shooting in Warsaw.” 1981

We Want to Riot, Not to Work: The 1981 Brixton Uprisings. London, 1982

“Death of the Walrus” [i.e. of John Lennon]. 1980

“Self-Negation of a Knight of the Negative” [from World Revolution #11, 1977]

Wicked Messengers/Nick Toten: several leaflets and articles

Leaving the 20th Century, errata” [Paul Sieveking critique of Chris Gray’s book]

“The videodrome―the thing in room 101”

“Society of the Spectacle: an Interview with Brigitte Bardot.” 1971

BM Blob, International Dockers’ Struggles in the Eighties

BM Blob, Like a Summer with a Thousand July’s

Heatwave #1 [1993 Chronos reprint of the 1966 journal]

Smile #9

“Shellbound.” 1978

Introduction to the Perfect Art. Art Research, Edinburgh, 1975

Occupational Therapy: The Incomplete Story of the University College Hospital Strikes and Occupations of 1992/3/4 [large pamphlet “put together by a number of individuals in the UCH occupation together with help and suggestions from others,” published by News from Everywhere, London, 1995]

Melancholic Troglodytes, Psychology and the Class Struggle. London, 2001

Melancholic Troglodytes, Godfathers of Levant. London, 2005 [on Syria-Lebanon Dispute]

Melancholic Troglodytes, Reservation Politics: The Palestinian Experience Through the Historical Monocle of Native Americans. London, 2007

Turbulence: Ideas for Movement #5. 2009

King Red, Bulletin #3. Dublin, 1971 [articles on Ireland + trans. of Mustapha Khayati’s “Captive Words”]

Heasley & O’Higgins, Notice from the Survivors of the Late King Red. Dublin, April 1972

The Dinosaur Has a Spear in Its Foot and Is Rotting: Ireland 1971

Everyman’s Guide to Hell. Dublin



Spain & Portugal

To Libertarians. 1981 [British trans. of Spanish texts re anarchist prisoners]

Manual práctico de autodefensa proletaria. 2008

Etcétera: correspondencia de la guerra social ##49-51, 53, 55. Barcelona, 2012-2016

Contra o Pacifismo faca a guerra social. Lisbon, 1982 [Portuguese text + French & English translations]


Diethnes Bibliotheke: some posters

De Bello Civili #3

Telos #1. 1981 [includes trans. of texts by Chris Shutes, Nadine Bloch, Joël Cornuault, etc.]

Tendance Étrangiste, La guerre de l’amour doit être faite avec colère. Athens, 1984

“Pros Tous...” [poster: Greek trans. of “To Libertarians” poster (see above under “Spanish”)]

Days of Class Struggle in Greece. Athens, 1998

Upheaval in the Land of the Eagles: a short account of the post-war Albanian social history and the 1997 rebellion. Athens, 1998

Balkan Interior Enemy, War, Peace and the Crisis of the Reproduction of Human Capital in Former Yugoslavia. Athens, 1999

Reprehensible Conduct. Athens, 1991

+ several other leaflets, posters, and small brochures


Nautilus catalog. Hamburg, 1994 [+ another catalog]

Projektgruppe Gegengesellschaft, “Auf der Reise.” Dusseldorf [large comic poster]

“On the Journey” [trans. of the above poster]

“Die Kritik des Weiblichen”. MaD Verlag, Hamburg, 1976 [trans. of Jean Charles’s “La critique ad mulierem” in Flugschrift #20]

Subrealisten Bewegung, “Einige Ratschlage fur Unzufriedene/How are you, Lovers?” [poster]

Subrealisten Bewegung, “La radioactivité et ses ennemis” [French trans. of Subrealist article, 1976]

Agentur fur die Selbstaughebung des Proletariats (Berlin group)

Subversion ##15-16

Traduction de textes de Subversion [French trans. of several articles, 1980s]

Der revolutionare Funke ##4-5

“Proposition for the Foundation of an International Revolutionary Coordination”

+ a few other leaflets

East Europe

Rewolta ##3-8. Warsaw, 1989 & later

Murray Bookchin [Polish trans. of “Post-Scarcity Anarchism,” 1991]

La guerre civile en Pologne. Paris, 1976

RGBP group [Roger Grégoire, Linda Lanphear & Gérard Lambert], Draft notes on Poland 1970-1971 revolt. 1971

“It’s Us They’re Shooting in Warsaw” [poster: trans. of December 1981 French text + 1982 British text “Under the Polish Volcano”]

Last Exit to Warsaw: Fin du ghetto polonais. Montreal, 1982

+ misc. photos and newsclips on Russia and East Europe 


Open Road ##13-14. Vancouver, 1982

Red and Black Notes #12 Ontario, 2000

Ideas for Setting Your Mind in a Condition of Dis-ease

L. Gambione, Laughter Is Bourgeois: The Roots of Political Correctness. 1995

Adbusters (18 issues, 2012-2016)

Australia & New Zealand

“Address to All Workers.” 1975 [poster trans. from May 1968 comic]

Red & Black ##28-29. Quaama, New South Wales, 1998 [#28 includes review of KK’s Public Secrets]

Theft #2. Melbourne, 2001

3 leaflets by Anarchist Alliance of Aotearoa. Auckland, New Zealand

Latin America

Rafael Pallais, Precisiones sobre Nicaragua. Mexico, 1980

Rafael Pallais, “Once tesis sobre el sandinismo.” New Orleans, 1979

Hum #1. Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1985

Sylvie Deneuve & Charles Reeve, Beyond the Balaclavas of South-East Mexico. Paris, 1995

Un bateau pour le Chiapas. Le Havre, 1997

Caribbean Correspondence: Misrepresentation of Self-Management in the Caribbean. Jamaica/Antigua/New York, June 1975

El Amigo del Pueblo, Diversión. Argentina, 1974

El Amigo del Pueblo, “Reich, instrucciones de uso” [poster: Spanish trans. of Jean-Pierre Voyer’s “Reich, mode d’emploi]



[Note: Publications and papers of KK and of four early San Francisco Bay Area groups with which KK was involved (Council for the Eruption of the Marvelous, 1044, Contradiction, and the “Notice” group) are filed below in the “KEN KNABB ARCHIVE.”]

Council for Conscious Existence (CCE)
(Cambridge, Mass., ca. 1969-1972) [= King Collins, Sue Crane, Sydney Lewis, et al.]

I Accuse Harvard University: Critique of the Strike. Boston, 1969 [50+ page booklet by Roger Grégoire, Colette Curchot, Jon Supak, Hannah Ziegellaub, King Collins, Sue Crane]

“Kampf Requiem” [November 1969]

“Oh yes... I, Fredy Perlman...” [March 1970]

“Whatever the eye sees and covet, let the hand grasp” [February 1970]

“Notes on the Movement from a Revolutionary Perspective” [Sydney Lewis, Berkeley, May 1970]

“What are we doing with these machines?” [July 1970]

“Consumer Survey Questionnaire”

The Extremist #1 [July 1970]

“Research in Daily Life” [ca. Sept. 1971]

Two “None Shall Escape” leaflets, signed “Caribbean Situationist”

Sydney Lewis, “What Is and What Must and What Must Not Be Done to Overcome It.” October 1970 [written after he had left the CCE]

Also includes ~20pp of post-CCE letters to and from Sydney Lewis

(Bay Area, 1971-1975) [= David Jacobs, Chris Winks, Chris Shutes, et al.]

The Citadel and Other Sordid Tales

David Jacobs & Chris Shutes, Workers Councils: The Theory and Practice of Proletarian Power [1971, 50+ page paper]

“Out of Order” [comic]

Point-Blank! #1 [only issue of journal]

Daily Californian: Special Last Issue [fake issue of University of California at Berkeley student paper]

“Riot or Ritual?”

“He Who Laughs Last...” [comic]

“Point-Blank Don’t Shit: It’s Anal Retentive” [Berkeley Barb article + reproduction of PB comics re Daily Californian scandal]

“Max Scherr Doesn’t Think; It’s Beyond Him” [reply to the above article. Max Scherr was the editor of the Berkeley Barb]

“The Sexuality of Dialectics” [comic]

“7 Point Program of the P.R.G.”

“On Contradiction”

“Death to the Old World!”

“The Show Is Over: Theses on the End of the Cold War”

End of the Line: Wildcat Detroit, 1973 [copy]

“Siege of State: Firing Point-Blank at San Francisco” [1973]

Time Recaptured: Self-Management and the Lip Occupation [1973]

Strange Defeat: The Chilean Revolution, 1973

Miserable Publicity: A Disinterested Response [response to Chris Shutes & Gina Rosenberg’s Disinterest Compounded Daily]

La mise misérable. Paris, 1974 [critique of the CRQS by a French contact of Point-Blank]

“Dear Persons...” January 1976 [announcement of At Dusk pamphlet following the end of Point-Blank]

David Jacobs & Chris Winks, At Dusk: The Situationist Movement in Historical Perspective. 1976

Collective Inventions [= David Jacobs], Broken Barricades: The Oaxaca Rebellion in Victory, Defeat, and Beyond

Collective Inventions, “Unnatural Acts” [1979] [photocopy]

Collective Inventions, “Defense Mechanisms” [1980]

Collective Inventions, “The Unbalance of Power” [1980]

Collective Inventions, “Poland 1982”

For Ourselves
(Bay Area, ca. 1972-1975) [A few of the texts are signed by this group’s earlier name: “Negation”]

~20 leaflets and pamphlets:

The Right to Be Greedy

The Minimum Definition of Intelligence

The Bad Old Days Will End

“Don’t Change Life–Change Leaders”

“Workers’ Councils Organizing Coalition”

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Neighborhood Councils

Organizing Collective’s Proposals for Structure of the Workers’ Councils

Toward Communist Consciousness: From Internationalism to Global Strategy

“The Time Has Come to Fight for Ourselves or Not at All!”

Revolutionary Engineering: Towards a “Counter-Technology”

In Portugal–Capital Confronts the World Proletariat

The State and Counter-Revolution: What Is Not to Be Done

Crises of Nature [50+ pages]

New Morning [December 1972 special issue includes article “Council-Communism, Wilhelm Reich, and the Riddle of Modern History”]

New Morning [February 1973 special issue includes articles “The Role of the Situationists in France’s May ’68” and “A Supplement on Self-Management”]

Whatever Happened to “For Ourselves”? [40+ pages by members of the disbanded group, 1976]

Not Bored
(journal of Bill Brown, New York)

##3-7, 9-22, 24-36, 38-40. ca. 1983-2010

Not Bored
  (misc. publications)

a few letters + several leaflets and pamphlets:

“Program Notes for Look, Who’s Asking the Questions?” [1986]

“A Defense of Apathy, the Stinking Fart in the Modern Elevator of Life So-Called”

Squat the World! [pamphlet, 1995]

“The Assault on Greil Marcus: An Open Letter to Stewart Home” [1996]

“Crash the Parties: Write-in Pres. Unabomber” [1996]

“What We Have Done and Why/Lo que hemos hecho y porque”

“We Will Boycott New Year’s 2000 Because...”

“Stop OPTO”

“Who the Hell Does Nike Think They Are?”

“Keith Sanborn’s $30 Bootleg” [article from Not Bored #27 (1997) re Sanborn’s subtitled version of Debord’s film The Society of the Spectacle]

Emmanuel Goldstein: The Theory of Hierarchical Society [pamphlet with passages from Orwell’s 1984] [1998]

Len Bracken

~20pp. of letters + several leaflets and journals:

“Demand the Impossible”

Extranational News ##1-2, 4

Extrafile ##1, 5-6 [1994-1995]

“Aphorisms Against Work”

Guy DebordRevolutionary: Errata”

‘A Few Extra Remarks on Guy Debord―Revolutionary” [including reply to Not Bored critique]

“Open Letter to the Citizens of Poland”

Count Down
(Madison, Wisconsin)

Italy’s C.P. on the Way Out

Class Consciousness and the Conscious Class

“On Life”

“Tired of Bowing to Superiors After a Day of Wage Slavery?”

“Workers of the World, Urinate, Don’t Vote”

“The Endless Boredom...”



State of Wisconsin Department of Justice, “Memo” [1979]

“Consumer Reports”

Reinvention of Everyday Life
(= Jim Burrill, Palo Alto, CA)

“Situationist Liberation Front”

“The Driver That Stole Cargo”

“On Living” [lyrics to a song version of Vaneigem’s Revolution of Everyday Life]

“Treatise on Living” [chapter from Vaneigem’s book]

“City of Palo Alto: Office of the Mayor...” [fake announcement]

Misc. American situish texts

~70 leaflets and pamphlets, including:

“Nasty Secretary Liberation Front, Rebellion Behind the Typewriter”

“Carols for All Occasions”

Union of Concerned Commies, “We’ve Already Been Drafted”

“The Daily Battle” [1985]

“Modern Citizen: School’s Out Forever”

“It’s Time for Those of Us Who Live in the Slum...”

“A Message from Steve”

“Fight the Cutbacks! Defend the Bourgeois Academy! Build the New Stalino-Communist Party!”

“Message from the President” [of the University of Montana (supposedly)]

“Film Spectacle”

“On the Problem of Shoplifting”

“The Funktionaries”

“Crisis and Its Uses”

Lust for Life (Oregon), “Maydaze: A Thesis on the Celebration of Alienation”

Lust for Life, “Capital Offers Solutions”

Lust for Life, “Hoping for Change?”

“Space Travel: An Official Guide for Portland-Metro Commuters”

“Santa: Suicide note”

Minitrue, “Run for Omniphobia” [Wyoming]

“Dead Liberation”

The A Team #1

“Smash into the Gap!” [Berkeley, 1985]

“Ground Zero”

“Survival or Life?” [Seattle, 1990]

Prizelie (Richmond, Virginia): 11 leaflets

“Thanks, Chum(p)s” [Letter to Editor in New Hampshire Gazette, 1993]

“Holy Tire Iron” [Somerville, Mass.]

“The End of Minneapolis, or How to Play with Its Ruins”

“Excuse: The East Bay’s Windy Weekly”

“The Social Club”

“Handy Social Decoder”

“Library Blamed for Pamphlet” [article reacting to above text]

“Pretty Rad”

“The Psychogeography of Disneyland” [with excerpts from Ivan Chtcheglov’s article “Formulary for a New Urbanism”] [1991]

“Meeting w/ Verlaan”

Crash and Burn: The Journal of Violent Intimacy ##1-2 [1997]

Harbinger, “Leaving the 20th Century”

Harbinger, “Your Ticket to a World Free of Charge”

“Bored? Frustrated? Confused? Get Mad”

Scrap ##1-2

Placebo: A Critical Journal #1 [1991]

“Canyon Collective” [Canyon, CA]

More to Come, Revolutionary Committees as a Method of Organization

“Fear and Powerlessness” [Madison, Wisconsin]

Self-Theory: The Pleasure of Thinking for Yourself [Lansing, Michigan]

If We Did It, This Is How It Would’ve Happened. 2008 [account of a fake issue of the New York Times re the 2008 election]

Youth Front, “As the Reigning Order Becomes Weaker...” [New Orleans]

The End of Prehistory. August 1975 [leaflets announcing situish radio program on KPFA in Berkeley]

“The Rich Lie, the Poor Die” [San Francisco, 1991]

Willful Disobedience #6 [Venomous Butterfly Publications, 1998]







Most of the following books concern modern radical or countercultural movements, primarily during the 1960s and 1970s. Note that the Ken Knabb Papers collection at the Beinecke does not include KK’s entire library, but only works related to the Situationists and their era, or to Kenneth Rexroth, or to KK’s own writings and translations.

France May 1968  revolt:

Daniel & Gabriel Cohn-Bendit, Obsolete Communism: The Left-Wing Alternative (trans. from French by Arnold Pomerans). McGraw-Hill, 1968 [HB]

Roger Grégoire & Fredy Perlman, Worker-Student Action Committees, France, May ’68. Black & Red, 1969

Julien Besançon (ed.), Les murs ont la parole. Tchou, 1968 [a collection of May 1968 graffiti]

Cathérine Laulhère-Vigneau (ed.), Mai 68. Denoël, 2008 [includes voluminous photos] [HB]

Alain Schnapp & Pierre Vidal-Naquet (ed.), The French Student Uprising, 1967-1968: An Analytical Documentary (trans. from French by Maria Jolas). Beacon, 1971 [HB]

Richard Gombin, The Origins of Modern Leftism (trans. from French by Michael Perl). Penguin, 1975

Other European Movements:

Richard Kempton, Provo: Amsterdam’s Anarchist Revolt. Autonomedia, 2007

Diego Giachetti & Marco Scavino, La FIAT aux mains des ouvriers: L’automne chaud de 1969 à Turin. Les Nuits Rouges, 2005.

Tom Vague, Anarchy in the U.K.: The Angry Brigade. AK Press, 1997

Jaime Semprun, La guerre sociale au Portugal. Champ Libre, 1975

Phil Mailer, Portugal: The Impossible Revolution? Solidarity, 1977

Wildcat Spain Encounters Democracy, 1976-78. London, 1979

Loren Goldner, Ubu Saved from Drowning: Class Struggle and Statist Containment in Portugal and Spain, 1974-1977. Queequeg Publications, 2000

Appels de la prison de Ségovie. Champ Libre, 1980 [includes an anonymous text by Debord]

Luis Andres Bredlow, Ensayos de herejia. Pepitas de Calabaza, 2015

Ivan Svitak, The Czechoslovak Experiment: 1968-1969. Columbia University Press, 1971 [HB]

Jean-François Martos (ed.), La contre-révolution polonaise par ceux qui l’ont fait. Champ Libre, 1983

Void Network, We Are an Image from the Future: The Greek Revolt of December 2008. AK Press, 2010

United States New Left and Counterculture:

David Lance Goines, The Free Speech Movement. Berkeley, Ten Speed Press, 1993

Michael Rossman, The Wedding Within the War: A Chronicle of the Movement, 1958-1970. Doubleday, 1971

Michael Rossman, New Age Blues: On the Politics of Consciousness. Dutton, 1979

Todd Gitlin, The Whole World Is Watching: Mass Media in the Making and Unmaking of the New Left. University of California Press, 1980 [HB]

Todd Gitlin, The Sixties: Years of Hope, Days of Rage. Bantam, 1987 [HB]

        [The above two books are reviewed by KK in “Notes and Reviews”]

Alan Copeland (ed.), People’s Park. Ballantine, 1969 [photos]

Charles Perry, The Haight-Ashbury: A History. Random House, 1984 [HB]

Joel Selvin, Summer of Love. Dutton, 1994

Tom Wolfe, The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test. Bantam, 1969

Art Kleps, Millbrook: The Story of the Early Years of the Psychedelic Revolution. Bench Press, 1977

Emmett Grogan, Ringolevio. Heinemann, 1972 [HB]

Black Mask and Up Against the Wall Motherfucker. Unpopular Books & Sabotage Editions, London 1993

Richard Neville, Play Power: Exploring the International Underground. Random House, 1970.

Peter Stansill & David Zane Mairowitz (ed.), BAMN: Outlaw Manifestos and Ephemera 1965-1970. Penguin, 1971

Franklin Rosemont & Charles Radcliffe (ed.), Dancin’ in the Streets! Anarchists, IWWs, Surrealists, Situationists and Provos in the 1960s. Charles Kerr, 2005 [HB]

Penelope Rosemont, Dreams and Everyday Life: A 1960s Notebook. Charles Kerr, 2008 [inscribed to KK by the author]

Barry Maxwell & Raymond Craib (ed.), No Gods, No Masters, No Peripheries: Global Anarchisms. PM 2015 [includes two lengthy essays re situationists by Penelope Rosemont & Gavin Arnall]

[NOTE: For other books and documents on the 1960s New Left and counterculture, see the “Annex” at the end of this Inventory (Richard Kempton collection).]

China and Japan:

The 70’s (ed.), The Revolution Is Dead, Long Live the Revolution: Readings on the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution from an Ultra-Left Perspective. Hong Kong, 1976 [anthology of articles, including the SI’s “The Explosion Point of Ideology in China”]

China: The Revolution Is Dead, Long Live the Revolution. Black Rose Books, Montreal, 1977 [reprint of the above book, with an added introduction that reproduces KK’s critical appreciation of the book (from “A Radical Group in Hong Kong”)]

Revo. cul. dans la Chine pop.: anthologie de la presse des Gardes Rouges. 10/18, 1974

Li Yizhe, Chinois, si vous saviez...: À propos de la démocratie et de la légalité sous le socialisme. Christian Bourgois, 1976

Simon Leys, Ombres chinoises. 10/18, 1974

Simon Leys, Images brisées. Robert Laffont, 1976

        [The above four items were part of the “Bibliothèque Asiatique” series edited by ex-SI member René Viénet.]

