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Le retour du colonne Durruti  (PDF)
Bureaucratic Comix (119K)
Wildcat Comics:
          page 1 (54K)
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Still Out of Order (40K)
Reich: How To Use (104K)
Terry and the Situationists  (95K)
Dagwood on Détournement (63K)
Lulu's Public Secrets (4K)
Preface [updated] (6K)
Formulary for a New Urbanism (Chtcheglov) (27K)
Introduction to a Critique of Urban Geography (Debord) (14K)
Proposals for Rationally Improving the City of Paris (Lettrist International) (9K)
A User’s Guide to Détournement (Debord & Wolman) (23K)
The Alba Platform (Lettrist International) (7K)
Notes on the Formation of an Imaginist Bauhaus (Jorn) (5K)
Report on the Construction of Situations (Debord) (57K)
Film Soundtracks (Debord) (24K)
The Sound and the Fury (8K)
Preliminary Problems in Constructing a Situation (10K)
Definitions (6K)
Theses on Cultural Revolution (Debord) (8K)
The Situationists and Automation (Jorn) (12K)
No Useless Leniency (Bernstein) (7K)
Action in Belgium Against the International Assembly of Art Critics (8K)
Theory of the Dérive (Debord) (16K)
Détournement as Negation and Prelude (7K)
Situationist Theses on Traffic (Debord) (6K)
Another City for Another Life (Constant) (11K)
The Use of Free Time (9K)
Gangland and Philosophy (Kotányi) (10K)
The Adventure (9K)
The Fourth SI Conference in London (9K)
Instructions for an Insurrection (11K)
Basic Program of the Bureau of Unitary Urbanism (Kotányi & Vaneigem) (10K)
Perspectives for Conscious Changes in Everyday Life (Debord) (29K)
Geopolitics of Hibernation (23K)
The Bad Days Will End (23K)
The Fifth SI Conference in Göteborg (12K)
Basic Banalities (Vaneigem):
          part 1 (39K)
          part 2 (55K)
Ideologies, Classes, and the Domination of Nature (36K)
The Avant-Garde of Presence (10K)
The Counter-Situationist Campaign in Various Countries (17K)
All the King’s Men (14K)
Anti-Public Relations Notice (4K)
Now, the SI (15K)
Questionnaire (17K)
Response to a Questionnaire from the Center for Socio-Experimental Art (17K)
Address to Revolutionaries of Algeria and of All Countries (18K)
The Decline and Fall of the Spectacle-Commodity Economy (Watts riot) (27K)
The Class Struggles in Algeria (31K)
Contribution to a Councilist Program in Spain (24K)
Some Theoretical Topics That Need To Be Dealt With (Vaneigem) (6K)
Captive Words: Preface to a Situationist Dictionary (Khayati) (20K)
The Role of Godard (8K)
The Ideology of Dialogue (10K)
Interview with an Imbecile (9K)
The Algeria of Daniel Guérin, Libertarian (8K)
Domenach versus Alienation (10K)
The Explosion Point of Ideology in China (36K)
Two Local Wars (Vietnam and Arab-Israel) (37K)
Our Goals and Methods in the Strasbourg Scandal (31K)
The Situationists and the New Forms of Action Against Politics and Art (Viénet) (13K)
Aiming for Practical Truth (Vaneigem) (13K)
Setting Straight Some Popular Misconceptions About Revolutions in the Underdeveloped Countries (Khayati) (13K)
Minimum Definition of Revolutionary Organizations (5K)
Three Postscripts to the Previous Issue (6K)
The Beginning of an Era (May 1968 revolt) (126K)
Reform and Counterreform in the Bureaucratic Bloc (Prague Spring) (33K)
How Not To Understand Situationist Books (38K)
Preliminaries on Councils and Councilist Organization (Riesel) (45K)
Notice to the Civilized Concerning Generalized Self-Management (Vaneigem) (23K)
The Conquest of Space in the Time of Power (Rothe) (10K)
The Latest Exclusions (10K)
The Elite and the Backward (6K)
Cinema and Revolution (6K)
The Organization Question for the SI (Debord) (12K)
Preliminaries Toward Defining a Unitary Revolutionary Program (Canjuers & Debord) (19K)
For a Revolutionary Judgment of Art (Debord) (14K)
Theses on the Paris Commune (Debord, Kotányi, Vaneigem) (11K)
The Situationists and the New Forms of Action in Politics and Art (Debord) (20K)
On the Poverty of Student Life (69K)
In Short (10K)
May 1968 Documents (27K)
Internal SI Texts (54K)
Situationist Bibliography [continually updated] (47K)
The Blind Men and the Elephant (Selected Opinions on the Situationists) (57K)
Index to Debord’s The Society of the Spectacle (10K)
Index to Vaneigem’s The Revolution of Everyday Life (13K)

          chapter 1: The Culmination of Separation (24K)
          chapter 2: The Commodity as Spectacle (19K)
          chapter 3: Unity and Division Within Appearances (22K)
          chapter 4: The Proletariat at Subject and Representation (75K)
          chapter 5: Time and History (30K)
          chapter 6: Spectacular Time (15K)
          chapter 7: Territorial Domination (16K)
          chapter 8: Negation and Consumption Within Culture (33K)
          chapter 9: Ideology Materialized (12K)ccc 
          Notes (103K)
          Index (10K) 