Bernard Béraud, La gauche révolutionnaire au Japon. Seuil, 1970

Stuart Dowsey, Zengakuren: Japan’s Revolutionary Students. Ishi, 1970 [HB]


Ngo Van, Revolutionaries They Could Not Break. Index Books, London, 1995

Ngo Van, Viet-nam 1920-1945: révolution et contre-révolution sous la domination coloniale. Nautilus, 2000

Ngo Van,  Viet Nam 1920-1945. L’Insomniaque/Chuong Re, 2000 [Vietnamese version of the above book]

Ngo Van, Le joueur de flûte et L’Oncle Ho: Vietnam 1945-2005. Paris-Méditerranée, 2005

Ngo Van, Au pays de la cloche fêlée. L’Insomniaque, 2000

Ngo Van, Tai xu chuong re. Le Chat Qui Peche, 2006 [Vietnamese version of the above book]

Ngo Van, Au pays d’Héloïse. L’Insomniaque, 2005 [HB]

Ngo Van, Divination, magie et politique dans la Chine ancienne. Presses Universitaires de France, 1976

Ngo Van, Maximilien Rubel 1954-1996, une amitié, une lutte. Les Amis de Maximilien Rubel, 1997

Ngo Van, Utopie antique et guerre des paysans en Chine. Le Chat Qui Peche, 2004

Ngo Van & Hélène Fleury, Contes d’autrefois du Viet-nam/Chuyen doi xua xu Viet. You-Feng, 2001 [folk tales of Vietnam, in French and Vietnamese]

Ngo Van, Cuentos populares de Vietnam. Octaedro, Barcelona, 2004 [Spanish trans. of above book by Magali Sirera]

Ngo Van, In the Crossfire: Adventures of a Vietnamese Revolutionary. AK Press, 2010 [trans. of Au pays de la cloche fêlée and parts of Au pays d’Héloïse by KK, Hélène Fleury, Hilary Horrocks & Naomi Sager]

Phan Van Truong, Une histoire de conspirateurs annamites à Paris. L’Insomniaque, 2003

Spartacist League, Stalinism and Trotskyism in Vietnam. New York, 1976

Thich Nhat Hanh, Vietnam: Lotus in a Sea of Fire. Hill & Wang, 1967

Other countries:

Dan Mokonyane, Lessons of Azikwelwa [bus boycott in South Africa]. Nakong Ya Rena, 1994

Dan Mokonyane, The Big Sell Out by the Communist Party of South Africa and the African National Congress. Nakong Ya Rena, 1994

Une Libre Association d’Individus Libres, Lettre de Dakar. Champ Libre, 1978

Ian Clegg, Workers’ Self-Management in Algeria. Monthly Review, 1971

Un groupe d’autonomes algériens, L’Algérie brûle! Champ Libre, 1981

Serge Bricianer, Une étincelle dans la nuit: Islam et révolution en Iran 1978-1979. Ab Irato, 2002

Samir al-Khalil, Republic of Fear: The Inside Story of Saddam’s Iraq. Pantheon, 1989

Nancy Peters (ed.), War After War: City Lights Review #5. City Lights, San Francisco, 1992 [anthology re the 1992 Gulf War, including part of KK’s “The War and the Spectacle”)

Rafael Pallais, Incitation à la réfutation du tiers monde. Champ Libre, 1978

Jean-Louis Paul, Essor et décadence de l’idéologie du sous-developpement. 1979 [photocopy]

Yves Delhoysie & Georges Lapierre, L’incendie millénariste. Os Cangaceiros, 1987

Miscellaneous radical analysis:

Cornelius Castoriadis (ed.), La société bureaucratique vol. 1. 10/18, 1973

— vol. 2. 10/18, 1973

Cornelius Castoriadis (ed.), L’expérience du mouvement ouvrier, vol. 1. 10/18, 1974

— vol. 2. 10/18, 1974

Hélène Fleury, Shelley: La Mascarade de l’Anarchie. Paris-Méditerranée, 2004

Murray Bookchin, Post-Scarcity Anarchism. Ramparts, 1971

Michael Albert & Robin Hahnel, Looking Forward: Participatory Economics for the 21st Century. South End, 1991

Hakim Bey, T.A.Z. Autonomedia, 1991

P.M., Bolo-Bolo. Semiotext(e), 1995

Crimethink, Days of War, Nights of Love. CrimethInc., 2000

Loren Goldner, Vanguard of Retrogression. Queequeg Publications, 2011

Loren Goldner, Herman Melville: Between Charlemagne and the Antemosaic Man. Queequeg Publications, 2005

Richard Greeman, Beware of Capitalist Sharks! Praxis Research and Education Center, 2007

Aragorn (ed.), Occupy Everything: Anarchists in the Occupy Movement 2009-2011. LBC Books, 2012






Socialisme ou Barbarie (Paris, 1948-1967)

##1-6, 22, 24-29, 31-32, 34, 37, 39

Contemporary Issues: A Magazine for a Democracy of Content
(London, 1948-1970)

##1, 5, 7, 9-10, 12-13, 15, 21, 23-24, 27-31, 37-39, 41-42, 48, 50-54

Joseph Weber, The Ring of the Nibelung (new translation of long article from CI #19). Anarcho Press, London, 2000

Pierre Watter & Joseph Trevor, The Way of the World. Anarcho Press, 1999

Pierre Watter, September 11th, 2001: A New World. Anarcho Press, 2002

        [Watter and Trevor were ex-CI participants.]


Spartakism to National Bolshevism: The K.P.D. 1918-24

Students in Revolt: The Battle of Berkeley Campus

Ceylon: The JVP Uprising of April 1971

Alexandra Kollontai, The Workers’ Opposition

David Lamb, Mutinies: 1917-1920

Castoriadis, Workers’ Councils and the Economics of Self-Management

— reprint of above pamphlet by Wooden Shoe Books. Philadelphia, 1984

Andy Anderson, Hungary ’56

Maurice Brinton, Paris: May 1968

Maurice Brinton, The Irrational in Politics

Maurice Brinton, The Bolsheviks and Workers’ Control, 1917-1921

Petr Cerny, Czechoslovakia 1968

Bob Potter, Vietnam: Whose Victory?

Bob Potter, Greek Tragedy: The Failure of the Left

Misc. radical pamphlets (mostly on specific historical events)

Anarchy (London) #29 [La Boétie’s Discourse on Voluntary Servitude]

Anarchy (London) #63 [re the 1965 New York City blackout]

Anarchy (London) #67 [re the 1963 “Spies for Peace” scandal in England]

Piotr Kropotkin, Small Communal Experiments and Why They Fail. Petersham, Australia, 1997

Clarence Darrow, Address to the Prisoners in the Cook County Jail (1902). Charles Kerr, 1975

IWW Songs [“the Little Red Songbook”]. Chicago, 1956

The Seattle General Strike (1919) reprinted by Left Bank Books & Charlatan Stew, Seattle, 2009

M. Dashar, The Revolutionary Movement in Spain. Libertarian Publishing Society, New York, 1934 [rare and in crumbling condition]

Walter Linder, The Great Flint Sit-Down Strike Against G.M. 1936-37 [reprinted by Radical Education Project]

Mouvement Communiste, May-June 1968: An Occasion Lacking in Workers’ Autonomy. Paris, 2008

Insane Dialectical Editions, Fare Strike! San Francisco 2005. 2007

Cajo Brendel, L’insurrection ouvrière en Allemagne de l’Est, juin 1953. Échanges et Mouvements, Paris

Ezra Brett Mell, The Truth About the Bonnot Gang. Solidarity Bookshop, Chicago, 1969

Icarus, The WilhelmHaven Revolt: A Chapter in the Revolutionary Movement in the German Navy 1918-1919. UK, 1975

Tom Brown, The British General Strike [1926]. Freedom Press, London, 1943

Anton Pannekoek, Workers’ Councils [complete book in 4 pamphlets, published by Root & Branch and Échanges et Mouvement]

Constant Nieuwenhuys, New Urbanism. Friends of Malatesta, Buffalo, NY, 1970

Rebels with a Cause. SDS, Chicago, 1967 [pamphlet on the Amsterdam Provos]

Italy 1969-1970 [Radical America September-October 1971 special issue]. Cambridge, MA

Revolutionary Marxist Students in Poland Speak Out. Merit, New York, 1970 [includes Jacek Kuron & Karol Modzelewski’s Open Letter to Polish Communist Party Members + other related texts]

Czechoslovakia: Revolution and Counter Revolution. News & Letters, Detroit, 1968

I.C.O., Poland: 1970-71: Capitalism and Class Struggles. Black & Red, 1977

Pologne, 24 janvier 1971: Gierek face aux grévistes de Szczecin. C.E.L.I.O., Paris, 1972 [small book]

Shipyard Workers Revolt Against Communist Party Leaders. News & Letters, Detroit, 1971 [English trans. of excerpts of above book]

Henri Simon, Le 25 juin 1976 en Pologne. Échanges et Mouvements, 1977

Henri Simon, Poland 1980-82 [English trans.]. Black & Red, 1985

Practical Anarchy #10. 1997-1998 [special issue on “Anarchism and the Internet”]

Untying the Knot: Feminism, Anarchism and Organization. Dark Star/Rebel Press, London, 1984 [Jo Freeman’s The Tyranny of Structurelessness + Cathy Levine’s The Tyranny of Tyranny]

Kristi Kenney, What Sustains Us? What Stops Us? Thoughts on Activism and Mental Health. Counterbalance, ca. 2008

Pamphlets and journals from or about Asia

70s Front [a.k.a. “The 70s”: Hong Kong anarchist group], Minus (12 issues). ca. 1975-77 [Minus 9, Minus 8, etc., counting down to 1984]

70s Front, Three Essays on the New Mandarins. 1978

70s Front, 70’s Biweekly #31

70s Front, The Undercurrent ##1-2

Now and After #3. 1978 [includes extensive review of the 70s group’s book The Revolution Is Dead. Long Live the Revolution]

The Meaning of Tiananmen. Antimatter, San Jose, CA, 2004

Kan Eguchi, Mémoire sur la situation politique japonaise (1967-73). Saitama, Japan, 1974

John Crump, The Communist Idea in Japan. Tokyo, 1975

Japan: Libero International ##2, 3, 4, 6

Libertaire Vol. IX #1 (1977) [in Japanese]

CIRA Nippon #4 [in Japanese, includes Tommy Haruki’s trans. of KK letter to Japanese anarchists + trans. of theses on anarchism from Guy Debord’s The Society of the Spectacle]

Ampo: Japan-Asia Quarterly Review. 1977 [special issue on the Sanrizuka struggle]

Solidarity Motor Bulletin 3: Datsun: Hell’s Battlefield. London, 1974

Jeanne Charles, “Arms and the Woman” [Japanese trans. by Tommy Haruki, 1978]

Philip Billingsley, Bakunin in Yokohama. 1993

— reprint of above, 1998

Philip Billingsley & Xu Youwei, In the Perils of Wilderness... + In the Grips of Bandits [two articles on Chinese bandits and Westerners]. 1997-1998

Majdour Library [Kommunist Kranti], A Ballad Against Work. Faridabad, India, 1997

Majdour Library, Reflections on Marx’s Critique of Political Economy. 1997

Majdour Library, Self Activity of Wage Workers: Towards a Critique of Representation and Delegation. 1998


Black & Red

Black & Red ##3, 4, 6, 6½

Roger Grégoire & Fredy Perlman, Worker-Student Action Committees, France May ’68

Fredy Perlman, The Reproduction of Daily Life

Fredy Perlman, Revolutionary Movement in Yugoslavia

Fredy Perlman, The Incoherence of the Intellectual

Fredy Perlman, Against His-story, Against Leviathan [book]

Lorraine Perlman, Having Little, Being Much: A Chronicle of Fredy Perlman’s Fifty Years [small book]

Manuel Munis & John Zerzan, Unions Against Revolution. 1973

Wildcat: Dodge Truck, June 1974

Jacques Camatte, The Wandering of Humanity. 1975

Négation (France), Lip and the Self-Managed Counter-Revolution. 1975

Noam Chomsky, Objectivity and Liberal Scholarship. 1997 [reprint of a long chapter about the Spanish Revolution from Chomsky’s book American Power and the New Mandarins]

Maurice Brinton, The Bolsheviks and Workers’ Control: 1917-1921. 1975 [reprint of Solidarity booklet]

Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed (Missouri, then New York, then California)

Complete set of issues ##1-77 except #3 and #27

Processed World
(San Francisco)

Processed World ##1-24, 30, 32

Bad Attitude: The Processed World Anthology

No Middle Ground ##1-4 [journal about Latin America edited by some of the Processed World people]


OTHER RADICAL PAPERS (leaflets, articles, etc.)


Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed

~20 letters + misc. early leaflets:

“Notes Toward a Critique of ‘Child Psychology’ ” [1979]

“Drifting Toward WW 3”

“I Found It! You Can Too! The Corpse of Christianity”

“No More Rape and Repression!”

“Books by and about Anarchists and Anarchy”

“An Introduction to Critical Theory” [1980]

“Beyond Character and Morality”

North American Anarchist Review #2 [1990]

Red Hughs
(Bay Area)

The Poor, the Bad and the Angry ##1-2

Against Sleep and Nightmare ##2-5

“Peace Is a Drug for Slaves”

“The Rich Lie, the Poor Die”

“Destroy Market Capitalism in Six Easy Steps” [2000]

“The ELF and the Spectacle”

Fifth Estate

~15 letters plus:

Fifth Estate Vol. 11 ##1-2, Vol. 17 #1, Vol. 28 #1, Vol. 37 #3, Vol. 48 #2, Vol. 50 ##1-3

Ammunition Books Catalog [1975]

Processed World
(by and about)

~20 PW leaflets, mostly announcing PW events, collating parties, new publications, etc., plus several documents re critiques of PW, including:

Rabies #1

Bizarro Processed World [pamphlet critique]

E. Lawrence, An Eloquent Review of “The Baby and the Bathwater”

“Public Warning Against Bob Black”

[See the first two Bob Black items below.]

Bob Black
(San Francisco)

Bob Black, Circle-A-Deceit: A Review of Processed World

Bob Black, The Baby and the Bathwater: The Unspeakable Truth about Processed World [large dossier of documents]

“Iran . . . (and so did the U.S. army)”

“The Spectre of Comedy: In Defense of Marxism” [Groucho Marx quotes]

“(Ass)holism: Aquarian/New Age Transformations”

“Don’t Waste Your Vote . . . Don’t Cast It”

“Law: Cold Sore on the Lip of Life”

“The Ballad of Brenda Spencer”

“Workers of the World . . . Relax!”

“Rock Against Men: Sex Is Sexist!”

“The Last International: Results and Prospects” [1980]

“Beware the Danger of Effective Resistance, the Danger of Gratified Desire”

“Theses on Groucho Marxism”

“Radical Humor?” [review]

“Confusion: Key to 55 Sutter”

“Appeal to Treason on Narcissism” [review]

“Letter Bombs: Police Investigate Illegal Posters in City”

“Appeal to Treason: Return of the Son of Dial-a-Rumor II”

“Feminism Is Fascism”

Big Bad Bob Black: A Popular Reality Special Report [large assortment of articles pro and con]

The Abolition of Work [reprint of essay, Minnesota, 1992]

+ several misc. news clips mentioning Black

+ a few short letters

John Zerzan
(San Francisco, then Oregon)

~20 letters (mostly from 1971-1972) + dozens of early leaflets and posters and a few related publications:

Anti-Authoritarians Anonymous, Adventures in Subversion: Flyers and Posters, 1981-85 [large-size pamphlet reprinting ~30 leaflets and posters by Zerzan and Dan Todd]

“Epitaph for Anti-Authoritarians Anonymous” [Dan Todd]

“Remarks on Failures”

“All in All, It’s Just Another Brick in the Wall”

“The War of Dreams”

“The CIA Announces... Unique Career Assignments...”

“Harriet Considers Going Feral”

“The Enchantment of Nuclear Destruction” [large poster]

“Sperry Univac” poster

“We Have to Dismantle All This”

“Deface Gun Pro”

“One Wouldn’t Buy In”

“Who Is Chomsky?”

“New Book Focuses Critical Eye on the Benefits of Technology”

“Work Refusal: Pros, Cons and the Conned”

“Class of ’82: You Liked School . . . You’ll Love Work”

“Whose Unabomber?”

“Unabomber Tried to Save Us”

“Be Like Ted”

“Unapack” [large envelope containing “Free Ted Kaczynski” (large dossier re Unabomber) and dozens of related leaflets, stickers, etc., advocating voting for the Unabomber for President] [Unapack’s return address was in Boston, but whoever it was seems to have been in close collaboration with Zerzan]

Patricia Freund, Endangered Species: Techno-Humanism and Vanishing Humanity

Alain C., John Zerzan et la confusion primitive. Nancy, France

Chicago Surrealist Group

Rebel Worker ##6-7

“Surrealist Insurrection” ##4-5 [posters, 1970, 1972]

“Surrealist Intervention” [at Telos conference, 1971]

“In Memory of Georg Lukács” [1971]

“A Contribution to the Critique of the Ideology of Zoos”

“Declaration on Joseph Losey’s Film The Assassination of Leon Trotsky” [1973]

“Three Days That Shook the New World Order: The Los Angeles Rebellion of 1992” [1993]

Penelope Rosemont, Lost Worlds, Forgotten Futures, Undreamed Ecstasies [small book, 2012]

David Schanoes, John Simmons & April Zuckerman, Surrealism? I Don’t Play That Game [pamphlet critique by ex-members of the Chicago group, 1973]

Bernard Marszalek & Peter O’Grady

Marszalek: “Introduction to the Texts Written on the Walls of the Chicago Anarchists by the Council for Conscious Existence” [Feb. 1970]

“Tracts” ##1-7 [Oct.-Nov. 1970]

“Foreplay” #11 [Dec. 1970]

“Suicide or Revolution?”

Peter O’Grady, Point of Departure [journal, 1970] + two leaflets

Also includes ~20pp of letters w/Bay Area situ groups

Misc. American anarchist and leftist leaflets and pamphlets:

Mitchel Cohen (New York), I Was a Teenage Communist [1996]

Mitchel Cohen, “Zen-Marxism” pamphlet series [1995]:

#2 Those Not Busy Being Born Are Busy Dying

#4 What Is Direct Action?

#5 What Is to Be Undone? or How to Spot a Vanguardist at Twenty Yards

#7 The Shortcomings of Traditional Leftist Strategy

#8 A Head Full of Ideas That Are Driving Me Insane

Collective Action Notes ##13-17 [Baltimore, 1997-2000]

Eberhardt Press Review #2 [Oregon]

Andy Sunfrog Smith, Utopian Prospects, Communal Projects [Tennessee, 2000]

“Love and Rage, Los Angeles: The Fire This Time” [New York, 1992]

Clayton Sheridan, “The Generation of Blue-Collar Non-Voters” [San Francisco, 1980]

Mission Yuppie Eradication Project [two posters, San Francisco]

The Stranger [Seattle]

Subterran #1 [CrimethInc etc.]

Insurgent Summer [re Letters of Insurgents discussion, 2010]

Endnotes, “The Holding Pattern”

Endnotes, “Spontaneity, Mediation, Rupture”

Chaz Bufe, Astrology: Fraud or Superstition? [1987]

Chaz Bufe, Listen, Anarchist!

Chuck Morse, Being a Bookchinite [New York, 2007]

“Red Army Faction” [San Francisco, 1979]

Carlos Marighella, The Minimanual of the Urban Guerrilla [San Francisco, 1978]

Mike Davis, L.A. Was Just the Beginning [New Jersey, 1992]

Mike Davis, Beyond Blade Runner: Urban Control, the Ecology of Fear [New Jersey, 1992]

Stan Weir, Class War Lessons [2006] [pamphlet re Oakland General Strike of 1946]

“Hello, a Greeting from Nowhere” [ca. 2013]

Immediast Underground, Seizing the Media [New Jersey, 1992]

Retrofuturism #16 [Iowa City, 1992]

Schoolstoppers Textbook [Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1973]

Billboard Liberation Front, The Art and Science of Billboard Improvement [San Francisco, 1990]

Institute of Media Deconstruction, Smashing the Image Factory: A Complete Manual of Billboard Subversion and Destruction [Oxford, England]

LoneWolff Prometheus, An Appeal to the Homeless: Self-Sufficiency Through Shoplifting [1996]

Institute for the Advancement of Plagiarism, Plagiarism and You [Berkeley, 1991]

CLAWS [Creating Living Alternatives to Wage Slavery], Re-thinking the Work Ethic

You Can’t Blow Up a Social Relationship: The Anarchist Case Against Terrorism [See Sharp Press, San Francisco, 1990; reprint of 1979 Australian article]

Voltairine de Cleyre, Anarchism and American Traditions [San Francisco, 1989]

Highflag Unlimited, Y-200 [pamphlet re taxis, etc.] [San Francisco]

More to Come, Revolutionary Committees as a Method of Organization [San Francisco]

More to Come, Fear and Powerlessness

Tampa Red and Black, Russia 1917-1921: There Is No Stopping Half-Way, We Must Conquer or Die [Florida]

Tampa Narcissus, Ready-Maid: A Primer on Feminist Ideology and Kathie Kelly’s “Radical Sex Manual” [Florida, 1975]

Lawrence Jarach, Black Badger ##2-3 [Bay Area, ca. 1998]

International Blacklist 1983 [138pp directory of anarchist and antiauthoritarian groups around the world [Berkeley-San Francisco, 1983]

Freedom Anarchist Pamphlets #1: Makhno and Durruti [London]

Freedom Anarchist Pamphlets #3: Zapata and the Mexican Revolution

Max Blechman (ed.), Drunken Boat #2

Loren Goldner, Communism Is the Material Human Community: Amadeo Bordiga Today

People’s Park
(Berkeley, 1969)

Issues of Berkeley Barb and other underground papers covering the event

Korsch etc.

Misc. articles by Karl Korsch, Simone Weil, Bertolt Brecht, Ante Ciliga, Pier Carlo Masini, etc.

Contemporary Issues

Copies of certain CI articles + a few CI leaflets and documents + a few letters + copies of covers showing the contents of most of the CI issues not in the KK collection. [For the issues in the KK collection, see above under “Misc. Pamphlets and Journals”]


Misc. documents and newsclips re China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, etc.

Misc. newsclips & photos

A few dozen clips re revolts, social crises, etc.






Oversize Documents:

Guy Bodson (ed.), FA/IS [a huge dossier of documents and letters reflecting the volatile 1966-1967 interaction between the SI and the French “Fédération Anarchiste”]

Photocopies of several texts by or about the early SI, including polemics with surrealists; Cobra; article on Pinot Gallizio; and several lengthy texts by Asger Jorn

Isidore Isou, Contre le cinéma situationniste néo-nazi (1977) [a delirious book-length text by the founder of Lettrisme]

1967 comic poster by Gérard Joannes with text by Vaneigem (in French)

1967 comic poster by André Bertrand with same text by Raoul Vaneigem (in French)

Same comic-poster by Bertrand and Vaneigem, but in Dutch

Internationale Situationniste 1958-69 [comic announcing the first collected volume of the French SI journals, published by Van Gennep (Amsterdam)]



None Shall Escape: Caribbean Situationist versus Trevor Monroe [LP + 2 posters, London, 1973] [recorded talks re popular struggles in the Caribbean]

Pour en finir avec le travail: Chansons du prolétariat révolutionnaire [LP, ed. Jacques Le Glou, Paris 1974: detourned songs by Guy Debord, Raoul Vaneigem, Alice Becker-Ho, etc.]

Audio Cassettes

Lettrist Poetry (from Isidore Isou’s film Traité du bave et de l’eternité)

Jean-Pierre Voyer: Introduction à la science de la publicité

Claude Meunier, Une société peut en cacher une autre! [songs in French, mostly by Meunier, one or two written by Voyer]

Radio program about the situationists on France Culture (May 1996) [4 cassettes]

End of Prehistory [program created by Bay Area situs and broadcast on Pacifica Radio KPFA [2 cassettes]

Jim Burrill, The Driver Who Stole Cargo [situish songs]

Len Bracken, Twilight of Humanity [songs from Bracken’s novel Secret City, Virginia, 1994]

Royal National Institute of the Blind [London]: Woman reading the complete SI Anthology [18 cassettes]

Janice Leber, That Was the War That Was [satirical songs re 1992 Gulf War]. Chopped Liver Productions, 1992

Films on VCR:

Isaac Cronin & Terrel Seltzer, Call It Sleep

Guy Debord: La société du spectacle + Réfutation de tous les jugements... [English subtitles by Keith Sanborn]

Guy Debord: Guy Debord, son art et son temps

René Viénet, Can Dialectics Break Bricks? [English subtitles by Keith Sanborn]

René Viénet, Les filles de Kamare

Gil J Wolman: L’anti-concept


Guy Debord: Oeuvres cinématographiques completes [complete films in 3-DVD boxed set, with lavishly illustrated 128-page booklet]. Gaumont Video, Paris, 2005

Guy Debord: The Society of the Spectacle [dubbed in English from KK’s translation; ed. Konrad Steiner; voice Dore Bowen]. 2008

Guy Debord: In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni [dubbed in English from KK’s translation; ed. Konrad Steiner; voice Dore Bowen]. 2011

René Viénet: Can Dialectics Break Bricks? [English subtitles by Keith Sanborn]

Alain Montesse, several situish films in French [5 DVDs] 






Ken Knabb (KK) discovered the SI in December 1969, and was in or involved with four San Francisco Bay Area situ groups from 1970 to 1977. Since 1973 he has worked mostly on his own and has published most of his writings and translations under the label “Bureau of Public Secrets.” This section of the Ken Knabb Papers is organized as follows:

Bureau Prehistory (three early groups, 1970-1972)
“Notice” group (1973-1977)
Bureau of Public Secrets (KK, 1973-present):
          Publications (including others’ reprints or translations of KK’s writings)
          Correspondence (USA)
          Correspondence (international)
          Unpublished writings
          Other media and printing artefacts




The Council for the Eruption of the Marvelous (CEM) (January-July 1970) had seven members: Isaac Cronin, Bill Davis, Stanley Ginsburg, Dan Hammer, Kat Harrison, Paul Mann, and Wendy Mann. (KK was not a member, but significantly interacted with the group.)

1044 (July-November 1970) had two members: Ron Rothbart and KK.

Contradiction (December 1970-September 1972) had six members: John Adams, Isaac Cronin, Dan Hammer, Michael Lucas, Ron Rothbart, and KK.

In summer 1973 KK collected all the publications of these three groups for deposit in several libraries (in Berkeley, New York, London, and Amsterdam), including the descriptive catalog reproduced below. Over the next three decades KK circulated approximately 250 photocopy dossiers of the entire collection (Bureau Prehistory, 90pp). KK is no longer reprinting and distributing that dossier since all of these publications are now online at this website.



“In Honor of the Arrival of the Weathermen” [critique of sacrificial militantism, with picture of corpse of Che Guevara] [January 1970]

“Billy Graham presents...” [pictures of the “Chicago 8” (then on trial) dubbed into a painting of Jesus dragging the cross] [January 1970]

“Fragmentary opposition is like the teeth on a cogwheel...” [signed “Council for Unlimited Transformation” (the CEM name was adopted shortly later)] [February 1970]

“The dance of revolution...” [February 1970]

“Is This Our Fate?” [300 copies distributed door to door in a housing tract in Milpitas, California, by CEM members dressed like Bible salesmen] [February 1970]

“The End of CPE” [falsely signed as by two functionaries of the Committee for Participatory Education at the University of California at Berkeley; distributed at CPE registration] [March 1970]

“You are wandering...” [distributed at University of California at Los Angeles during a period of widespread but passive protest against the US invasion of Cambodia] [April 1970]

[During this same period (March-April 1970) the CEM circulated anonymously several other leaflets at other campuses in California which are not longer extant, including: “Chancellor’s Memo” (UC Santa Cruz); “Ecology leaflet” (excerpts from William Burroughs’s Naked Lunch littered all over the UC Santa Cruz campus); “The Leap of Faith” (proposal for professors to kill themselves, distributed at UC Santa Barbara); and “George Winne Memorial” (George Winne was a student who had burned himself to death at UC San Diego; this leaflet suggested that other students might appropriately emulate this gesture of protest).]

“Godard in Berkeley” [article in Berkeley Barb (May 1, 1970) giving an account of the CEM’s disruption of a Jean-Luc Godard appearance in Berkeley, which disruption included a bilingual leaflet (no longer extant) and rotten tomatoes thrown at the visiting star]

On the Poverty of Student Life. Reprinting of the situationist pamphlet, with added Introduction and coda plus various unacknowledged alterations of the original text. In particular, large portions of Chapter 2 of the original pamphlet were replaced by the CEM’s own critique of the American New Left and counterculture. 3000 copies, May 1970

On Wielding the Subversive Scalpel [pamphlet mostly by Paul Mann, re detournement and other subversive tactics] May 1970

It Ain’t Me Babe [fall 1970 issue of a women’s liberation paper; includes a slightly abridged reprint of the above Scalpel pamphlet]

“Address to Women’s Liberation” [originally distributed at a California women’s conference in Santa Cruz (May 1970). Reprinted by 1044.]

“Gloria and Monica” (June 1970) [porn photos of two nude women making love, with comic balloons added in which they comment on the boredoms and frustrations of everyday life, etc. Originally intended to be distributed on the freeway during rush hour near the Lockhead Aircraft Factory in Sunnyvale, California, but this was not carried out since the CEM broke up around this time.]

Void Trading Cards. Set of 18 3″ × 4″ cards. As with baseball cards, a picture is on the front and the data on the “player” or “great moment” is on the back. Conceived and carried out by Dan Hammer, June 1970. Several hundred intentionally incomplete sets were distributed simultaneously on the streets in “hip” and “straight” areas of Berkeley by members of the CEM and 1044. A worker put it well, as he and a friend pondered the Void Cards: “You know, most things you see you can kind of get a handle on. But this . . .”

NOTE: The KK Papers includes only one of the original cards (“At the Supermarket”), but it includes photocopies of the “data” sides of all the cards (except the two “team cards”), including the following separate card that listed all of the cards:

1044 (July-November 1970)

“Do we need Snyder for poet-priest?” (KK leaflet distributed at a Gary Snyder poetry reading at UC Berkeley campus, May 5, 1970) [This was slightly before the formation of 1044, but it was an important breakthrough for me, so I included it in the 1044 section of the Bureau Prehistory documents, and much later in Public Secrets.]

“I can’t . . . I won’t take any more of this crap! The whole of life must be utterly transformed!” [tiny pamphlet with illustrations from Alice in Wonderland, etc., announcing the existence of 1044] [August 1970]

“Hello, men!” [on stickum paper; critique of sexually manipulative advertising] [KK, September 1970]

Riot and Representation: The Significance of the Chicano Riot. October 1970. Pamphlet signed “by Herbert Marcuse” (actually by Ron Rothbart). 700 copies, some distributed in Los Angeles and San Diego.

“Pamphlet Fake, Marcuse Says.” Article from UC San Diego student paper including Marcuse’s disavowal of the pamphlet, with an amusing attempt by a one-dimensional journalist to figure out what it was all about.

Three fake letters to editors designed to publicize the above “Marcuse” pamphlet + 1044’s reprinting of the SI’s pamphlet on the Watts riot. One was sent to the Berkeley Tribe (an underground paper); one was sent to the Daily Californian (UC Berkeley student paper); and one was sent to the regular daily Berkeley newspaper. (The latter two were actually printed.)

“Ode on the Absence of Real Poetry Here This Afternoon” [“poem” by KK, read by him at an open poetry reading at UC Berkeley campus, October 27, 1970]

“Desolation Row.” Brochure. November 1970 reprinting of a translation (originally appearing in the British journal King Mob Echo) of the chapter on nihilism from Vaneigem’s Traité de savoir-vivre. 500 copies.

“A Critique of On Wielding the Subversive Scalpel by One of Its Authors.” November 1970. By Isaac Cronin. Accompanied by “What Subversion Really Is” by KK (alias “Frederick Engels”). 200 copies.

CONTRADICTION (December 1970-September 1972):

“Bureaucratic Comix.” January 1971. 18″ × 24″ poster by KK. Signed “For the Power of the Councils” (the name “Contradiction” was not adopted till July 1971). 500 copies

“Bureaucratic Comix” (reprinting of above by Create Situations, New York, April 1971, 1000 copies [NOTE: The “Contradiction” folder includes only this latter C.S. reprinting. The above-mentioned original poster, which is rarer, is stored with other oversized posters (see below).]

Raoul Vaneigem, Treatise on Living for the Young Generations vol. 1 [reprinted from a British edition]. January 1971, 2500 copies

“Territorial Management.” March 1971. Brochure, reedition of Robert Chasse’s trans. (originally appearing in the American journal Situationist International #1) of Chapter 7 of Debord’s The Society of the Spectacle. Handed out, along with a no long extant Contradiction comic [by Isaac Cronin], at a Berkeley appearance of “arcologist” Palo Soleri.

“Open Letter to John Zerzan, Anti-Bureaucrat of the S.F. Social Services Employees Union.” April 1971. 150 copies. Distributed at an SSEU meeting.

“Minimum Definition of Revolutionary Organizations.” May 1971. Reprint of  a trans. of the SI’s “Définition minimum des organisations révolutionnaire” along with a statement of accord with the SI’s basic perspectives. 500 copies.

Wildcat Comics. June 1971. Comic brochure. Originally stamped “For the Situationist Project.” Distributed to all San Francisco cable car drivers as well as to many bus drivers and other workers. 1500 copies.

“Still Out of Order.” With the group Point-Blank (who had just previously issued a leaflet titled “Out of Order”). 1000 copies distributed to striking telephone workers.

“Open Letter to Good Times.” With Point-Blank. Printed in August 5, 1971 issue of the San Francisco Good Times [an underground paper].

“Methods for the Communalization of Confusion” [a.k.a. “Anti-Anti-Mass”]. August 1971 brochure by KK critiquing the Anti-Mass pamphlet Methods of Organization for Collectives (see below). 700 copies, some distributed in New York and Chicago.

Anti-Mass, Methods of Organization for Collectives (popular 1971 pamphlet).

SI, On the Poverty of Student Life (May 1972 reprint, 2000 copies)

(notes, drafts, correspondence, etc.)

Misc. CEM items not included in the Bureau Prehistory collection:

The University of California as Nine Unnatural Acts [~40pp pamphlet by Isaac Cronin et al., UC Santa Cruz, 1969]

“Minimum Definition Comix”

“At the Supermarket” [one of the original “Great Moments in the Void” trading cards; I never had any of the others]

3 letters from the CEM to KK and Ron Rothbart

2 uncirculated leaflets

Misc. early texts by KK and Ron Rothbart not included in the Bureau Prehistory collection

KK, “Brother and Sister Anarchists...” (2 mimeo leaflets recommending Gary Snyder and Kenneth Rexroth, January 1970)

KK, “This is not all. Fill in the gaps yourself...” (leaflet of more or less anarchist and situationist slogans, followed by a list of recommended books, February 1970)

KK, “What if they gave a riot and no one came?” (comic leaflet, ca. February-March 1970)

KK, “We will have good masters when everyone is his own” (leaflet on theme of not giving up one’s own power/autonomy; distributed ca. March-April 1970 at a showing of the film Viva Zapata!)

KK, “What we do about certain fundamental problems...” (letter to the CEM, ca. June 1970)

Ron Rothbart, “Council for the Erection of the Stupendous presents The Revolution” (satirical leaflet, February 1970)

Ron Rothbart, “Critique of the disruption of a highschool model U.N. meeting” (handwritten mimeo, ca. February-March 1970)

Ron Rothbart, review of Martin Buber’s Paths in Utopia (ca. March-April 1970)

Ron Rothbart, “They serve you bottled rage...” (leaflet, ca. March-April 1970)

Ron Rothbart, “Commodities are the opium of the people” (stickum tabs, ca. March-April 1970)

Ron Rothbart, “Our Love Affair with Anarchism” (18 pp. handwritten account of KK and Rothbart’s 1969 experiences; ca. April-May 1970)

KK & Ron Rothbart, July 22, 1970: One Day That Shook the Old World (11 pp. detailed account of a one-day experiment in varied activities, composed during the following few days; printed in 10 copies and circulated among a few friends)

+ a few misc. unpublished experiments with detourned comics

Misc. Contradiction items not included in the Bureau Prehistory collection

2 photos of people reading “Bureaucratic Comix”

publicity for the Vaneigem Treatise reprint

“Ten Days That Shook the University” (marked-up copy preliminary to Contradiction reprinting of On the Poverty of Student Life)

“The Situation in Question” (KK, Roger Grégoire & Linda Lanphear) + “Some Considerations on Participation in Workers’ Struggles” (KK). Paris, 1971

Notes and drafts for Contradiction’s unrealized “journal” [4 folders]

Critique of the New Left movement [2 folders]

Critique of the hippie counterculture [1 folder]

Miscellaneous articles [1 folder]

~300pp total

Contradiction: internal correspondence


Contradiction: misc. external correspondence


Contradiction: Correspondence with American SI and Create Situations
(New York)


Contradiction: Correspondence with Robert Chasse and Bruce Elwell
(ex-members of American SI, New York)


Contradiction: Correspondence with Point-Blank
(Bay Area)


Contradiction: Correspondence with Roger Grégoire, Linda Lanphear, and Gérard Lambert

~50pp (1971-1972). Includes copies of many letters between them and other French or British contacts. For KK’s later correspondence with them, see “Correspondence (international)” in the “Bureau of Public Secrets” section, below.




“NOTICE” GROUP (1973-1977)


The “Notice group” was a loose grouping of seven people in the Bay Area — Tita Carrión, Robert Cooperstein, Isaac Cronin, Dan Hammer, Ken Knabb, Gina Rosenberg, and Chris Shutes. The name referred to a poster that they jointly issued in November 1974, which stated that they shared many radical perspectives and collaborated on some projects, but that they were generally acting as autonomous individuals rather than as a formal group. The grouping had a tumultous breakup in spring 1977. The listings below include subsequent writings by the Noticers, along with their correspondence with KK. (KK’s own publications during this period are listed in the “Bureau of Public Secrets” section, below.)

(except KK)

Robert Cooperstein, Some Notes on the Reproduction of Human Capital [1974; pamphlet re children, with comic inserts detourned from “Mafalda” comics]

Robert Cooperstein, Algunas notas sobre la reproducción de capital humano [Spanish trans. of above by Fernando Linares, Barcelona, ca. 1975]

Robert Cooperstein, The Crisis of the Gross National Spectacle [1976]

Isaac Cronin, Report #1 [1974; only issue of this journal]

Isaac Cronin, Jealousy [September 1977]

Isaac Cronin & Chris Shutes, Skirmishes with an Untimely Man: A Critique of Diversion [1974; critique of Jon Horelick’s journal Diversion (Horelick was an ex-SI member)]

Isaac Cronin & Chris Shutes, Implications #1 [1975; only issue of this journal]

Isaac Cronin & Terrel Seltzer, Call It Sleep [script of 1982 video]

Chris Shutes & Gina Rosenberg, Disinterest Compounded Daily: A Critique of Point-Blank as a Revolutionary Organization [1974]

— 1974 reprint of the above pamphlets, with added remarks

Chris Shutes, Behindism [December 1974] [pamphlet developing the notion of “behindism” from KK’s pamphlet Double-Reflection]

Chris Shutes, Two Local Chapters in the Spectacle of Decomposition [re Jonestown & the Harvey Milk assassination] [1979]

Chris Shutes, On the Poverty of Berkeley Life [1983]

Selby Semela, Sam Thompson & Norman Abraham [= Chris Shutes et al.], Reflections on the Black Consciousness Movement and the South African Revolution [1979]

Jean-Pierre Voyer, Reich, modo de empleo [Spanish trans. by Tita Carrión, 1974]

Raoul Vaneigem, Banalidades de base [Spanish trans. by Tita Carrión, 1975]


Dan Hammer

~55 pp of letters plus:

(w/Isaac Cronin & Jeanne Smith), “We’re Tired of Playing with Ourselves” [17″ × 22″ poster, June 1973]

(w/Isaac Cronin), “A Critique of ‘We’re Tired of Playing With Ourselves’ ” [leaflet, December 1973]

Notes for That Which Supersedes Incites to Supersession: A Critical Report on “We’re Tired of Playing With Ourselves” [2 drafts for the above “Critical Report”]

(w/Isaac Cronin), “Cleveland Indian War” [leaflet re baseball riot, June 1974]

— French trans. of the above leaflet by Michel Ab, in Point of No Return #4 [Limoges, summer 1975]

(w/Isaac Cronin & Betsy Carr), “An Open Letter to Paul Avery” [response to a San Francisco Chronicle article re James Carr] (June 1974)

untitled newsletter, 6pp. [includes notes on the economy and an article “Future Shuck” re Robert Theobald and other cyberneticians] (March 1974)

“San Jose with an Accent” [article in New West, March 24, 1980]

Isaac Cronin

~30pp of letters, plus:

“Intervention at KPOO” [written version of a tape played on radio KPOO, February 1, 1974]

“Class Struggle in Italy, 1977”

“Cleveland Indian War”

— French trans. of above leaflet

Report #1

The American Situationists 1972-77 [pamphlet, account of the Notice group breakup]

“San Francisco Chronicle” [poster]

+ some posters and reviews re Call It Sleep

+ misc. unpublished notes on various topics (sex, music, South Africa, etc.)

Gina Rosenberg & Chris Shutes

~30pp of letters when the two were a couple and largely working together

+ a few texts re their pamphlet Disinterest Compounded Daily and re Gina’s trans. of Nadine Bloch’s pamphlet All Things Considered

Chris Shutes

~15pp of letters + a few short texts and notes

Tita Carrión

~20 letters + a few misc. notes

Robert Cooperstein

~30pp of letters, plus:

“Anti-Syllabus: Introductory Economics” [1974]

“Theses on the Union of Radical Political Economists: The Poverty of Political Economy” [1974]

Jeanne Smith

~30pp. of letters. [Note: Jeanne was not strictly speaking in the “Notice” group, but she was personally very much a part of that scene.]



Collective publications

Notice Concerning the Reigning Society and Those Who Contest It [9″ × 25″ poster signed by Carrión, Cooperstein, Cronin, Hammer, Knabb, Rosenberg, Shutes; November 1974]

Modern Revolutionary Theory [17″ × 24″ poster publicizing pamphlets by the Notice signers and by the CRQS; November 1974]

Notice group internal correspondence


Notice group breakup

~100pp of documents and letters related to the 1977 breakup of the Notice group

Notice group breakup: KK notes toward a public account

~40pp. [I ultimately abandoned the idea of such an account, except for the brief summing-up much later in my autobiography (“Confessions of a Mild-Mannered Enemy of the State,” 1997).]

Notice group breakup: KK personal notes on the above







NOTE: The Beinecke’s “Ken Knabb Papers” collection includes all of my writings and translations from 1970 to the present, as well as virtually all known reproductions and translations of my writings. My writings from 1970-1972 are included in the “Bureau Prehistory” section, above. (A few of those early writings are also listed below because they were reprinted in the book Public Secrets.) Since 1973 I have operated independently and have published most of my writings under the label “Bureau of Public Secrets.” Instead of listing those publications by the particular boxes and folders they are stored in at the Beinecke, I have reproduced the following “Notes on BPS Publications” from my website, because it provides more detailed bibliographical information on the texts and is arranged in a more consistently chronological order. The texts listed below in boldface are all included in the Beinecke collection, except for some of the later ones that were published online only. (The latter can be directly viewed at this website.) Most of the listed reprints and translations of my writings are also included in the Beinecke collection, except that in a very few cases I listed a particular reprinting or translation that I knew about but did not have a copy of; and some of the translations were never printed but appeared only on the Web. (Most of those latter translations can also be found at this website.)




(Ken Knabb publications 1973-present, including others’ reprints and translations of them)


Publications included in the book Public Secrets (1997)


Do We Need Snyder for Poet-Priest?

4 May 1970. 100 copies. Leaflet distributed at a Gary Snyder poetry reading in Berkeley. Translated into French by KK et al.


“In this theater . . .”

August 1970. Originally issued as a tiny pamphlet (including the two illustrations from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland that were later featured on the cover of Public Secrets). A few dozen copies were circulated as a sort of announcement of the formation of the “1044” group by KK and Ron Rothbart. Translated into French by KK et al. Translated into Italian by Omar Wisyam (2008). Translated into Spanish by Judit del Río (2012).

Ode on the Absence of Real Poetry Here This Afternoon

Read by KK at an open poetry reading in Berkeley, 27 October 1970. 150 copies. Translated into French by KK et al. Translated into Italian by Omar Wisyam (2008). Translated into Spanish by Judit del Río (2012).

Bureaucratic Comix

January 1971. 500 copies. 18″ × 22″ poster by KK. Signed “For the Power of the Councils” (the name Contradiction was not decided on till a few months later). Reprinted (1000 copies) by Create Situations (New York). Also reprinted in Neon Lights #1 (Manchester, England). Partially reprinted in New Morning (Berkeley, February 1973), Sub 71 #6 (England, 1971), and King Mob #5 (Australia). Translated into French by KK et al.

Critique of the New Left Movement (Contradiction)

April 1972. Excerpts from unpublished drafts by Contradiction (John Adams, Isaac Cronin, Dan Hammer, Ken Knabb, Michael Lucas, and Ron Rothbart), representing about half of the selection that we put together for limited circulation when the project was abandoned. For the complete original selection, see Bureau Prehistory. Translated into French by KK and Didier Mainguy. “Women’s Liberation” section translated into Spanish by Ricardo Fuego.

On the Poverty of Hip Life (Contradiction)

April 1972. Excerpts from unpublished Contradiction draft put together for limited circulation when the project was abandoned (see above). Translated into Spanish by Luis Navarro and included in Secretos a voces (Madrid, 2001). Translated into French by KK and Didier Mainguy.

Remarks on Contradiction and Its Failure

March 1973. Pamphlet. 750 copies. Reprinted (1000 copies) December 1974. Translated into French by Daniel Denevert (CRQS, 1974) and reprinted by Le Temps Déborde (Toulouse).

“Reich: How to Use”
(comic poster)

June 1993. 2000 copies. 11″ × 17″ poster. Publicity for Jean-Pierre Voyer’s pamphlet (see below). Reprinted in Twilight in Turkey #7 (Chicago, 1988), in Simon Ford’s The Situationist International: A User’s Guide (2005), and in Active Distribution’s Voyer reprinting (see next entry). Translated into French by KK et al.

Reich: How to Use
(Jean-Pierre Voyer)

July 1993. Ten-page foldout brochure. 6000 copies. Translation of Jean-Pierre Voyer’s Reich, mode d’emploi (Champ Libre, 1971). Reprinted in Sexzine (London), in Anarchy #42 (New York, 1995), in Twilight in Turkey #7 (Chicago, 1998), and by Active Distribution (England, 2008). Reproduced in eBook format by Primalpub.com (2001). Reproduced in eBook format (along with the comic and “Discretion Is the Better Part of Value”) by Hobgoblin Press (Australia, 2003).

Discretion Is the Better Part of Value (Jean-Pierre Voyer)

July 1973. Leaflet. 200 copies. Translation of excerpts from a Voyer letter elaborating on some points in his Reich pamphlet. Reprinted in Twilight in Turkey #7 (Chicago, 1998).


May 1974. Pamphlet. 2400 copies. Reprinted by Spontaneous Combustion (London, 1974). Translated into French by Joël Cornuault (CRQS, 1974) and reprinted by Le Temps Déborde (Toulouse). Translated into German by the Agentur für die Selbstaufhebung des Proletariats (Berlin, 1984). Translated into Greek by Tákes Athanarópoulos (Elefteros Typos Bookshop, Athens, ca. 1985). Translated into Spanish by Luis Navarro and included in Secretos a voces (Madrid, 2001). Translated into Italian by Omar Wisyam (2003). “Remarques sur le style de Double-Réflexion” (excerpts from a KK letter in French to Joël Cornuault regarding the translation of Double-Reflection) was printed in Chronique des Secrets Publics #1 (1975).

Theory of Misery, Misery of Theory (Daniel Denevert et al.)

September 1974. Pamphlet. 2000 copies. Translation by Robert Cooperstein, Dan Hammer & KK of Daniel Denevert’s Théorie de la misère, misère de la théorie (Paris, November 1973); of Chapter 3 of Daniel Denevert’s  Pour l’intelligence de quelques aspects du moment  (Paris, January 1972); and of the CRQS’s Déclaration à propos du Centre de Recherche sur la Question Sociale, signed by Françoise [Nadine] Bloch, Jeanne Charles [Françoise Denevert], Joël Cornuault, and Daniel Denevert (Paris, April 1974). I later revised the translations of these three texts when I added them to my website in 1999, including changing the title text to “Theory of Poverty, Poverty of Theory.”

Notice Concerning the Reigning Society and Those Who Contest It

November 1974. 2000 copies. 9″ × 25″ poster signed by Tita Carrión, Robert Cooperstein, Isaac Cronin, Dan Hammer, Ken Knabb, Gina Rosenberg, and Chris Shutes. Distributed with a second poster (“Modern Revolutionary Theory”) listing publications available from the signers and from the CRQS. Reprinted in Cronin and Shutes’s journal Implications (December 1975). Translated into French, Spanish, and Italian by the Agence pour l’auto-suppression du prolétariat (Lille, France, 1975). French translation reprinted by Le Temps Déborde (Toulouse). Revised French translation by KK et al. New Italian translation by Omar Wisyam (2003). New Spanish translation by Esther Quintana (2006).

The Blind Men and the Elephant

January 1975. 2000 copies. 18″ × 23″ poster. Collection of numerous quotes about the SI, along with excerpts from Debord and Sanguinetti’s La véritable scission dans l’Internationale (Theses 1-3, 5-7, 60) and a proposal to translate the situationist books. The proposal was reprinted in Bureau of Public Secrets #1. An expanded collection of the quotes was included as an appendix in the SI Anthology. Reproduced in eBook format by Primalpub.com (2001).

Bureau of Public Secrets #1

January 1976. 2400 copies. Only issue of BPS journal. The articles were translated or reprinted in various forms:

      “The Society of Situationism” was translated into French by Daniel Denevert, Françoise Denevert, and KK (1976, photocopy circulation) and reprinted by Jean-François Labrugère (Grenoble, ca. 1980). Translated into Japanese, but only the first half was published (in Anarchism #19, Tokyo, 1978). Translated into German by the Agentur für die Selbstaufhebung des Proletariats in Subversion #8 (Berlin, 1985). Translated into Greek in De Bello Civili #1 (Thessaloniki, 1991). Translated into Spanish by Luis Navarro and included in Secretos a voces (Madrid, 2001). Translated into Italian by Omar Wisyam (2003). Translated into Turkish by Melis Oflas (Istanbul, 2008).

       “Notes Toward a Situationist Manifesto,” translated from Daniel and Françoise Denevert’s “Notes pour une manifeste situationniste” (Paris, 1975), was reprinted (along with “The Society of Situationism”) in England by Spontaneous Combustion (ca. 1977).

      “Arms and the Woman,” translated from Françoise Denevert’s “La critique ad mulierem” (Paris, 1975), was first issued as a separate brochure in June 1975 (2000 copies). It was reprinted by Lust for Life (Oregon, 1975), in Anarchist Review #3 (England, 1977), by the London School of Economics Anarchist Group (ca. 1978), in Red Menace #5 (Toronto, 1980), in Not Bored #7 (Michigan, 1984), and in Communicating Vessels #2 (Maine, 2002), and was the basis for translations into Japanese (Tommy Haruki, Fujinomiya, 1978) and Swedish (Praxis #1, Stockholm, 1980). The text was also translated directly from the original French into German, Dutch, and Spanish.

      The excerpt translated from Jean-Louis Moinet’s book Fin de la Science (Paris, 1974) was reprinted in Extraphile #4 (Virginia, 1994).

      The review of Gray’s Leaving the 20th Century in “A Short Guide to the Anglo-American Situationist Image” was reprinted in England by Spontaneous Combustion.

      The “Special Investigator” business card reproduced in “Trouble Is My Business” was originally created summer 1973 (1000 copies). Reprinted in Revolte #26 (Hamburg, 1980) and several other places.

       “A Short Guide to the Anglo-American Situationist Image” and “Trouble Is My Business” were both translated into French by KK et al.

      “Affective Détournement: A Case Study” was translated into French by Daniel Denevert and KK (1976, photocopy circulation); revised by KK and Hélène Fleury (2006).

The Realization and Suppression of Religion

March 1977. Pamphlet. 2500 copies. Reprinted in Anarchy #15 (Missouri, 1988), in Twilight in Turkey #5 (Chicago, 1997), by Le Temps Déborde (Toulouse, France), and partially in Destroyer 267 (Macquarie University Anarchist and Kommunist Alliance, Australia, 1991). Translated into French by Grégoire Palamas (Nantes, 1978), by Christian Camus (Paris, 1978; photocopy circulation), and by Joël Guigné and Jimmy Lallement in Essais #34 (Angers/Angoulême, 1979). One or two other versions circulated in photocopies, and excerpts were reprinted in Jean-Pierre Voyer and Pierre Brée’s Revue de Préhistoire Contemporaine (Paris, 1982). In 1984 I prepared a corrected French version (photocopy circulation), and this version was polished and published by Jean-François Labrugère (Grenoble, 1986) and reprinted by Zanzara Athée (Paris, 1998). Translated into Spanish by Luis Navarro (Madrid, 1998) and later included in Secretos a voces (Madrid, 2001). Translated into Italian by Omar Wisyam (2003). Translated into Portuguese by the Coletivo Protopia (2011). Translated into Greek (Eleftheros Typos, date unknown). I also reprinted the Appendix on Kenneth Rexroth as a separate leaflet and distributed it at one of Rexroth’s last public appearances (San Francisco International Poetry Festival, June 1980).

Open Letter to the Tokyo “Libertaire” Group

November 1977. English and Japanese versions (translated by Tommy Haruki) were mailed to a couple dozen Japanese anarchist groups. The English version was reprinted in that month’s issue of Libertaire followed by two rather lame responses, one in English and one in Japanese. I circulated 100 copies of the English exchange (1978). Translated into Russian by Eldar Sattarov (2003). Translated into Italian by Omar Wisyam (2003). Translated into French by KK et al.

A Radical Group in Hong Kong

October 1978. Leaflet. 1000 copies. A critical appreciation of the anarchist group “the 70s” and their publications about struggles in China. The last half was reproduced in the introduction to a Canadian reprinting of the 70s’ China: The Revolution Is Dead, Long Live the Revolution (Black Rose Books, Montreal, 1979). Translated into French by KK et al.

The Opening in Iran

March 1979. 11″ × 17″ poster with detourned map of Iran. 3000 copies, of which several hundred were distributed to radical Iranian students in the United States. Translated into Greek by Thanásis Papadjímas (Thessaloniki, 1979). Translated into French by Christian Camus (Paris, 1979), by Éditions du Ténia Armé (Paris, 1979; reprinted by Le Temps Déborde, Toulouse), by La Bande des Dialecticiens (Brussels, 1980), and by Jean-François Labrugère, Jean Martaguet, and KK (Grenoble, 1980). Translated into Spanish by Luis Navarro and included in Secretos a voces (Madrid, 2001). Translated into Russian by Eldar Sattarov (2003). Translated into Italian by Omar Wisyam (2003). Translated into Farsi by Melancholic Troglodytes (2003). Translated into Portuguese by Railton Sousa Guedes (Brazil, 2005).


April 1979. Printed on back of a price list of BPS publications. A few hundred copies were circulated with the Iran poster. Reprinted in The Thought (Arizona, May 1999). Translated into Russian by Eldar Sattarov (2003). Translated into Italian by Omar Wisyam (2003). Translated into French by Christian Camus (1979), revised by KK et al. Translated into Spanish by Ricardo Fuego (2010).

The Relevance of Rexroth

Fall 1990. 88-page book. Reproduced in eBook format by Primalpub.com (2001). Excerpts reprinted in Linha Imaginot #23 (Montauban, France, 1995). Provisional translation into French (1993; 100 copies) by KK and Jean-François Labrugère. That translation was later revised and then published by Atelier de Création Libertaire (Lyon, 1997). Translated into Spanish by Esther Quintana (2002) and published as an introduction to a collection of Rexroth’s essays: Desconexión y otros ensayos (Pepitas de calabaza, Spain, 2009). Translated into Portuguese by Railton Sousa Guedes (Projeto Periferia, Brazil website, 2003). The English version of Chapter 1 was reprinted in Jonathan Vereecke (ed.), Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism, Vol. 364 (Gale, 2018).

NOTE: I have also engaged in many other Rexroth-related projects, notably including creating the Kenneth Rexroth Archive at this website. It would be too tedious to list all the Rexroth texts I have transcribed or edited for that Archive, but the following projects include some brief writings of my own: Preface to Rexroth’s Camping in the Western Mountains; Editorial Note to my selections from Rexroth’s Autobiography; and Introduction to San Francisco in the Sixties (Rexroth’s complete San Francisco journalism, 1960-1975). (A slightly different version of that latter introduction appeared in a special Rexroth issue of Chicago Review [Fall 2006] along with three of Rexroth’s columns.) I have also collaborated with Joël Cornuault on the translation of several volumes of Rexroth into French: Les Classiques revisités (essays), Le San Francisco de Kenneth Rexroth (columns), L’automne en Californie (poems), Les constellations d’hiver (poems), and Les Poèmes d’amour de Marichiko.

The War and the Spectacle

April 1991. 4-page brochure. 16,000 copies. Reprinted during the following months in Anarchy #29 (Missouri), Fifth Estate (Detroit), God Speaks Through Me #4 (Butt Cheese Productions, Illinois), Retrofuturism #15 (Iowa), the Aggressive School of Cultural Workers (Iowa), Loompanics Unlimited Catalog and Loompanics’ Golden Records anthology (Washington), Version 90 #3 (Massachusetts), Linha Imaginòt #6 (Toulouse, France), Temple Post (Belgium), and News from Nowhere #1 (San Francisco); and later in Black Star North #3 (Maine, 2001) and by Mutual Aid Portland (Maine, 2003). Partially reprinted in Open Eye #1 (London), in The Thistle (Massachusetts), and in the City Lights anthology War After War (San Francisco, 1992). Translated into Polish in Rewolta #7 (Warsaw). Translated into Greek (two versions, one in Athens, another by the Bello Civili group in Thessaloniki). Translated into Japanese (Tommy Haruki). Translated into French by Jean-François Labrugère, Jean-Pierre Piotaix, and KK (Grenoble, 1991); reprinted by Zanzara Athée (Grenoble, 2002); partially reprinted in Irak: les révoltes inconnues (Montreal, 1992). Translated into Spanish in Ajoblanco (Barcelona, July-August 1991); and by Esther Quintana (Madrid, 1999); the latter translation was later included in Secretos a voces (Madrid, 2001). Translated into Russian by Eldar Sattarov (2003). Translated into Italian by Omar Wisyam (2003). Translated into Czech (A-Kontra, 2004).

On Viénet’s Film Can Dialectics Break Bricks?

March 1992. 300 copies. Leaflet publicizing a Berkeley showing of René Viénet’s 1973 film. Reprinted in Anarchy #35 (Missouri) and Extraphile #4 (Virginia). Translated into Italian by Omar Wisyam (2003).

Los Angeles 1965/1992

May 1992. Leaflet. 2000 copies circulated following the 1992 Los Angeles riot. The leaflet consists of excerpts from the SI’s article on the 1965 Watts riot. Translated into Japanese by Tommy Haruki.

Watts 1965: The Decline and Fall of the Spectacle-Commodity Economy (SI)

July 1992. 4-page brochure. 10,000 copies. New translation of the complete SI article “Le déclin et la chute de l’économie spectaculaire-marchande” (Paris, 1965). Reprinted in Anarchy #34 (Missouri) and Extraphile #3 (Virginia). The earlier SI Anthology version of the article was reprinted in Media Blitz #2 (New York) and partially by Notes from Nowhere (Massachusetts). This revised translation was later included in the revised and expanded edition of the SI Anthology (2006).

Strong Lessons for Engaged Buddhists

October 1993. Leaflet. 13,000 copies. Distributed at Thich Nhat Hanh appearances in Berkeley and San Francisco and mailed to Buddhist Peace Fellowship chapters, etc. Reprinted and distributed at Bay Area appearances of the Dalai Lama, Gary Snyder, and Robert Aitken (Zen teacher and BPF cofounder) and at several later appearances of Nhat Hanh. Reprinted in No #10 (Liverpool), in Extraphile #2 (Virginia), and in Turning Wheel: Journal of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship (Berkeley, Summer 1994). Reprinted (along with additional material) in a leaflet by Norman Blair (UK, 2001). Partially reprinted in Social Policy (California, Fall 2002). Translated into Spanish by Luis Navarro and included in Secretos a voces (Madrid, 2001). Translated into French by KK and Jérôme Waag (2003); revised by Eric Rommeluère (2006) and reproduced with comments at his Zen Occidental website (Paris). Translated into Italian by Federico Battistutta in La stella del mattino #4 (2003).

On Debord’s Film The Society of the Spectacle

May 1996. 1000 copies. Leaflet originally publicizing a San Francisco showing of Debord’s film; reprinted for various subsequent Bay Area showings. The front of the leaflet discusses the film, the flip side reproduces relevant passages from the SI Anthology. The discussion of the film was later substantially incorporated into KK’s Introduction to Debord’s Complete Cinematic Works (2003).

Situationist Bibliography

Updated version of the bibliography in the third printing of the SI Anthology (July 1995). Continually updated version online at this website.

Selected Opinions on the Bureau of Public Secrets

January 1997. First published in Public Secrets. Updated selection online at this website.

The Joy of Revolution

January 1997. First published in Public Secrets. Reprinted by CrimethInc. (2001). Reproduced in eBook format by Primalpub.com (2001). Published as a book by Theory and Practice (London, 2013). Chapter 4 reprinted in Chain Reaction #7 (Anarchist Black Cross, Austin, Texas, 2001). Chapter 1 partially reprinted in Social Policy (California, Winter 2002/2003). Chapter 3 partially reprinted in Communicating Vessels #8 & #10 (Maine/Wisconsin, 2003). Ecology section of Chapter 4 reprinted in Common Voice #1 (UK, 2004). Terrorism section of Chapter 3 reprinted in Damn the Caesars (New Jersey, 2005). Chapters 1 and 2 reprinted by Towards Generalised Self-Management (UK, 2004). Translated into Spanish by Luis Navarro (Madrid, 1999) and reprinted by Editorial Ultimo Recurso (Argentina, 2005) and by Aldarull Edicions (Barcelona, 2009). Translated into Russian by Eldar Sattarov (2002); Library-SKT (Omsk) published that translation as a book and also put it online; a second edition was published by Editorial URSS (Moscow, 2003). Translated into Portuguese by Railton Sousa Guedes (Periferia website, Brazil, 2002) and published in various e-book formats by eBooksBrasil (June 2003); translation revised by Óscar de Lis and published by Editora Humana (2008; 2nd edition 2010). Translated into French by KK and François Lonchampt (2004) and published by Sabotart Édition (Montreal, 2008). The same translation, but in a different layout, is available in PDF (Infokiosque des Schizoïdes Associés). Translated into Hebrew by Eyal Rozenberg and Yair Hilu (2004). Chapter 2 translated into Polish by Wydawnictwo Utopia (Wroclaw, 1999). An abridged version of the Spanish translation of Chapter 3 was posted by Hernán Elvira (August 2002) as a contribution to understanding and furthering the then-current possibilities in Argentina. “Transforming Work Into Play” (section from Chapter 4) translated into Indonesian by Sophie Martini (2011).

Confessions of a Mild-Mannered Enemy of the State

January 1997. First published in Public Secrets. Translated into French by KK and François Lonchampt (2002). Translated into Italian by Omar Wisyam (2003). Italian version of the section “How I Became a Situationist” included in Tracce: Rivisti multimediale di critica radicale #9 (Fall 2009).

Public Secrets: Collected Skirmishes of Ken Knabb, 1970-1997

January 1997. 408-page book comprising virtually all of KK’s published writings from 1970-1997. A draft French translation of the entire book was made by the author (photocopy circulation, 1997). Those draft translations were subsequently posted at this site, and during the following few years they were revised with the help of various French friends. Most of them were eventually included in Secrets Publics: Escarmouches choisies de Ken Knabb (Éditions Sulliver, October 2007).



Earlier publications not included in Public Secrets


Bureau Prehistory

Summer 1973. 90-page photocopy collection of the complete publications of three Bay Area situ groups: the Council for the Eruption of the Marvelous (1970), 1044 (1970), and Contradiction (1970-1972). Around 250 copies were sold or given away. I am no longer reprinting it since all the texts are now posted at this website.


Situationist International Anthology

December 1981. 406-page book, edited and translated by KK. Reprinted 1989 and 1995. A revised and expanded edition (532 pages) was published December 2006. All the material of this latter edition is online at this site, and there have been far too many reprintings and Web reproductions of many of the articles to try to list here. Preface translated into French by KK and Hélène Fleury (2006).


Terry and the Situationists

December 1981. 4000 copies. Detourned comic publicizing the SI Anthology. Reprinted in Loompanics Catalog (Washington, 1983), by Lancaster Publishing (New Zealand, 1987), in Promotional Copy (New York, 1993), in This Is Not a Commodity (Australia, 2001), in The Wild Oat (Australia, 2002), and in Simon Ford’s The Situationist International: A User’s Guide (England, 2005). Translated into French by KK et al.


Dagwood on Détournement

December 1981. 4000 copies. Detourned comic publicizing the SI Anthology. Reprinted in Loompanics Catalog (Washington, 1983), in The State Adversary (New Zealand, 1987), in Real Life #21 (New York, 1991), in Promotional Copy (New York, 1993), and in Viz. Inter-Arts: A Trans-Genre Anthology (California, 2007). Translated into French by KK et al.



Publications since Public Secrets  


Lulu’s Public Secrets

January 1998. Four-page brochure (7500 copies) and 11″ × 17″ poster (1500 copies; 2000 more copies later reprinted for distribution during the Occupy movement, 2011-2012). Detourned comic publicizing the book Public Secrets. Reprinted in Synthesis/Regeneration: A Magazine of Green Social Thought #16 (St. Louis, 1998). Partially reprinted in Simon Ford’s The Situationist International: A User’s Guide (2005). Translated into French by KK and François Lonchampt.


We Don’t Want Full Employment, We Want Full Lives!

April 1998. Four-page brochure. 2600 copies. Account of 1998 jobless actions in France and of farmers’ sabotage of bioengineered corn, with translations of some of the leaflets. Distributed at a rally in Oakland demanding “Bread, Work and Justice” and at a Mayday festival in San Francisco. Partially reprinted in Red and Black #28 (Australia, 1998). Reprinted as a pamphlet by Red and Black Notes (Ontario, Canada, 2000). English and French versions reprinted by Zanzara Athée (Paris, 1998). Translated into Korean (Seoul, 1999). Translated into Indonesian by Ray, Kolektif Libertania (East Borneo, 2003; revised 2005). Translated into Swedish by Arbetsförnedringen (2006). Introduction translated into Latvian by Pretspars (2007). Introduction translated into French by KK and Luc Mercier (1998).


May 1968 Graffiti

March 1999. Published online. A few hundred paper copies were also circulated. Widely reproduced on the Web (in some case also translated into other languages from the English). Included in the Revised and Expanded Edition of the SI Anthology (2006).


Notes and Reviews

March 1999. Published online. 100-200 paper copies also circulated. Translated into French by KK et al. Includes five brief articles on Josef Weber and Contemporary Issues; Christopher Hill’s The World Upside Down: Radical Ideas in the English Revolution; “Todd Gitlin on the Sixties”; “A Clueless Life of Kenneth Rexroth” (review of Linda Hamalian’s Rexroth bio); and “How Not to Translate Situationist Texts.”


Evading the Transformation of Reality: Engaged Buddhism at an Impasse

July 1999. Published online and as a leaflet (2500 copies). Reprinted (along with additional material) in a leaflet by Norman Blair (UK, 2001). Abridged versions reprinted in Social Policy (California, Fall 2002) and in Turning Wheel: Journal of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship (Berkeley, Spring 2006). Translated into Spanish by Magali Sirera and included in Secretos a voces (Madrid, 2001). Translated into French by KK and Jérôme Waag (2003); translation revised by Eric Rommeluère and reproduced with his comments at his Zen Occidental website (Paris, 2006). Translated into Italian by Federico Battistutta in La stella del mattino #4 (2003).


Talking About Rexroth

31 July 1999. Online transcript of Morgan Gibson and Ken Knabb being interviewed by David Meltzer and James Brook. Included in Meltzer’s San Francisco Beat: Talking with the Poets (City Lights, 2001).


A Look at Some of the Reactions to Public Secrets

April 2000. Published online and printed (400 copies). The printed version includes copies of the reviews discussed. Translated into French by KK et al. The last section (re Jean-Pierre Baudet) translated into Italian by Omar Wisyam (2003).


Loren Goldner’s Website

September 2000. Recommendation of the noted radical author and historian. Published online only.


The Poverty of Primitivism

March 2001. Polemical debate on a section from The Joy of Revolution. Published online and printed (300 copies). Translated into French by KK and Didier Somvongs (2001); online translation revised to accord with the subsequent translation of The Joy of Revolution by KK and François Lonchampt (2006). Translated into Spanish by Ricardo Fuego (2010).


Total Self-Management (Raoul Vaneigem)

May 2001. Translation of the last chapter of Raoul Vaneigem’s De la grève sauvage à l’autogestion généralisée. (The previous two chapters had already been translated by Paul Sharkey.) Online publication. The whole book (combining those two translations) was later included with other Vaneigem texts in Collection of Desires (Paper Street, 2003).


The Society of the Spectacle (Guy Debord)

February 2002. New translation of Guy Debord’s 1967 book La Société du Spectacle. Initially published online. Published in eBook format by Hobgoblin Press (Australia, November 2002). Another eBook edition was published at Lulu.com (2011). Published as a printed book by Rebel Press (London, December 2004; reprinted 2007) and by Soul Bay Press (Eastbourne, UK, 2009, with an added Introduction by Martin Jenkins) and reprinted as a pamphlet by Black Powder Press (Santa Cruz, California, 2010), and by Last Word Press (Olympia, Washington, 2015). Preface translated into French by KK and Hélène Fleury (2007). A revised and annotated edition was published by KK in 2014 (see below).


Complete Cinematic Works (Guy Debord)

June 2003. 270-page book, translated and edited by KK. Debord’s complete film scripts, with illustrations, documents, notes, introduction, etc. Published by AK Press (hardback edition, 2003; paperback, 2004). Film scripts translated into Turkish by Senol Erdogan (2009). Introduction translated into French by KK and Daniel Daligand (2003). Introduction translated into Italian by Omar Wisyam (2003) and reprinted in Pino Bertelli’s book Guy-E. Debord: Il cinema è morto (Italy, 2005). Introduction translated into Portuguese (along with the scripts themselves) by Railton Sousa Guedes (Brazil, 2003). Introduction translated into Spanish by Ricardo Fuego (2010).


George Brassens and the French “Renaissance of Song”

October 2003. Published online only. Reprinted in Anthony Leskov’s Communicating Vessels: An Anthology of Essays (Portland, 2006). Translated into French by KK and Christian Camus.


Ballad of the Ladies of Bygone Times (François Villon)

October 2003. Published online only. Literal and free translations of François Villon’s fifteenth-century poem, with guitar chords for Georges Brassens’s music. The free translation was reprinted in Communicating Vessels #22 (Portland, Fall 2010). 


Gateway to the Vast Realms

October 2004. Published online only. List of hundreds of books that KK recommends, with brief comments on why they are worth reading and excerpts from some of the texts. Introduction translated into French by KK and Jean-Pierre Depétris (2006). 


Reflections on the Uprising in France

May 2006. Published online only. Analysis of the anti-CPE uprising of February-April 2006, with translations of documents and graffiti and extensive links to other online resources. Reprinted in Social Policy (New Orleans, Summer 2006). Translated into French by Gédicus (2006). Translated into Italian (along with some of the documents) by Omar Wisyam (2006). Translated into Japanese by Bakuto Morikawa (Anarchism #8, September 2006). Morikawa and Keisuke Narita also translated the graffiti into Japanese. Translated into Spanish by Guillem Quílez and Blai Dalmau (June 2007). Graffiti translated into Spanish by José A. Miranda (2009). 


Opinions francophones sur le Bureau des Secrets Publics

Fall 2008. Selected French-language remarks and reviews, particularly on the book Secrets Publics. Translated into Italian by Omar Wisyam (2008).


Ten Years on the Web

August 2008. Published online only. Article on the tenth anniversary of this website. Translated into French by KK and Hélène Fleury.


Ken Knabb, the Situationist International, and the American Counterculture (Jean-Pierre Depétris)

December 2008. Translation of Jean-Pierre Depétris’s article Ken Knabb, l’Internationale Situationniste et la contre-culture nord-américaine, which originally appeared in the French journal Gavroche (October 2008). Online publication only. Depétris’s text was also translated into Spanish (Aldarull Ediciones, July 2009).


A Little College Scores a Big Victory

30 April 2010. Article on Shimer College’s thwarting of a hostile rightwing takeover attempt. Online publication only. Reprinted in The Gadfly (Shimer newsletter, Chicago, May 2010), in Tracce: Rivisti multimediale di critica radicale #32 (Italy, 2010), and in Shimer College 09/10: The Unofficial Review (dossier on the crisis published by Shimer students, May 2011). Translated into French by KK and Hélène Fleury (2010).


In the Crossfire: Adventures of a Vietnamese Revolutionary (Ngo Van)

September 2010. 264 pages. Translation of Ngo Van’s Au pays de la Cloche Fêlée (2000) and of excerpts from his Au pays d’Héloïse (2005) by KK, Hélène Fleury, Naomi Sager, and Hilary Horrocks. Edited by KK and Hélène Fleury. Published by AK Press. The editors’ introductions and some of the new appendixes were translated into French by KK and Hélène Fleury. “Reflections on the Vietnam War” and “Note on Stalinism and Trotskyism” translated into Spanish by Ricardo Fuego (2010). “Note on Stalinism and Trotskyism” translated into Portuguese by Railton Sousa Guedes (Brazil, 2011).


A Good Chance to Legalize Marijuana

October 2010. Appeal to support California’s Proposition 19, which would have substantially legalized marijuana. Online publication only. Widely emailed and posted before the election of November 2010. (The proposition failed, but obtained an unprecedented 46% of the votes, which encouraged the eventual legalization in California and many other states in subsequent years.) Translated into Spanish by Ricardo Fuego (2010).


Adventurer Seeks Adventuress: Three Years of Online Dating

February 2011. Online publication only.


Fraternité Avant Tout: Asger Jorn’s Writings on Art and Architecture

June 2011. Large collection of Jorn’s writings, edited by Ruth Baumeister. Published by 010 Publishers (Rotterdam). Mostly translated from Danish and Swedish by Paul Larkin, but including a few articles translated from French by KK. The latter are online at this website.


The Awakening in America

October 15, 2011. Leaflet. 15,000 paper copies. An enthusiastic analysis of the Occupy Wall Street movement, handed out at occupations and demonstrations in the Bay Area, sent to OWS and other occupations all over the country, and very widely circulated, reproduced, and linked on the Web. Reprinted in Slingshot #108 (Berkeley, December 2011). Translated into Spanish (two versions) by Luis Navarro and by Danilo Castelli. Translated into French (two versions) by Gédicus and by Christine Prat. Translated into Italian (two anonymous versions, one of which was included in Tracce: Rivisti multimediale di critica radicale #35). Translated into Portuguese by the Coletivo Protopia.


Yesterday in Oakland

October 26, 2011. Published online only. Brief account of aftermath of October 25 police raid on Occupy Oakland. Reprinted in Tracce: Rivisti multimediale di critica radicale #35 (Italy, 2012). 


Welcome to the Oakland General Strike

October 31, 2011. Published online only. Invitation to the November 2 general strike called by the Occupy Oakland general assembly, with other general comments on the Occupy movement. Reprinted in Tracce: Rivisti multimediale di critica radicale #35 (Italy, 2012). 


The Situationists and the Occupation Movements: 1968/2011

November 7, 2011. Published online only. Article on the situationist connection with the Occupy movement, with comparisons to the May 1968 occupation movement in France; discussed by way of a critique of Gary Kamiya’s article at Salon.com. Translated into French by Alain Koiran and KK. That French translation was reprinted in Tracce: Rivisti multimediale di critica radicale #35 (Italy, 2012). 


Le mouvement des occupations aux États-Unis / The Occupy Movement at Its Peak

November 10, 2011. French-language interview of KK by Serge Quadruppani, on the Occupy movement in the United States. Posted at the Article 11 website. Reprinted in La Révolution Prolétarienne #775 (Paris, December 2011). The English version published online at this website. 


Looking Back on Occupy

October 2012. Interview of KK for the French journal L’Échaudée #2 (Paris, December 2012). Translated into French by Gobelin and KK. English version published online at this website. 


Beyond Voting

2000-2016. Excerpts from The Joy of Revolution on the limitations of electoral politics, followed by some remarks on specific American elections. Internet publication only. Widely emailed and posted during the American elections of 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, and 2016. The 2010 version was translated into Spanish by Ricardo Fuego, and into Portuguese by Coletivo Protopia. The 2012 version was translated into French by Bénédicte, Laurent, and KK, and reprinted in Tracce: Rivisti multimedia di critica radicale #36 (Italy, 2013). An abridgment of the 2012 version was reprinted in Consider (University of Michigan student magazine, October 17, 2012). 


The Society of the Spectacle (revised and annotated edition)

March 2014 (reprinted in 2017). 150-page book. Revised and annotated translation of Guy Debord’s book La Société du Spectacle. To my knowledge, this is the first extensively annotated edition in any language. 


Out in the Open: Remarks on the Trump Election

November 16, 2016. Online publication only. Widely emailed and posted. Translated into Spanish by Victor Ferre in Etcétera: Correspondencia de la Guerra Social #56 (Barcelona, December 2016). Translated into French by KK and Christian Camus (February 2017). Translated into Portuguese by Nils Skare (Brazil, August 2018).


Farces and Fiascos on the Way to the Cataclysm (Daniel Denevert)

March 2019. Translation of “Petites scènes de débâcle en attendant l’implosion” (2011) from Daniel Denevert’s book Dérider le Désert (Éditions La Grange Batelière, 2018). Online publication only. 


Pregnant Pause: Remarks on the Corona Crisis

May 17, 2020. Includes extensive links to other articles, songs, memes, etc. Online publication only. Widely emailed and posted. Translated into Spanish by Luis Navarro (May 2020). Translated into French by KK and Didier Mainguy (June 2020).


The Secret World of French Songs

May 2021. Online publication only. Programs of KK’s 10-session series of Zoom presentations on French songs (January-May 2021), including links to hundreds of songs, and to video recordings of the 10 presentations.


Travel Diaries: Illustrated Accounts of Ken Knabb’s International Trips, 1971-2018

November 2021. Online publication only. Accounts of twelve trips to France, Spain, England, Germany, Poland, Greece, Japan, Hong Kong, and Colombia. With 200+ photos.


Inventory of the Ken Knabb Papers at Yale

July 2022. Online publication only. [= the present webpage]


NOTE: Unless otherwise indicated, all the boldface texts above are by Ken Knabb or are translated by him. Most of the translations into French are included in Secrets Publics: Escarmouches choisies de Ken Knabb (Éditions Sulliver, October 2007). Those French translations, as well as most of those into other languages, can also be found online at this BPS website.





BPS minor leaflets & ephemera

This folder includes various minor and relatively ephemeral BPS leaflets, issued in limited quantities for particular occasions — BPS price lists, order forms, announcements of new publications, etc. In most cases these items are not listed in the above “NOTES ON BPS PUBLICATIONS.”

Price list with “Johnny Hazard” comic (June 1973)

“Introduction to the ‘Prehistory’ Section of the Bureau Collection” (2-page text + announcement of deposit of BPS collection in the Berkeley Public Library and the International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam) [July 1973] [The same collection was later also deposited in two other libraries in New York and London.]

“Centre de Recherche sur la Question Sociale/Bureau of Public Secrets” [1974 leaflet listing publications of the two groups; reproduces the above “Johnny Hazard” comic]

“Attention: Bookstores” (lists publications of the Notice group) (December 1974)

“New Situationist Publications” (announcement of various publications internationally) (1975)

“Bureau of Public Secrets #1” (announcement of the BPS journal, January 1976)

“The Society of Situationism: An Anthology of Post-1968 Revolutionary Theory” (1976 proposal for a collection of texts by the CRQS and the “Notice” group)

“La Société du Situationisme et autres textes” (Paris 1976: a similar proposal addressed to French publishers)

“Note on Kenneth Rexroth” (appendix from The Realization and Suppression of Religion, reprinted as a tiny leaflet)

Five leaflets publicizing the SI Anthology (all December 1981):

“If you do not wish to think critically or to use your imagination in confronting the present society, DO NOT BOTHER to read the Situationist International Anthology”

“Boredom is counterrevolutionary”

“Terry and the Pirates” comic

“Dagwood” comic re détournement

Watts riot (children playing with rifled cash register)

“Situationist International Anthology” [1982 leaflet with two SI comic frames + excerpts from Griel Marcus’s SI Anthology review in Village Voice]

“The Revolution of Everyday Life & Situationist International Anthology” [1983 leaflet publicizing Left Bank’s edition of Vaneigem’s REL and the BPS’s edition of SIA, with quotes of reviews in Village Voice]

1989 Update (to “Situationist Bibliography” in second printing of SI Anthology)

1995 Update (to “Situationist Bibliography” in third printing of SI Anthology)

 “Just out: The Relevance of Rexroth” (announcement of the book, 1990)

“Los Angeles 1965/1992” (excerpts from SI’s 1965 article on the Watts riot, distributed following 1992 Rodney King riot)

“Debord versus Cinema” (info on Debord’s films + relevant excerpts from the SI Anthology) (distributed at 1995 showings of the film The Society of the Spectacle)

“You’ve lived the life―now see the movie!” (leaflet distributed at later showings of Debord’s The Society of the Spectacle)

“Guy Debord’s Films” (2002 leaflet announcing KK’s forthcoming translation of Debord’s Complete Cinematic Works)

“Why doesn’t John Zerzan want you to read Public Secrets?” (small leaflet distributed at Bay Area Anarchist Bookfair, March 2000)

“After much procrastination and many traumatic computer-learning experiences, the Bureau of Public Secrets is finally online!” (August 27, 1998) [Announcement of my new website, with requests for people’s email addresses. This was my last mass snailmailing, sent to hundreds of people on my mailing list before I shifted almost exclusively to email.]

“Le Bureau of Public Secrets a maintenant une présence sur l’Internet!” (September 1998) [a similar announcement sent to 50+ French contacts]

+ a few other routine price lists and other trivial announcements that I won’t bother to list here





The following folders include KK’s correspondence with various groups and individuals. (Each bold entry indicates a separate folder.) In many cases the folders also include leaflets, articles, or notes by the person or group.


Jim Brook [San Francisco]

100+ pages of letters and notes, plus numerous leaflets and articles, including:

“Don’t Hold Your Breath for The End of Prehistory

“Simple Pleasures of the Poor: Notes on Isaac Cronin’s Jealousy

“To the Editors of Red-Eye

Book review of The Sadeian Women and the Ideology of Pornography

Book review of Arenas’s El Central

Draft of “Bombs Away!” group mission statement

“A Short, Short Life to the Rev. Sun Moon”

“Defects of the Spirit”

Letter to Processed World

“The New Cardenal: Court Poet”

Translation of Armand Robin poems

Translation of Alberto Savinio’s “The House of Stupidity”

Translation of Benjamin Peret’s “The Poets’ Dishonor”

Critique of a Stephen Schwartz article about the San Francisco literary scene

Critique of a John Oliver Simon article on Octavio Paz

“Paz Encore”

“Le film est déjà terminé!” [leaflet distributed at a showing of Maurice Lemaître’s lettrist film Le film est déjà commencé at the Pacific Film Archive in Berkeley]

All Quiet on the Eastern Front [pamphlet re the Gulf war by Jim Brook, Iain Boal, Gloria Frym, Jeffrey Carter, T.J. Clark, Anne Wagner, Linda Wiens, Dennis Hayes, Eduardo Gutentag; 3 October 1990]

“Letter to an Unknown Soldier” [anonymous leaflet re Gulf war, January 1991]

The Erotic in San Francisco [poems]

“Shit! Ubu Rules! 1806-1996” [poster]

+ publicity for Brook’s translation of Manchette’s The Prone Gunman


Linda Wiens [San Francisco]

3-4 letters + leaflets & posters (1980s):

“You May Be the Next Victim: Art Attack”

“Certificate of Reformism”

“Heaven Lies About Us in Our Children”

“Chevron Research Company: Memo to All Employees”

“Still Life in the Inner Circle”

“Gee, I’d like to help you seize the castle, but I’m busy with an anti-eviction meeting!”

“You Are the Target Audience”


John Lepper [New York/Virginia]

~35pp of letters + 2-3 leaflets


Jerry Beers [Massachusetts]

~75pp of letters + these texts:

Bulletin to People Interested in What’s Happening at Boston City Hospital [pamphlet, 1975]

On Public Thought Disorder and Its Treatment [pamphlet, 1976; includes a favorable article: “Diverse Comments on the Public Activity of the Bay-Area ‘Notice Comrades’ ”]

“If it’s not subversion it ain’t worth a fuck” [5 theses on Punk] [1982]

“On the Attempted Gentrification of the S.I.” [1989]


Unruh Lee [Bay Area since 1998]

~25pp of letters + some leaflets and pamphlets from the early 1990s, including:

“Revolution of Everyday Life in the U.S.? or Pseudo-fusion and Polarization of Culture and Politics in the 1960s and the Legacy Today”

“GAWE: Official Organ of the Gardener’s Against the Work Ethic Association”

“To the Citizens of Carbondale” [Illinois]

“Free Food and Street Theater Foments Anarchic Festivity in Carbondale” [Illinois]

“This holiday is too good to be true” [Illinois]


Twilight in Turkey [Chicago journal]

~15pp of letters + Twilight in Turkey ##4 & 6 (1997-1998).

      Note that several other Twilight in Turkey issues include extensive quotes or reprints of KK texts, or comments on them, and are thus filed in the “BPS Reprints” or “Comments on BPS” folders.


Lorraine Perlman/Black & Red [Michigan]

~100pp of letters with Lorraine Perlman (1990-2014) + ~15 earlier B&R letters and leaflets.


Misc. Routine Correspondence 1973-1997 [i.e. post-Contradiction and pre-Internet]

6 folders (~500 letters) organized alphabetically by correspondent. Over the years I discarded most purely routine mailings (“Please send me your catalog,” “Please send us information about your group,” etc.). The letters I kept generally have some substance, even if in some cases they are rather ill-informed or hostile ― questions or arguments about the situationists or about various political issues; debates about matters of theory, tactics, style, or distribution; comments or critiques about KK publications and projects, etc.


Routine Correspondence since 1998

A few dozen misc. letters. (There are, of course, far fewer snailmail letters than in the earlier period, since most correspondence now takes place via email.)


Dead Letter Bureau

Various letters inviting me to participate in this or that, to which I responded in a hostile and insulting manner ― refusing their requests, saying I wanted nothing to do with them, etc. (Most of these date from the early 1970s, when I was more sarcastically critical than now. In later years I usually either politely responded to such requests or simply ignored them.)



Letters from 100+ USA prisoners, usually requesting catalogs or publications, sometimes also expressing their interest in situationist texts or ideas, or talking about their own situations. (My response was usually simply to send them free copies of Public Secrets and the SI Anthology.)






~30pp of letters


Latin America

~15pp of letters from Mexico, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Jamaica



~15pp of letters (mostly Senegal) + several texts from or about Senegal:

“Et foutre encore!” [poster, Senegal, 1980]

“Avis aux révolutionnaires de Gambie et du Sénégal” [Dakar, 1982]

“Warning to the Revolutionaries of the Gambia and Senegal” [trans. of above]

“Avis No. 2 aux révolutionnaires de Gambie et du Sénégal” [1982]

“Avis à tous les sopistes relativement aux pogroms de 1989” [Dakar, 1989]

“Special Sopi No. 2: Sopi contre les préjugés religieux” [Dakar, 1989]

“Special Sopi No. 3: Sopi contre l’Etat chrétien” [Dakar 1989]

“La guerre sociale au Sénégal” [draft for a long article, Dakar, 1989]

“Provocation au Sénégambie” [1985]

Abdel Kader Diop, “Samizdat No. 1: Lettre ouverte aux Afro-Staliniens” [Dakar, 1991]

Abdel Kader Diop, “Samizdat No. 2: Lettre ouverte aux Afro-Islamistes” [Dakar, 1991]

“Notes sur le spectacle de la rareté” [Dakar, 1983]

“Remarques sur la question palestinienne” [by a Senegalese living in Belgium]

N’Diaye, “Contribution servant à rectifier une certaine opinion sur l’Afrique du Sud” [1986]


Hong Kong

~60pp of letters, mostly with the 70s Front group (which published the journal Minus) and offshoots thereof, plus a few related documents, including: International Correspondence’s “Open Letter on Our Split from Undercurrents/Minus” [1982]



20+pp of letters + several texts, including:

KK, “To Members of the Tokyo ‘Libertaire’ Group” [Fujinomiya, 1977]

— Japanese trans. of above by Tommy Haruki

Libertaire Vol 8, #12 [Tokyo, 1977. Includes Yoshiharu Hashimoto’s “A Reply to a Situationist,” replying to the above open letter]

Copy of article in Libertaire Vol. 9, #1 [Tokyo, 1978, in Japanese only]: “Thoughts on Ken Knabb’s Thesis”

KK notes [my unsuccessful effort to decipher the above article. At the time I knew some Japanese, but my knowledge was too rudimentary to read something like this.]


Tommy Haruki [Japan]

~40pp of letters



~25pp of letters


Misc. Asia

~30pp of letters from Israel, Thailand, India, Malaysia, Taiwan, Philippines, Korea



~60pp of letters + a few leaflets


New Zealand

~20pp of letters + two leaflets publicizing NZ edition of Vaneigem’s “The Totality for Kids”


Misc. UK

~100pp of letters


John McHale [London]

~20pp of letters and notes


Nick Brandt (Spontaneous Combustion) [London]

~100pp of letters



~75pp of letters


Spain & Portugal

~40pp of letters



~15pp of letters



~30pp of letters



~25pp of letters + a few documents


East Europe

~30pp of letters, mostly Poland


Misc. Europe

~30pp of letters from Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria


Misc. France

100+pp of letters ― Jean-Pierre Baudet, Pascal Billiard, Daniel Daligand, Gilles Dauvé, Shigenobu Gonzalvez, Jean-François Lepez, Jean-François (“Jeff”) Martos, Jaime Semprun, Jacques Wajnsztejn, etc.


André Trillaud

~30pp of letters + a few documents:

“Bloquez, il en restera toujours quelque chose” [1997]

“Vive le blocage général sauvage” [re anti-CPE struggle, 2006]

“Catalogue 1987” [of his Éditions 13bis]

L’Affranchi [copies of articles from ##2 & 8]


Jean-François (“Françou”) Labrugère

~100pp of letters, including notes and drafts for his trans. of KK’s “The War and the Spectacle,” + a few leaflets:

“Haute tension: Danger”

“Aux ânes dévots, riverains du centre de la ville de Grenoble”


Christian Camus

~200pp of letters + CC aphorisms and other unpublished texts by him


Joël Cornuault & Nadine Bloch (1974-1989)

~150pp of letters


Joël Cornuault & Nadine Bloch (1990-2000)

200+pp of letters


Daniel & Françoise Denevert  (1973-1977)

~165pp of letters


Daniel & Françoise Denevert: Correspondence with others

~40pp. of copies of their correspondence with Guy Debord, Jean-Pierre Voyer, Jean Pérès, Point-Blank, etc.


CRQS Split (Deneverts vs. Bloch & Cornuault)

~75pp of letters & documents


Jean Pérès

~40pp of letters, many of them texts or open letters circulated to several dozen people


Jean-Pierre Voyer

~30pp of letters, many concerning KK’s trans. of Voyer’s Reich, mode d’emploi


Roger Grégoire & Linda Lanphear

~20pp of letters (after 1973; for earlier letters, see Contradiction Correspondence)


Gérard Lambert

~25pp of letters + draft of his trans. of KK’s “Reflections on the Uprising in France”






Organizational notes for The Joy of Revolution

1980s and early 1990s. ~100pp. [NOTE: The earlier versions of this text were referred to simply as “Rev.” or as “MT” (= “Moments of Truth,” an earlier provisional title of this text). Subsequently, in my diary and other personal notes I often refer to it as “JoyRev.”]

Drafts of misc. passages for The Joy of Revolution


Draft of Confessions of a Mild-Mannered Enemy of the State

1995. ~75pp, plus a few earlier handwritten autobiographical sketches (~20pp) [NOTE: In my diary and other personal notes, I often refer to this text as “AB” (= Autobiography).]

Drafts of The Joy of Revolution and Confessions of a Mild-Mannered Enemy of the State

1996. ~150pp, with marginal comments by two friends (Andy Fahrenwald and Lora Change)

Sources for Joy of Revolution

Misc. articles and news clips adapted or quoted from in JoyRev

French translations of quotes in JoyRev and Confessions

Different French versions of literary and other texts quoted in my English originals, to aid in the French translations

Draft designs for cover of Public Secrets


Reprints and translations of KK writings on the Occupy movement + a few other Occupy-related articles and leaflets

Web reprints

Texts that I originally “published” primarily on my website, but which I also printed in limited numbers of paper copies and reprinted as needed (usually 100-400 copies) — including: “The Poverty of Primitivism,” “A Look at Some of the Reactions to Public Secrets,” “Notes and Reviews,” and “May 1968 Graffiti”

KK notes on diverse topics

10 folders of notes on various projects, some of which never materialized or later took a different form; or rejects from various realized projects:

Notes re revolution

Notes re religion

Notes re the Gulf War

Notes re Joseph Weber and Contemporary Issues

Notes re radical film

Notes re primitivism and technophobia

Notes re Gary Snyder

Etc. [~400pp total]


5 folders of quotations copied for possible later use:

Quotations re religion

Quotations re philosophy

Quotations from Marx and Engels

Quotations re history and politics

Quotations from literature

Notes re KK’s Japan/Hong Kong trip (Fall 1977)

~25 pp., including notes and drafts for the 1978 leaflet “A Radical Group in Hong Kong”

Notes re KK’s New Orleans trip (October 1982)

~20 pp. re KK and Isaac Cronin’s weeklong meeting with people from France, Canada, and Nicaragua who were generally in the Jean-Pierre Voyer circle

Records of BPS website hits

Several hundred pages, ca. 1998-2012

Notes for BPS website Index

Draft lists of names and topics from particular texts to include in my online site index.



SI Anthology
publishing efforts

KK letters to publishers (1980), unsuccessfully proposing publication of the SIA. [There were virtually no positive responses, so I eventually decided to publish it myself.]

SI Anthology
translation questions

Detailed correspondence with Joël Cornuault and Nadine Bloch, responding to my questions and checking my successive drafts. [~75pp]

SI Anthology

Draft corrections [~50pp]

SI Anthology

Typesetting notes [~20pp]

SI Anthology
rejected notes

Potential endnotes, etc., that were not included in the final SIA

SI Anthology rejected texts

Translations by KK of misc. articles and short SI passages that were ultimately not included in the SIA [50+ pp]

SI Anthology
superseded translations

Superseded translations by others of various articles included in the SI Anthology [~100pp]

SI Anthology

Drafts of portions of the entire book [~300pp]

SI Anthology

Leaflets, or notes for leaflets, publicizing the SIA

SI Anthology
reviews and responses

Book reviews + various personal responses

Village Voice

Village Voice articles by Greil Marcus and others re the SI Anthology and other situationist works

SI Anthology

Letters to KK requesting permission to reproduce various articles from the SI Anthology. [I have usually welcomed such reproductions, while noting that my translations are in any case not copyrighted.]

Debord Films Translation

Drafts, notes, correspondence, reviews, etc. re KK’s translation of Guy Debord’s Complete Cinematic Works

Alice Debord

A few letters re KK’s Guy Debord film translations + several reviews of Alice Debord’s book Les Princes du Jargon



Ngo Van book

Notes, drafts, and correspondence with co-translators (mostly Hélène Fleury) of Ngo Van’s In the Crossfire: Adventures of a Vietnamese Revolutionary. Includes some photos that were not included in the published book + a review of the book in Fifth Estate #385 (Fall 2011) + La Révolution prolétarienne ##754 & 761 (2006 & 2008) [a journal in which Ngo Van had participated]

Spanish translations of texts by KK etc.

Draft translations by Fernando Linares (ca. 1977, never published) of:

KK, Reflexión doble

KK, La sociedad del situacionismo

Daniel Denevert, Teoría de la miseria, miseria de la teoría

Jeanne Charles, Las armas y la mujer

+ ~30pp. of letters re these translations

+ a few later translations of some of these same texts by Luis Navarro and others, which were published

Secrets Publics

Provisional French translation by KK of his book Public Secrets (1997) in three plastic-ring-bound volumes. A few copies of this provisional translation were brought to France later that year and circulated among friends, before more accurate translations were eventually made over the next several years. (See next entry.)

Secrets Publics: Escarmouches choisies de Ken Knabb
(Éditions Sulliver)

Two Éditions Sulliver catalogs (2007 & 2008) + other correspondence with Sulliver regarding the latter’s publication of Secrets Publics (translation of most of the texts in Public Secrets + a few subsequent KK texts)


Typed notes, drafts, and newsclips drawn on for “The Opening in Iran” [~40pp]

The Realization and Suppression of Religion

Notes & drafts, plus a few notes about responses to the pamphlet [~70pp]

La réalisation et la suppression de la religion

Five or six different translations of the above pamphlet into French, plus related notes and correspondence

The Society of Situationism

Notes & drafts [~30pp]

The Society of Situationism & Affective Detournement: A Case Study

Translation drafts [~30pp]


Notes, drafts, and correspondence [~60pp]


Various translations [~50pp]

Remarks on Contradiction

Notes & drafts [~75pp]

Remarks on Contradiction

French translation drafts & correspondence with translator (Daniel Denevert) [~40pp]

We Don’t Want Full Employment, We Want Full Lives!

Extensive notes and documents from the French unemployment revolt of 1997-1998,  including 50+ original leaflets, as well as correspondence with Luc Mercier, who provided the documents and information. Plus a book-length collection of related texts: Le Lundi au Soleil (Insomniaque, 1998).

Critiques of Engaged Buddhism

Notes, drafts, and correspondence in preparation for my texts “Strong Lessons for Engaged Buddhists” (1993) and “Evading the Transformation of Reality: Engaged Buddhism at an Impasse” (1999); along with various responses to those two leaflets

Jonathan Watts, Alan Senauke, Santikaro Bhikkhu (ed.), Entering the Realm of Reality: Towards Dhammic Societies. International Network of Engaged Buddhists, Bangkok, 1997 [book critiqued by the KK leaflet “Evading the Transformation of Reality”]

Think Sangha Journal #2: The Lack of Progress: Buddhist Perspectives on Modernity and the Pitfalls of “Saving the World.” International Network of Engaged Buddhists, 1999 [more essays by the authors of the above book]

Gulf War

Several dozen articles on the 1992 Gulf war + other documents related to KK’s text “The War and the Spectacle”

Public Secrets

30+ responses, reviews, and other mentions of KK’s 1997 book

Comments on the BPS

100+ reviews and other mentions of KK or BPS texts (apart from the book Public Secrets). Also includes notes re numerous places where people quoted or adapted passages from KK with or without acknowledgment.


OVERSIZED DOCUMENTS (large posters, etc.)

“The Blind Men and the Elephant” (poster by KK)

Original pasteup for “Bureaucratic Comix”

Original pasteups for several other KK posters and leaflets

BPS “Special Investigator” business card (KK) [in small plastic case]

“We’re Tired of Playing with Ourselves” (poster by Isaac Cronin, Dan Hammer, and Jeanne Smith)

“Notice Concerning the Reigning Society and Those Who Contest It” (poster re Notice group)

“Modern Revolutionary Theory” (large poster listing texts by the Notice group and the CRQS)

Cover of SI Anthology

Original for SI Anthology book cover

Cover of Public Secrets

Original for Public Secrets book cover

Originals of texts of SI Anthology and of Public Secrets

Poster announcing KK appearance at the San Francisco Art Institute

Poster announcing KK appearance at City Lights Bookstore [re his new translation of The Society of the Spectacle]




“Ulysses” notes

19 folders (2000+ pp). Personal notes to myself (mostly considerations of what to do in the face of various situations and problems). See my remarks below.


21 lined notebooks (mostly 8″ × 10″, 200 pp.) covering 1977 to present + 7 smaller volumes covering individual European trips + a series of letters functioning as a diary for the 1977 Japan-Hong Kong trip. NOTE: For the time being, all of these diaries are being held back until I have carefully checked them to determine which portions may need to be temporarily blocked from public access due to privacy considerations. Meanwhile, however, I have uploaded annotated and illustrated versions of my complete Travel Diaries.



There are very few documents from the earliest periods of my life. During the 1960s, when so much was going on in my own life as well as in the lives of so many others, I kept virtually no written records — virtually nothing from my New Left and countercultural experiences in Berkeley and Haight-Ashbury, and virtually nothing from my anarchist experiences until January 1970, when I put out my first public writings (two mimeoed leaflets about Kenneth Rexroth and Gary Snyder, which I circulated to a few dozen friends and anarchist contacts).
        In early 1970, after my friend Ron Rothbart and I had discovered the situationists, the record starts filling in. I kept all of our leaflets and even most of our drafts of things that were never published, and once we opened our own P.O. box (ca. July 1970), we also started corresponding with other situ groups and others who responded to our leaflets. Since that time I have kept virtually all of my political correspondence of any significance, discarding only those things that were totally banal (e.g. people writing me simply to request a catalog of my publications). With all this correspondence among different people and groups, plus the accumulation of my and others’ leaflets, posters, pamphlets, etc., you can get some sense of what was going on among us in the 1970s situ scene in the US, and to a lesser extent also in France and other countries.
        In 1973 I also started making extensive personal notes. As described in my Affective Détournement: A Case Study, in January-March 1973 I went through a dramatic period of personal questionings and experiments. These included extensive written records — accounts of dreams, free associations, notes to myself re my psychological states of mind, my relationships, my possible projects, accounts of various dérive-like adventures and encounters, etc. I kept virtually all of that material (filed in my “Ulysses” folders), and from that time on I continued the practice of writing to myself when confronted with various problems or choices, though much less often after the 1970s. (I had started using the “Ulysses” label on the folders because the extremely detailed investigation of my everyday life during the first few months of 1973 reminded me of the even more extreme detail of Joyce’s book.)
        I eventually accumulated thousands of pages of such material. I was not at all sure that any of this material would ever be of interest to anyone, except possibly a few close friends, but Kevin Repp, the Beinecke curator who originally negotiated the purchase of this collection and who has continued to be my liaison and encourager in getting it in order, suggested that I include it in order to give a sense of how I worked. So I’ve included not only the material that is directly relevant to the main “situationist” themes of the KK Papers, but also a lot of the more personal material.

Dreams and Problems. The dream recording and analysis was mainly in the 1970s. Since then I’ve rarely done it. At the time it reflected my more or less psychoanalytical orientation, when I was particularly influenced by Wilhelm Reich. My original idea was to “interpret” my dreams in order to find out what they “meant,” as in traditional psychoanalysis, but I continued the practice for a somewhat different purpose. I’m not sure how accurate my attempts at interpretation ever were, but I noticed that the mere process of free-associating about my dreams (a dream reminded me of something, or gave me the idea to try doing something I might not ordinarily do, etc.) served as a stimulating personal shakeup. The practice of recording dreams was in itself already stimulating, since dreams usually contain all kinds of wild, unpredictable, and embarrassing sorts of things that we usually repress (which is probably why we usually forget virtually all of our dreams once we wake up). But the practice of systematically examining, or at least reacting to, what was in the dreams brought those wild, out-of-the-ordinary experiences and ideas into my waking life. It often happened that new ideas for new projects would come to me during such interpretation, or perhaps later the same day as I was taking a walk.
        I have no idea if anyone else will find these dream accounts of any interest — assuming they can even decipher them. They were usually scrawled on a notepad in the dark while I was still in bed, having just woken up and trying not to move around (since I’d noticed that opening my eyes or making even the slightest motion tended to blot out most of the dream memory). Even I have trouble deciphering them now. But when I originally wrote them I was usually able to understand what I’d written, since the dream was still relatively fresh. My comments (usually labeled “Analysis,” but they might more accurately have been termed “Reactions” or “Associations”) are more legible since they were written at a desk when I was fully awake, but even so it’s questionable how much sense anyone else will be able to make of them, since they usually refer to people and events in my personal life that others will have no information about. But Mr. Repp said he’d like me to include them since some of them might eventually be of some interest to somebody.
        The nondream personal notes may be a bit more comprehensible. They are notes to myself, mulling over various issues that I might be facing. In the great majority of cases they involve problems that had come up where I wanted to consider various possible solutions, or periods of depression where I wanted to bring to light what the problems were. I had found that it was often helpful to write out what was going on, because this process sometimes led me to discover a good solution; and even when there was no such easy solution, the process of articulating of what was going on often served to put things in a clearer and more objective perspective. Anyone who bothers to read these notes will probably find them depressingly negative. In reality it wasn’t always that bad. Bear in mind that when things were going well I usually didn’t bother to write anything. It was only at moments when I felt really depressed or stressed that I sat down to write out the situation in an effort to grapple with it.
        The notes often concern relationships, sometimes with friends, more often regarding ongoing or potential romantic relationships with women — mulling over whether I was attracted enough to this or that particular woman to want to see her again, and if so, considering what seemed to have clicked or not clicked during our previous encounters. Or brainstorming on how to meet more women generally via friends, bars, cafés, dances, etc. (That latter issue, at least, was later much improved when I started doing personals ads and then online dating, which led to numerous much more focused encounters than simply hanging out in various places in the feeble hope of meeting someone interesting.) If you are looking for sexy narratives, you will be disappointed. As I said, when things were going well I usually wrote nothing (except for very brief diary entries); when I wrote notes to myself it was usually because things were not going well and I was upset, frustrated, depressed, or in a quandary.
        Since my dream analyses frequently reflected many of these same concerns, I kept them together with these other personal notes, all chronologically organized in my “Ulysses” folders.

Diaries. I started keeping a diary in January 1977. A friend of mine was working at the Mark Twain Papers at UC Berkeley, and when I visited her there she showed me the file cabinet containing all of Twain’s diaries. I picked up the very first volume. On the first page he wrote that he had just found a blank memo book (I think it was on a river boat where he was working) and so he decided he’d start a diary. He found this practice so fruitful that he continued it for the rest of his life. His example inspired me to try the same thing. With rare exceptions, I’ve written a diary entry every day since that time. Most of the entries are very minimal — I decided early on that I was not going to make a tedious duty out of composing detailed descriptions of each day’s events, let alone any elaborate reflections on them, but to just give a very brief record of the day. Thus, in many cases a day’s activities are summed up in just a line or two. The main exceptions were during my international trips, when there was always a lot more going on. I recently transcribed and annotated all of those Travel Diaries and posted them on my website, along with a lot of photos. As noted above, I am holding on to all my other diaries until I have carefully checked them to determine which portions may need to be temporarily blocked from public access due to privacy considerations.

Notes and Drafts. Before computers, I used to write lots of notes by hand, starting out by noting pretty much anything I thought of in connection to some topic, then cutting the pages into pieces and rearranging them in order as certain ideas or themes started to coalesce — taping together the scraps of notes in rough order, then typing them, then revising the typed notes, crossing out things, inserting others, then cutting apart those new sections, rearranging them and taping them into new series of categories, then doing a new retyping, and so on. In some of my notes you can actually see this patchwork process, with long sequences of taped-together fragments; in others you are only seeing the periodic results, as new batches of retyped pages supersede older ones.
Once I started using a computer (even in the pre-Internet period), I did far fewer handwritten notes, but instead typed my initial thoughts directly, then continually modified what was typed. Thus, you won’t see so many deleted and inserted words in my notes from after 1990 or so. But I still had some idea of preserving the different stages of my writing. So I would periodically copy the latest version of an entire text and save it in a “Rejects” folder, then proceed to revise the current file. In that way, if I wanted to revert to some earlier version of a sentence or paragraph, I could go back and find it and reinsert it into the current file.
        At present there is no digital material in the Beinecke’s KK Papers collection, but sometime soon I will be consulting with the Beinecke people about how best to make at least some of the more significant notes and drafts accessible. (See “Online and Digital Material Not at the Beinecke,” below.)

Emails. At this time I have no plans to make any of my email correspondence publicly accessible, due to the obvious privacy issues involved — particularly considering how easy it would be for a tech-savvy person to search and copy large masses of such material. (There are perhaps also a few embarrassing personal matters in the snailmail letters that are included in the KK Papers, but considering that most of those letters date from more than 30 or 40 years ago and that researchers will have to go to a lot more trouble and expense to rummage among the files and order copies of particular letters, I doubt if this is of much concern.)




Audio Recordings

Recording of KK meeting with the 70s Front group in Hong Kong (English and Chinese, 18 November 1977). 2 cassettes, the first of which is blank on one side.

Recording of KK presentation in Madrid (English and Spanish, 11 October 2001). 1 cassette.

Recording of KK program on Radio Libertaire (Paris, 4 October 2008). 2 CDs: 115 minutes.

French Songs. A selection of KK’s favorite French songs (Georges Brassens, Charles Trenet, Édith Piaf, Anne Sylvestre, Germaine Montero, etc.). 2 cassettes + printed lyrics. Sets were given to 30-40 friends in the 1990s.


“An Evening with Ken Knabb.” Talk + Q&A at City Lights Bookstore (San Francisco, 25 January 2011). 124 minutes.

“The Situationists and the Occupy Movement.” Talk + Q&A at Niebel-Proctor Marxist Library in Oakland (5 February 2012). 100 minutes. [The video quality deteriorates toward the end.]

Talk at the San Francisco Anarchist Bookfair (29 April 2011). 25 minutes.

[NOTE: Recordings of several other KK talks, interviews, Zoom presentations, etc., are accessible online. See links at www.bopsecrets.org/videos.htm.]


Printer’s plates for the original Situationist International Anthology (1981)

Box of computer tapes, galleys, and other material for the original Situationist InternationaI Anthology (1981)

The original SI Anthology was prepared and published 1980-1981, during the transitional period of a few years when PCs  were still almost unheard of and prohibitively expensive and word-processing programs were almost nonexistent, but when typesetting companies were beginning to use expensive large computers to replace traditional typesetting methods. Once I had completed the Anthology translation and editing, I retyped the entire text on a Selectric typewriter with a special computer-readable font. The pages I typed (which included computer codes for font styles, font sizes, indents, etc.) were then scanned by the typesetting company’s large computer, which printed out the text in photo galleys. I then proofread the galleys and Selectric-typed all the needed corrections. Those corrections were also scanned and printed out by the company’s computer. I then cut out and pasted by hand each of those corrections over the erroneous lines in the original galleys. Then I carefully calculated the page layout for the entire book to determine exactly where each page break would be. Then I cut the galleys apart at those breaks and pasted up each page by hand. Once I had pasted up the entire book in this way, I went through it and prepared the index using index cards. I then Selectric-typed the Index and went through the same proof and correction and pasting-up process with that. Then I shipped the whole stack of corrected pasted-up pages to the printer.
        This box contains all the material from this now-historical mode of book production, including the Selectric-typed pages, the computer tapes, the print-ready pages with pasted-in corrections, the index cards for creating the index, etc.
        Amazingly enough, this incredibly complicated and tedious process was actually a significant improvement over previous procedures. Notably, because I myself did all the typing, there were far fewer errors to correct. And it was far cheaper because the typesetting company did scarcely anything but feed my typed pages through their computer. Nowadays, of course, most of the typesetting, correcting, layout, and pasteup work described above, which took me several months, could be done in just a few days on any PC and then emailed directly to the printer, without involving any paper at all.






Kenneth Rexroth has been one of the two crucial influences on my life (the other being Guy Debord). In my autobiography and elsewhere I have described how I discovered some of his writings (1965) and got to know him (1965-1966) and how I came to appreciate his life and works more and more during the following years, eventually writing a short book about him (1990) and posting a large amount of material by and about him on my website (1999-present). In the process, I accumulated print copies of virtually all of his published writings as well as some unpublished ones. Although there are considerable differences in style between Rexroth and the situationists, there are also a lot of overlaps. In many ways they complement each other. If you are not already familiar with Rexroth, I encourage you to check him out!


BOOKS BY KENNETH REXROTH (or including KR writings)

An Autobiographical Novel. Doubleday, 1966 [HB]

— paper edition published by New Directions, 1969

— ditto, published by Whittet, 1977

— ditto, published by Ross-Erikson, 1978 [includes a new Afterword]

— ditto: revised and expanded (ed. Linda Hamalian). New Directions, 1991

Complete Poems. Copper Canyon, 2003 [HB]

Collected Shorter Poems. New Directions, 1966 [HB]

Collected Longer Poems. New Directions, 1968 [HB]

Flower Wreath Hill: Later Poems. New Directions, 1974

Natural Numbers: New and Selected Poems. New Directions, 1963

The Heart’s Garden, The Garden’s Heart. Pym-Randall, 1967

New Poems. New Directions, 1974

Sky Sea Birds Trees Earth House Beasts Flowers. Unicorn, 1973

The Silver Swan. Copper Canyon, 1976

On Flower Wreath Hill. Blackfish, 1976

The Love Poems of Marichiko. Christopher’s Books, 1978

The Morning Star. New Directions, 1979

Selected Poems (ed. Bradford Morrow).  New Directions, 1984

Swords That Shall Not Strike: Poems of Protest and Rebellion (ed. Geoffrey Gardner). Glad Day, 1999

Sacramental Acts: Love Poems (ed. Sam Hamill & Elaine Laura Kleiner). Copper Canyon, 1997

In the Sierra: Mountain Writings (ed. Kim Stanley Robinson). New Directions, 2012

Beyond the Mountains [plays]. New Directions, 1951 [HB]

— ditto (paperback). City Lights, 1961

Bird in the Bush: Obvious Essays. New Directions, 1959 [HB]

Assays. New Directions, 1961 [HB]

The Elastic Retort. Continuum, 1973 [HB]

With Eye and Ear. Herder & Herder, 1970 [HB]

The Alternative Society. Herder & Herder, 1970 [HB]

World Outside the Window: Selected Essays. New Directions, 1987 [HB]

— ditto (paperback), New Directions, 1987

Classics Revisited. Quadrangle, 1968 [HB]

Classics Revisited (with new Afterword by Bradford Morrow). New Directions, 1986 [HB]

More Classics Revisited (ed. Bradford Morrow). New Directions, 1989 [HB]

American Poetry in the Twentieth Century. Herder & Herder, 1971 [HB]

— ditto: paperback, 1973 [The paperback has an Index not included in the HB.]

Communalism: From Its Origins to the Twentieth Century. Continuum, 1974 [HB]

Lee Bartlett (ed.), Kenneth Rexroth and James Laughlin: Selected Letters. Norton, 1991 [HB]

Eric Mottram (ed.), The Rexroth Reader. Jonathan Cape, 1972 [HB]

Penguin Modern Poets #9: Denise Levertov, Kenneth Rexroth, William Carlos Williams. Penguin, 1967

D.H. Lawrence, Selected Poems (edited with introduction by KR). New Directions, 1947 [HB]

The New British Poets: An Anthology (edited with introduction by KR). New Directions, 1949 [HB]

The Buddhist Writings of Lafcadio Hearn (edited with introduction by KR). Ross-Erikson, 1977 [HB]

Herbert Read, The Green Child (introduction by KR). New Directions, 1948 [HB]

Henry Miller, Nights of Love and Laughter (introduction by KR). Signet, 1955

Gene Feldman & Max Gartenberg (ed.), The Beat Generation and the Angry Young Men. Citadel, 1958 [HB] [includes KR essay on the Beats]

Japanese Poetry Now (trans. by Thomas Fitzsimmons, introduction by KR). Schocken, 1972

Conjunctions #8 [includes a Rexroth journal]. 1985



Thirty Spanish Poems of Love and Exile. City Lights, 1956

One Hundred Poems from the French. Pym-Randall, 1972

Fourteen Poems by O.V. de L. Milosz. Copper Canyon, 1983

Pierre Reverdy, Selected Poems. New Directions, 1969 [HB]

— ditto: paperback, 1972

Poems from the Greek Anthology. Ann Arbor, 1962

— ditto: expanded edition. Ann Arbor, 1999

One Hundred Poems from the Chinese. New Directions, 1956 [HB]

Love and the Turning Year: One Hundred More Poems from the Chinese. New Directions, 1970 [HB]

The Orchid Boat: Women Poets of China (trans. KR & Ling Chung). Herder & Herder, 1972 [HB]

— Women Poets of China. New Directions, 1972 [paperback of above]

Li Ch’ing-chao, Complete Poems. (trans. KR & Ling Chung). New Directions, 1979

One Hundred Poems from the Japanese. New Directions, 1955 [HB]

— ditto: paperback, 1964

One Hundred More Poems from the Japanese. New Directions, 1976

The Burning Heart: Women Poets of Japan (trans. KR & Ikuko Atsumi). Continuum, 1977 [HB]

— Women Poets of Japan. New Directions, 1977 [paperback of above]

Songs of Love, Moon, and Wind: Poems from the Chinese (ed. Eliot Weinberger). New Directions, 2009 [selections from the above books]

Written on the Sky: Poems from the Japanese (ed. Eliot Weinberger). New Directions, 2009 [selections from the above books]


SHORTER WRITINGS BY REXROTH (essays, articles, reviews, etc.)

Book reviews of:

C. Hartley Grattan (ed.), The Critique of Humanism (Argonaut, 28 June 1930)

Herbert Read’s Art and Society (Art Front, June-July 1937)

Kenneth Patchen’s Memoirs of a Shy Pornographer (Retort, Fall 1945)

Henry Hatfield’s Thomas Mann (New Republic, 20 August 1951)

Jerome Buckley’s The Victorian Temper (New Republic, 3 Dec. 1951)

Franklin Jameson (ed.), Original Narratives of Early American History (19 vols.) (New Republic, 29 June 1953)

Steven Runciman’s A History of the Crusades (Nation, 10 Sept. 1955)

Journals of Jean Cocteau (Nation, 8 Dec. 1956)

Geoffrey Wagner’s Wyndham Lewis: A Portrait of the Artist as The Enemy (New York Herald, 21 April 1957)

Harold Loeb’s The Way It Was (Nation, 6 June 1959)

Basil Davidson’s The Lost Cities of Africa (Nation, 26 Dec. 1959)

Jacques Maritain’s The Responsibility of the Artist (Nation, 13 Feb, 1960)

Iona & Peter Opie’s The Lore and Language of School Children (9 April 1960)

Kilvert’s Diary (Nation, 12 Nov. 1960)

Raymond Queneau’s Zazie (Nation, 21 Dec. 1960)

Alan Watts’s The Joyous Cosmology (Foot #2, 1962)

Frank Harris’s The Bomb (Book Week, 5 April 1964)

Blaise Cendrars’s Selected Writings (NYTBR, 9 Oct. 1966)

Jacques Maritain’s The Peasant of the Garonne (Commonweal, 12 April 1968)

Walter Kaufmann’s Tragedy and Philosophy (Commonweal, 7 March 1969)

+ misc. articles and other pieces, including:

“Letter from San Francisco” (in Blues, Fall 1929)

“Examen de conscience” (in The New Review, April 1932)

“Poetry and Society” (in The Coast, Spring 1937)

Circle, Vol. 1, #4 (1944) [includes article by KR on Mina Loy]

“Advertiser’s Anonymous” (Nation, 29 Oct. 1955)

List of ten books that influenced KR (Christian Century, 12 Dec. 1962)

Form letter from KR to publishers, re what kinds of books to send or not to send to him for his book review program on Pacifica Radio KPFA in Berkeley (9 Feb. 1963)

“On Paul Goodman” (American Poetry Review, May-June 1974)

Entry on Djuna Barnes in Contemporary Novelists

Lengthy article on “Literature, Art of” in Encyclopeadia Britannica (15th ed., vol. 10, 1979)

KR denunciation of Chögyam Trungpa on back cover of Tom Clark’s The Great Naropa Poetry Wars (Cadmus, 1980)

“Vivienne Renaud” (Conjunctions #2, Summer 1982) [a short story]

“A Crystal Out of Time and Space: The Only Diary” (Conjunctions, 1985)

+ articles on:

Carl Sandburg

Henry Miller

Lawrence Durrell

Leslie Fiedler

Old Chicago

+ Saucy Limericks & Christmas Cheer (privately printed pamphlet of risqué poems)

+ several misc. letters to the editors of various magazines


Classics Revisited

All 85 of the original essays from Saturday Review, in chronological order of their appearance. (There were 4 other CR essays that appeared in the books without having appeared in SR.) The titles differ somewhat from those in the books (Classics Revisited and More Classics Revisited) and there are occasional other slight differences in the content. The order of original appearance is completely different.

Mexican translation of Classics Revisited

Rexroth Prefaces and Introductions

Copies of all of KR’s introductions and prefaces to his own books

+ all (or virtually all) prefaces and introductions that he wrote for others’ books, including:

Herbert Read’s The Green Child

Alexander Berkman’s Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist

Clive Hawthorne’s translations from the Greek Anthology

+ poetry collections by Czeslaw Milosz, Homero Aridjis, David Meltzer, Philip Lamantia, William Everson, Homero Aridjis, Muriel Rukeyser, Kazuko Shiraishi, and several other less-known women poets

Rexroth on East Asia

Articles and reviews re Chinese and Japanese poetry, fiction, religion, and philosophy, including:

“Peace with Japanese Art” (Art News, San Francisco, October 1951)

“Chinese Thought and Idiom” (Nation, 14 Nov. 1953) [review of Fung Yu-lan’s A History of Chinese Philosophy — followed by letters from the translator of the book and KR (Nation, 19 Dec. 1953)]

“World Ills in the Far East” (Nation, 9 Sept. 1956) [reviews of modern Japanese and Chinese novels]

Review of Wang Wei poems (NYTBR, 7 Dec. 1958)

Review of Chinese Love Poems (NYTBR, 4 Oct. 1959)

“A Luscious Immediacy of Life” (Saturday Review, 10 Oct. 1959) [reviews of Chinese and Japanese story collections]

Reviews of modern Chinese literature (Chicago Review, 1964)

Remarks on Kitasono Katue by KR and John Solt (Third Rail #7, 1985/86)

KR trans. of some poems by Ho Chi Minh (Avant-Garde, November 1968)

Rexroth on politics and society

Misc. articles + letters to editors re political or social topics, including:

“Planners and ‘Planners’ ” (New Masses, 20 July 1937)

“Fighting Words for Peace” (New Republic, 4 Oct. 1939)

“More Wrath from Rexroth” (New Republic, 11 Oct. 1939)

“I’m Voting for Norman Thomas” (New Republic, 4 Nov. 1940)

“Literary Argument” (New Republic, 11 Nov. 1940)

“Letter from America” (Now, Feb.-March 1947) [letter to George Woodcock in England]

“Two Questions Vital to Our Civilization” (Carolina Quarterly, 1960)

“People Like Us” (Liberation, October 1960)

“I’ll Sit This One Out” [on 1960 election] (Nation, 24 Sept. 1960)

“A Landmark?” (Nation, 5 Nov. 1960) [on 1960 Presidential debates]

“God Smiles Upon Our Work” (Contact, August 1962)

“Panelizing Dissent” (Nation, 7 Sept. 1964)

“Poet in the Cow Palace” (Nation, 1 Sept. 1966)

Rexroth on San Francisco and the Beats

“The Younger Generation and Its Letters” (New Republic, 15 Feb. 1954)

“S.F.: The Cool Frontier” (Nugget, June 1962)

“San Francisco’s Mature Bohemians” (Nation, 23 Feb. 1957)

“The World Is Full of Strangers” (New Directions #16, 1957)

“Poet Finds San Francisco His Kind of City” (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 20 March 1958)

“Rexroth’s World Has Taken New York by Guided Missile” (San Francisco Chronicle, 20 April 1958)

“Rexroth Has Found S.F. Has Gone to the Cats” (San Francisco Sunday Chronicle, 19 Nov. 1959)

“The Social Lie” (chapter-interview in Lawrence Lipton’s book The Holy Barbarian, 1959)

“Too Much Sun in His Eyes” (New York Herald Tribune, Book Week, 6 Oct. 1963)

“Thar’s Culture in Them Thar Hills” (New York Times Magazine, 7 Feb. 1965)

“Renaissance by the Bay” (Saturday Review, 23 Sept. 1967)

“Poet Kenneth Rexroth’s View on Berkeley Events”  (El Gaucho, 28 May 1969) [re People’s Park]

“The Commercialization of the Image of Revolt” (in Ann Charters’s book The Beats: A Literary History, 1983)

Rexroth’s Poetry Reviews

Reviews of poetry books by:

Robert McAlmon (Circle, 1944)

James Daly (Circle, 1945)

Babette Deutsch, Louise Bogan & Leonie Adams (New York Herald Tribune, 26 Oct. 1952)

Marya Zaturenska (New York Herald Tribune, 3 April 1955)

Lawrence Ferlinghetti & Holly Beye (San Francisco Chronicle, 16 Oct. 1955)

Louise Bogan (New York Herald Tribune, 5 Feb. 1956)

Richard Eberhart (Saturday Review, 28 Dec. 1957)

Kenneth Koch (Nation, 12 March 1960)

Denise Levertov (New Leader, 9 July 1962)

Carolyn Forché (American Poetry Review, Nov/Dec 1976)

+ related articles:

“How Poets Make a Living, If Any” (Harper’s Magazine, Feb. 1967)

“On Walter Lowenfels” (Third Rail #1, 1975)

KR oversized articles
(8½″ × 14″)

Book reviews from The New York Times Book Review, including:

Herbert Read & Miguel de Unamuno (NYTBR, 17 June 1951)

Holderlin’s Selected Poems [trans. Michael Hamburger] (NYTBR, 19 July 1953)

Kathleen Norris’s Miss Harriet Townshend (NYTBR, 6 Feb. 1955)

A Book of Australian Verse (NYTBR, 14 Oct. 1956)

Eli Siegel’s Hot Afternoons Have Been in Montana & Louis Zukovsky’s Some Time (NYTBR, 28 July 1957)

Anna Balakian’s Surrealism: The Road to the Absolute (NYTBR, 24 April 1960)

H. Donohue’s Conversations with Nelson Algren (NYTBR, 25 Oct. 1964)

Ashley Montagu’s The Anatomy of Swearing (NYTBR, 31 Dec. 1967)

Tom Kromer’s Waiting for Nothing [novel about hoboes during the Depression] (NYTBR, 21 April 1968)

Philip Wylie’s The Magic Animal (NYTBR, 11 August 1968)

Marya Mannes’s They (NYTBR, 20 Oct. 1968)

Eli Siegel’s Hail, American Development (NYTBR, 23 March 1969)

+ reviews of poetry volumes by:

Peter Viereck (NYTBR, 11 Oct. 1953)

Mark Van Doren (NYTBR, 17 Oct. 1954)

Weldon Kees (NYTBR, 17 April 1955)

James Broughton & Frank O’Hara (NYTBR, 6 Oct. 1957)

John Ciardi (NYTBR, 3 August 1958)

Muriel Rukeyser (NYTBR, 19 Oct. 1958)

Richard Eberhart & I.A. Richards (NYTBR, 4 Nov. 1962)

Robert Creeley et al. (NYTBR, 4 Nov. 1962)

Charles Bukowsky, Theodore Roethke, et al. (NYTBR, 5 July 1964)

Thomas McGrath et al. (NYTBR, 21 Feb. 1965)

Elizabeth Bishop (NYTBR, 5 May 1968)

+ reviews of 10-15 other less-known poets (NYTBR, 1950s and 1960s)

Rexroth on Art

Several articles + reviews of San Francisco exhibitions

“Kenneth Rexroth At Large in San Francisco”
[several folders]

~80 KR columns selected by KK from the San Francisco Examiner and San Francisco Magazine, edited by KK and originally proposed as a book, but never published. There are several folders with various versions of the selections, notes about where to make cuts, letters to publishers proposing publication, etc.

Rexroth’s complete San Francisco Examiner columns (1960-1967)

Photocopies of 760+ columns, mostly on 11″ × 17″ sheets

Rexroth’s complete articles for the San Francisco Bay Guardian (1967-1972)

Photocopies of 28 articles, mostly on 11″ × 17″ sheets

Rexroth’s complete monthly columns for San Francisco Magazine (1968-1975)

Photocopies of 89 columns

Camping in the Western Mountains

Photocopy of MS. of KR’s 250-page unpublished guidebook from ca. 1939


KR interviewed by:

? (The Sullen Art, 1963)

? (Jeopardy: A Magazine of Creative Arts, Spring 1968)

Cyrena Pondrom (Contemporary Literature, Wisconsin, 1969)

Geoffrey Cook (The Book Review: An Alternative Magazine from San Francisco, March 1971)

James McKenzie & Robert W. Lewis (North Dakota Quarterly, 1976)

Paul Portuges & Paul Vangelisti (Pacifica radio station KPFK, Los Angeles, 1976-1977)

Ernie Tammings (News and Review, 14 August 1978)

Lester Ferris (Santa Barbara, CA, 1978)

? (Zero: Contemporary Buddhist Life and Thought #2, 1979)

Bradford Morrow (for A Festschrift in Honor of James Laughlin, 1981)

+ KR’s statements in panel discussions included in California Librarian (April 1964) and in The Cultural Arts (1964)



[The French and Spanish items are all books; the German ones are all pamphlets.]

Into French:

Les Classiques Revisités (trans. Nadine Bloch & Joël Cornuault). Éditions Plein Chant, 1991

L’automne en Californie [poems] (trans. Joël Cornuault). Fédérop, 1994

Les constellations d’hiver [poems] (trans. Joël Cornuault). Librairie La Brèche, 1999

Le San Francisco de Kenneth Rexroth [newspaper columns] (trans. Joël Cornuault). Plein Chant, 1997

Éloge de Kenneth Rexroth (trans. by KK & Jean-François Labrugère of KK’s The Relevance of Rexroth). Atelier de Création Libertaire, 1997

Into Spanish:

Desconexión y otros ensayos [ten Rexroth essays trans. by Enrique Alda & Suzanne Carey + KK’s The Relevance of Rexroth trans. by Esther Quintana]. Pepitas de Calabaza, 2009

Cita con los clásicos [trans. of Classics Revisited by Federico Corriente]. Pepitas de Calabaza, 2014

Into German:

Ein Bestiarium. Corvinus, 2010

Fallende Blatter, Fruher Schnee. Verlag Altaquito, 1988

Lyell’s Hypothese. Altaquito, 2006

Die Stadt des Mondes. Altaquito, 1999

Die Liebesgedichte der Marichiko. Altaquito, 1996

Herzgarten. Altaquito, 1997

Brief aus San Francisco. Altaquito, 1996

Elliot Weinberger, Kenneth Rexroth, ein Essay. Altaquito, 2004



Morgan Gibson, Kenneth Rexroth. Twayne, 1972 [HB]

Morgan Gibson, Revolutionary Rexroth: Poet of East-West Wisdom. Archon, 1986 [HB] [inscribed to KK by the author]

Ken Knabb, The Relevance of Rexroth. Bureau of Public Secrets, 1990

— same book that a friend hand-rebound with a hardcover [HB]

Linda Hamalian, A Life of Kenneth Rexroth. Norton, 1991 [HB]

Donald Gutierrez, The Holiness of the Real: The Short Verse of Kenneth Rexroth. Associated University Presses, 1996 [HB]

Geoffrey Gardner (ed.), For Rexroth. The Ark, 1980 [HB] [a festschrift]

Sagetrieb: Special Rexroth Issue. Winter 1983

Third Rail: Special Rexroth Issue. 1987

American Poetry: Special Rexroth Issue. Fall 1989

Chicago Review: Special Rexroth Issue. Fall 2006

James Hartzell & Richard Zumwinkle, Kenneth Rexroth: A Checklist of His Published Writings. Friends of the UCLA Library, 1967

Lee Perron, Kenneth Rexroth and His Circle: Poets of the San Francisco Renaissance. Lee Perron, 1998

Lee Perron, Kenneth Rexroth: A Bibliographical Checklist. Sun, Bear, Moon Editions, 2009

Carol Tinker, The Pillow Book of Carol Tinker. Cadmus, 1980 [inscribed to KK by the author]

Janet Richards, Common Soldiers. Archer, 1979 [a San Francisco memoir that includes extensive discussions of KR, especially pp. 265-287, 309-317, 322-325]

Evergreen Review #2: The San Francisco Scene. 1957 [includes poetry and prose by KR, Gary Snyder, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, etc.]

David Meltzer (ed.), The San Francisco Poets. Ballantine, 1971 [includes a long interview with KR]

David Meltzer (ed.), Golden Gate: Interviews with Five San Francisco Poets. Wingbow, 1976 [revised ed. of above]

David Meltzer (ed.), San Francisco Beat: Talking with the Poets. City Lights, 2001 [expanded version of above, including interview with KK and Morgan Gibson re KR]



Reviews of KR writings

~40 reviews of various KR books, including:

3 reviews by William Carlos Williams

Christian Science Monitor review of KR’s Classics Revisited + Clifton Fadiman’s The Lifetime Reading Plan + Charles Van Doren’s The Joy of Reading. 18 July 1986

Sarel Eimerl, review of An Autobiographical Novel (in The Reporter, 19 May 1966)

Opinions about KR

Photocopies or transcriptions of dozens of non-review comments (articles, essays, photocopied passages from books, etc.):

Edmund Wilson letter (31 March 1962)

James T. Farrell, Young Lonigan [the character “Kenny” is based on the teenage KR]

Mary McCarthy’s The Groves of Academe (1952) [KR is snidely and cluelessly presented as “Vincent Keogh, the poet of the masses”]

Lawrence Lipton, “The Poetry of Kenneth Rexroth” (Poetry, June 1957)

Lawrence Lipton, Introduction to KR’s The Road to Damascus

Ekbert Faas, passages from his bio Young Robert Duncan (1983)

James Laughlin interview (American Poetry Review, November 1981)

James Laughlin, Denise Levertov, et al., “Remembering Kenneth Rexroth” (American Poetry Review, Jan. 1983)

Bradford Morrow, Introduction to Between Two Wars [a lavishly illustrated and designed limited edition of selected KR poems from the 1930s]

Donald Gutierrez, chapter on KR in Northwest Review (1994)

Ann Charters, chapter from The Beats: A Literary Bibliography (1983)

John Ciardi, “One for Rexroth” [poem from In Fact, 1962]

“The New Cult of Sex and Anarchy” (Harper’s Magazine, April 1947)

Lee Bartlett, chapter from The Sun Is But a Morning Star: Studies in West Coast Poetry and Poetics (1989)

Lee Bartlett (ed.), The Beats: Essays in Criticism (1981)

Michael Davidson, The San Francisco Renaissance (1989)

Jessica Hagedorn article

Alberto Huerta S.J.: chapter in Dialogue and Humanism Vol. 1, #2 (1991)

John Maynard’s Venice West: The Beat Generation in Southern California (1993)

Robert Bly, Talking All Morning (1980)

Robert Duncan interviewed by Linda Hamalian (in Conjunctions #4, 1983)

William Everson interviewed by Linda Hamalian (in The Literary Review, Madison, NJ, Spring 1980)

John Tytell’s The Living Theater: Art, Exile, and Outrage

Kyoto Review #15 (Rexroth Memorial Issue)

Max Blechman, “Kenneth Rexroth as Anarchist” [unpublished draft]

Eliot Weinberger, “At the Death of Kenneth Rexroth” [poem]

Morgan Gibson, “Remembering Rexroth” (Poetry Flash #226, January 1992)

Octavio Paz article

Sanehide Kodama, American Poetry and Japanese Culture (1985)

Janet Richards, Common Soldiers (1984)

Will Staple, “Kenneth Rexroth: Guru” [UC Berkeley college paper, ca. 1966]

Review of David Meltzer’s Golden Gate: Interviews with 5 San Francisco Poets (Poetry Flash #113, August 1982)

Paris Review interview with James Laughlin

Thomas Parkinson, Casebook on the Beats (1961)

Ariel Parkinson, A Memoir (Ariel Imago Publishing, 2012)

Gary Snyder, statement re KR (1982)

Eric Mottram, Introduction to The Rexroth Reader (London, 1970)

Dorothe van Ghent, master's thesis on Gertrude Stein, Laura Riding, and Kenneth Rexroth (1935)

+ several other items

David Meltzer/Jim Brook interview of Ken Knabb & Morgan Gibson about KR

Transcripts of the recording + notes, and drafts for the final printed version that appeared in Meltzer’s San Francisco Beat: Talking with the Poets (City Lights, 2001)

KK’s The Relevance of Rexroth [several folders]

Notes and drafts for the book published in 1990. Although the final book was small (88 pp.), there were hundreds of pages of notes and drafts. (A lot of potential material on all sorts of topics was ultimately omitted.)

Responses to KK’s The Relevance of Rexroth

A few reviews (Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed, Fifth Estate, Bloomsbury Review, Western Literature...) plus ~50 personal responses, almost all very favorable, to KK’s book The Relevance of Rexroth (1990), including from Gary Snyder, Denise Levertov, Lee Bartlett, Donald Allen, Rachelle Lerner, Robert Bertholf, Nancy Peters, Jeffrey Miller, etc.

La Pertinence de Kenneth Rexroth
[3 folders]

Notes and drafts for first French edition of The Relevance of Rexroth, with extensive correspondence with, and corrections by, cotranslator Jean-François Labrugere

Éloge de Kenneth Rexroth

Notes and drafts and correspondence for revised second edition of above translation, published by the Atelier de Création Libertaire

Corrected galleys of Rexroth’s Complete Poems

KK’s extensive corrections of the galleys of the 800+ page book published by Copper Canyon Press (2003)

KK Correspondence re Rexroth

Correspondence with publishers and others, including re the possibility of their publishing KK’s selection of KR’s newspaper columns; or to get permission to reprint some of KR’s writings; or to correct drafts before publication (e.g. the above proofreading of Copper Canyon’s Complete Poems of KR). Correspondents include James Laughlin (New Directions), Lawrence Ferlinghetti (City Lights), Bradford Morrow (KR’s Literary Executor), Carol Tinker (KR’s widow), Sam Hamill (Copper Canyon), Chronicle Books, Heyday Books, Sierra Club Books, North Point Press, Grey Fox Press, Ten Speed Press, Anchor & Acorn Press, University of California Press, Shoe String Press, Orono Press, Copper Canyon Press, University of Buffalo Library, Noh Oratorio Society (San Francisco), Pacifica Radio KPFA, Red Hill Press, Lee Perron, Tetsuya Taguchi, Rachelle Lerner, Linda Hamalian, Donald Gutierrez, Jack Foley.

KK Correspondence with Morgan Gibson
(author of two books on Rexroth)

Also includes articles, reviews, etc. Plus “Kenneth Rexroth’s Letters on Poetry, Buddhism, and Counter Culture 1957-79” [88 pp., edited with commentary by Gibson: unpublished draft, later published online].

Rexroth in French [2 folders]

Copies of KR poems and articles translated into French, plus reviews of Joël Cornuault’s and Nadine Bloch’s translations of several KR books.

Kenneth Rexroth Archive on the BPS Website

KK notes re which KR works or excerpts to include in his online Kenneth Rexroth Archive, plus correspondence re permissions for such reproductions.

Rexroth cohorts

13 articles by or about Gary Snyder + 2 about Philip Whalen + 2 by/about Henry Miller

Misc. KR-ana

Dozens of miscellaneous photos, newclips, and other items, including:

an article on KR’s first wife, Andrée

a Pacifica Radio KPFA program guide from 1954 listing KR’s book review program

publicity for various KR events in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Japan

a Japanese notice re a “Kenneth Rexroth Poetry Award Participants Reading”

Tetsuya Taguchi (ed.), Electric Rexroth, Second Issue. Japan, 1994

newspaper articles re KR’s death

bibliographical miscellanea

transcript of the KK presentation at the 2003 San Francisco event (with Ferlinghetti, Michael McClure, etc.). (See the DVD listed below.)

Poster for “Kenneth Rexroth — An Appreciation, with Ken Knabb, David Meltzer, and Kim Stanley Robinson” (a “City Lights at 60” event at City Lights Bookstore, 10 December 2013)

+ several other photos, drawings, articles, leaflets, posters, etc.


Produced in Japan on the occasion of an international festival about KR (22 August 2005) for the centennial of his birth.




Kenneth Rexroth: Poetry and Jazz at the Blackhawk. Fantasy Records, 1957

Kenneth Rexroth and Lawrence Ferlinghetti: Poetry Readings in the Cellar. Fantasy Records, 1960 [more poetry read with jazz]

Cassette Tapes:

Sword in a Cloud of Light. KR reading his poems and translations, some with jazz or Japanese music accompaniment (Santa Barbara, 1977)

More KR poetry readings: copies of the two LPs listed above, plus unaccompanied performances from misc. sources

Rexroth Autobiography excerpts re 1930s [5 cassettes recorded from KR’s readings on Pacifica Radio KPFA (Berkeley)]

KPFA book review programs [11 cassettes]. For more than twenty years (ca. 1948-1972) Rexroth had a half-hour book review program every Sunday morning on Pacifica Radio KPFA in Berkeley (totaling more than 1000 programs during which he gave brief improvised reviews of more than 5000 books). The following cassettes are all recorded on both sides, but the second side does not always start at the beginning (in some cases several minutes go by before the second side recording begins). Each cassette records one book review program (approx. 30 minutes). The KPFA catalog numbers below are followed by a list of the books reviewed or topics discussed.

BB 1011.02 (January 1972):

Eulogy for Kenneth Patchen

Jerome Rothenberg, Shaking the Pumpkin [Native American poetry]

Townsend Miller, Henry IV of Castille

Richard Kunnes, Your Money or Your Life [critique of commercial medicine and of the AMA]

Judson Jerome, Culture Out of Anarchy: Reconstruction of American Higher Learning

Eva Pell (ed.), Maximum Security: Letters from California’s Prisons

BB 1011.03:

Tim Pat Coogan, The IRA

Robert Tucker, The Marxian Revolutionary Idea

Robert Wolfe, In Defense of Anarchism

Eli Zutsky, Russia: An Architecture for World Revolution

BB 1011.04:

Otto Fry, Tension Structures [similar to Buckminster Fuller]

John Reynolds, Windmills and Watermills

Stuart Curran, Scorpions Ringed with Fire [re Shelley’s Cenci]

Oscar Mandell, Collected Plays

Ortega y Gasset, The Idea of Principle [re Leibnitz]

Samuel Yetti, The Choice: The Issue of Black Survival in America

Mayakovsky, The Bedbug and Selected Poetry

Christopher Caldwell, Romance and Realism: A Study in English Bourgeois Literature

Paul Valéry, Occasions

BB 1011.05:

Marcel Proust, Jean Santeuil

G.S. Kirk, Myth: Its Meaning and Function

Daniel Singer, Prelude to Revolution: May 1968

Gertrude Stein, Selected Operas and Plays

John Julius Norwich, The Kingdom in the Sun [re the medieval Norman Kingdom of Sicily]

Acen Balikci, The Netsilik Eskimo

BB 1011.06:

Martin Gardner, Mathematical Games

The Diary of Samuel Pepys, vols. 4 and 5

Jamil M. Abun-Nasr, A History of the Maghrib

M.A. Shaban, Islamic History: A New Interpretation

Leland Rather, Introduction to Virchow’s Cellular Pathology

Jerry Lanady, Silent Cities, Sacred Stones: Archeological Discovery in Israel

Virginia Calls Cowells, The Romanovs

Laney Smith, Henry VIII: Mask of Royalty

BB 1011.07:

Wyndam Lewis, The Apes of God

James Legge, I-Ching [ed. Vanover, Mentor]

Paul Radin, The World of Primitive Man

Charles Fourier, Design for Utopia

Charles Simic, Dismantling the Silence [poems]

Jerome Rothenberg, Poems for the Game of Silence: 1960-1970

Ernest Bloch, On Karl Marx

Ernest Bloch, Man on His Own

Ernest Bloch, The Spirit of Utopia

Irving Bernstein, The Turbulent Years [re American workers in the 1930s]

BB 1011.08:

Remarks on commercial fiction and how it’s selling less and less compared with historical biographies

Jack Lindsay, Cleopatra

C.M. Bowra, Periclean Athens

Vitus B. Dröscher, The Friendly Beast: Latest Discoveries in Animal Behavior

Brian Reed (ed.), Sexual Heretics: Male Homosexuality in English Literature, 1850-1900 [an anthology]

Robert Charles Zaehner, Concordant Discord: The Interdependence of Faiths [on relations between Catholicism/Buddhism/Zoroastrianism, etc.]

BB 1011.09:

Soledad Brother: Prison Letters of George Jackson [1970]

Henri Lefebvre, Dialectical Materialism

Lucian Goldmann, The Human Sciences and Philosophy

G. Charbonnier, Conversations with Claude Levi-Strauss

Michel Butor, Histoire Extraordinaire [re Baudelaire]

Pablo Neruda, Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair [trans. W.S. Merwin]

Daniel Singer, Prelude to Revolution: May 1968

BB 1011.10:

Various books about Dante and about Buddhism

BB 1011.11:

Herbert Garfinkel, When Negroes March [re A. Phillips Randolph in the 1940s]

L.D. Reding, Crusader Without Violence [biography of Martin Luther King]

Langston Hughes, Selected Poems

BC 1026:

N.P. Naumov, The Ecology of Animals

Lester Swan, Common Insects of North America

Ann Zwinger, Land Above Trees: A Guide to American Alpine Tundra

Morris Kline, Mathematical Thought from Ancient to Modern Times

Helen Gardner (ed.), The New Oxford Book of English Verse: 1250-1950



93 minutes. Celebration of Rexroth at San Francisco Main Library, Koret Auditorium, February 8, 2003, with presentations by seven speakers:

0:00 — Preliminary glance at the venue, including an exhibit of Rexroth books
3:50 — Paul Yamazaki (City Lights Bookstore) introduces the speakers
8:00 — Sam Hamill
13:20 — Lawrence Ferlinghetti
24:20 — Michael McClure
42:30 — Jane Hirshfield
50:10 — Ken Knabb
1:04:25 — Terry Tempest Williams
1:13:15 — Robert Hass
1:32.42 — End

[Note: The above timelist is for a video made by my late friend Andy Fahrenwald. The video in the Beinecke collection is a slightly different “official” one distributed by City Lights, recording the identical speaker program but with different introductory material.]





(Richard Kempton Collection)


In 2015 Richard Kempton (author of the book Provo: Amsterdam’s Anarchist Revolt) contacted me and said that he had three boxes of material about the Bay Area and the Sixties that he would like to donate to some appropriate library. I suggested that he donate them to the Beinecke. He agreed with that idea and left the three boxes with me. His collection was eventually delivered to the Beinecke in the same shipment as the Ken Knabb Papers. For simplicity’s sake, the Beinecke chose to catalog the relatively small Kempton collection as a subset of the KK Papers, so I have reproduced Kempton’s listing of its contents here.



Berkeley Barb. 29 complete issues, 37 partial issues, 1965-1969

Berkeley Tribe. 1 complete, 4 partial issues, 1969

City Miner (Berkeley) #14

Counter Culture Catalogue: Course Description Guide, Spring 1973 #2 (UC Santa Barbara)

Daily Californian (UC Berkeley). 4 partial issues

Daily Gator (San Francisco State). 1 issue

Dock of the Bay (San Francisco). 1 issue

Earth (San Francisco). 1 issue

East Bay Express (Berkeley). “People’s Park, 1969-1989”

Good Times (San Francisco). 1 issue

The Organ (Berkeley) ##2, 3

The Oracle (San Francisco). 1 issue

Ramparts (San Francisco). 1 issue

Rolling Stone (San Francisco). 4 partial issues (one is in the “Leaflets” binder, below)

San Francisco Chronicle. 3 partial issues (a 1960 issue on the HUAC protest)

S.-B. Gazette (Sausalito, CA). 1 issue, 1968

IT/International Times (London). 6 issues

Nyt Super (Copenhagen). In Danish, on 60s American figures



A large three-ring binder containing dozens of leaflets, small posters, articles, etc.



Apter, David, and James Joll. Anarchism Today. Garden City, NY, 1971

Aptheker, Bettina, Intimate Politics. Emeryville, CA, 2006

Aronowitz, Stanley, “When the New Left Was New.” Social Text no. 9/10, 1984

Bone, Ian, et al. (eds.), Class War: A Decade of Disorder. London/New York, 1991

Bookchin, Murray, Post-Scarcity Anarchism. San Francisco, 1971

Bronowski, J., et al, “Revolution on the Campus” (in American Scholar, v. 38, no. 4, Autumn 1969)

Chomsky, Noam, Chomsky on Anarchism. Edinburgh/Oakland, 2005

Cockburn, Alexander, and Robin Blackburn (eds.), Student Power. Baltimore, 1969

Cohen, Robert, and Reginald Zelnik (eds.), The Free Speech Movement. Berkeley, 2002

Cohn-Bendit, Daniel, Le grand bazar: Mai et après. Paris, 1978 (original interview: 1975)

Cohn-Bendit, Daniel and Gabriel, Obsolete Communism: The Left-Wing Alternative. New York, 1968

Disorientation: Notes from the Underdog. Berkeley, 1970

Flacks, Richard, Making History vs. Making Life: Dilemmas of an American Left. Santa Barbara, CA, 1974

Flacks, Richard, Youth and Social Change. Chicago, 1974

Gitlin, Todd, The Sixties: Years of Hope, Days of Rage. New York, 1987

Grogan, Emmett, Ringolevio: A Life Played for Keeps. Boston, 1972 [San Francisco Diggers, pp. 232-492]

Gruen, John, The New Bohemia. New York, 1966.

Hoffman, Abbie, Woodstock Nation. New York, 1969

Kerbs, Diethart, Die hedonistische Linke: Beitrag zur Subkultur-Debatte. Berlin, 1971

Knabb, Ken (ed. & trans.), Situationist International Anthology: Revised and Expanded Edition. Berkeley, 2006

Kuepferberg, Tuli, 1001 Ways to Make Love. New York, 1969

Leary, Timothy, Ralph Metzger, and Richard Alpert, The Psychedelic Experience. New Hyde Park, NY, 1964

Many, Seth and Carolyn, LEWD: The Inquisition of Seth and Carolyn. Boston, 1972

McDarrah, Fred, The Artists’ World. New York, 1961

Mension, Jean-Michel, The Tribe. San Francisco, 2001, c1998. [translation of Le Tribu, written by a friend of Guy Debord]

Miller, Michael V., and Susan Gilmore (eds.), Revolution at Berkeley. New York, 1965

Morning Star Scrapbook.  Sonoma, CA, 1971?

Slate Supplement to the General Catalog [UC Berkeley]  v. 2, no. 3. Berkeley, 1965

Stansill, Peter, and David Zane Mairowitz (eds.),  BAMN (By Any Means Necessary): Outlaw Manifestos and Ephemera, 1965-1970. London, 1971

Walker, Cummings G. (ed.), Eureka: The Great Poster Trip.  Palo Alto, CA, 1968





Since 1998, when I first went online, virtually all my correspondence has been via email, most of my notes and drafts have been in digital form, and many of my texts have been “published” only via my website.

For the time being none of this digital-only material is in the Beineke’s “Ken Knabb Papers” collection. I plan to eventually add some this material to the Beinecke collection, such as the computer files of some of the more substantial notes and drafts related to my writings and translations. But most of the material on my computer would be either too trivial and uninteresting to be worth the bother, or too problematic to make public. In particular, due to obvious privacy considerations, I have no current plans to make any of my email correspondence public, apart from a few selected passages such as those included at my “Rapid Responses” webpage (see below).

Meanwhile, note that my “Bureau of Public Secrets” website contains not only virtually all of my published writings and translations, but also a wide variety of material that is not in print form and therefore is not included in the Beineke collection. The website home page is www.bopsecrets.org. Some of the most notable nonprint material and information can be found in these sections of the site:

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Mirror Site: Virtually identical to the original site. Useful in cases when the original site is blocked by certain countries, or if the original site is ever down.

What’s New: Continually updated list of new additions to the site.

Recent Publications and Polemics: KK writings since the publication of Public Secrets (1997), plus diverse interactions including:

Selected Opinions on the BPS: Reviews and comments, pro and con, on KK and his writings

Rapid Responses: KK’s email replies to selected queries

Notes on BPS Publications: Continually updated. But note that the version as of July 2022 is incorporated into the BPS Publications list in this Inventory.

Situationist Bibliography: Continually updated. Includes KK’s critical comments on most of the books about Debord and the SI.

Crossfire: Provocative radical documents, old and new, by Karl Marx, Clarence Darrow, Randolph Bourne, Bertolt Brecht, Karl Korsch, Josef Weber, Paul Goodman, Gary Snyder, Jo Freeman, Ngo Van, etc.

Gateway to the Vast Realms: A list of over 500 books that KK recommends — classic and modern literature, religion and philosophy, science and psychology, humor and comics, history and revolution — with brief comments on why he thinks they are worth reading, plus passages from some of the recommended works.

Kenneth Rexroth Archive: Texts by and about the great poet, essayist, and social critic. Includes Rexroth’s complete San Francisco journalism (more than 800 columns and articles) and numerous other uncollected articles and out-of-print books, selections from his in-print books, and links to many other Rexroth resources.

Videos: Links to KK videos and audios (in most cases posted on YouTube) — talks, discussions, Zoom presentations, etc., on the SI, the Occupy movement, Rexroth, etc.

Other Languages: Translations of KK writings into Belarusian, Croatian, Farsi, French, German, Hebrew, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Latvian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish.

Errata: Corrections and revisions of KK’s books.


Inventory of the “Ken Knabb Papers” at the Beinecke Library at Yale. This Inventory was first posted here in July 2022, but it is being continually revised and updated to correct errors and add more detailed information.

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