          Introduction to Debord’s Complete Cinematic Works (14K)
          Howls for Sade (15K)
          On the Passage of a Few Persons (16K)
          Critique of Separation (13K) 
          The Society of the Spectacle (52K)
          Refutation of All the Judgments on the Film The Society of the Spectacle (21K)
          In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni (61K)

          Technical Notes on the First Three Films (12K)
          Letter about On the Passage (7K)
          On The Society of the Spectacle (9K)
          The Use of Stolen Films (7K)
          The Themes of In girum (7K)
          Instructions to the In girum Sound Engineer (7K)

          Chronology (8K)
          Filmography (12K)
          Bibliography (10K)

The Joy of Revolution (7K):
          chapter 1: Some Facts of Life (43K)
          chapter 2: Foreplay (77K)
          chapter 3: Climaxes (84K)
          chapter 4: Rebirth (90K)
Confessions of a Mild-Mannered Enemy of the State (4K):
          part 1 (1945-1969) (70K)
          part 2 (1969-1977) (80K)
          part 3 (1977-1997) (78K)
Do We Need Snyder for Poet-Priest? (92K)
In This Theater... (35K)
Ode on the Absence of Real Poetry Here This Afternoon (9K)
Critique of the New Left Movement [excerpts] (21K)
On the Poverty of Hip Life [excerpts] (15K)
Remarks on Contradiction and Its Failure (47K)
Reich: How To Use (Voyer) (25K)
Discretion Is the Better Part of Value (Voyer) (8K)
Double-Reflection (56K)
Theory of Poverty, Poverty of Theory (Denevert) (38K)
To Clarify Some Aspects of the Moment (Denevert) (18K)
Declaration Concerning the Center for Research on the Social Question (CRQS) (11K)
Notice Concerning the Reigning Society and Those Who Contest It (9K)
The Blind Men and the Elephant (1975 poster excerpts) (8K)
Bureau of Public Secrets #1 (4K):
          The Society of Situationism (34K)
          Notes Toward a Situationist Manifesto (Charles & Denevert) (16K)
          Arms and the Woman (Charles) (15K)
          From Science’s End (Moinet) (7K)
          A Short Guide to the Anglo-American Situationist Image (26K)
          Trouble Is My Business (43K)
          Affective Détournement: A Case Study (31K)
The Realization and Suppression of Religion (36K)
Open Letter to the Tokyo “Libertaire” Group (6K)
A Radical Group in Hong Kong (13K)
The Opening in Iran (16K)
Banalities (5K)
The Relevance of Rexroth (3K):
          chapter 1: Life and Literature (41K)
          chapter 2: Magnanimity and Mysticism (41K)
          chapter 3: Society and Revolution (46K)
          Notes and Bibliography (20K)
The War and the Spectacle (Gulf war) (16K)
On René Viénet’s Film Can Dialectics Break Bricks? (5K)
Los Angeles 1965/1992 (4K)
Strong Lessons for Engaged Buddhists (15K)
On Guy Debord’s Film The Society of the Spectacle (11K)
Notes on the Texts (29K)
Introduction (15K)
          Greek and Latin (19K)
          French (36K)
          Other European (25K)
          British (40K)
          American (27K)
          Chinese and Japanese (21K)
          Other Non-European (12K)
          Detectives, Fantasy, Science Fiction (12K)
          Books on Books (21K)
Eastern Religion and Philosophy (29K)
Western Religion (13K)
Western Philosophy (20K)
Science and Pseudoscience (27K)
Psychology (9K)
Anthropology and Folklore (11K)
Note on Music, Art and Film (5K)
Humor and Comics (17K)
History (23K)
Modern History and Revolution:
          Europe (20K)
          Russia, China, Third World (13K)
          United States (15K)
          Marxism (11K)
          Utopianism and Anarchism (11K)
          Miscellaneous Social Analysis (19K)
          Note on the Situationists (6K)
Books for Children (9K)
Desert Island Books (5K)
Appendix I: Other Great Books Lists (4K):
          Great Books of the Western World (20K)
          The New Lifetime Reading Plan (14K)
          A Guide to Oriental Classics (11K)
          Pour une Bibliothèque Idéale (10K)
          Online Book Lists and Resources (8K)
Appendix II: Passages from Recommended Works (5K):
          Homer: The Iliad and The Odyssey (9K)
          Sappho: Poem of Jealousy (29K)
          Carmina Burana: “Dum Diana vitrea . . .” (23K)
          The Kalevala:
The Pikebone Harp (25K)
          The Book of Songs
(Shih Ching): “The reeds and rushes . . .” (11K)
          Tao Te Ching (Chapter 1) (157K)
          Chuang Tzu: The Dexterous Butcher (12K)
          Tu Fu: Thoughts While Traveling at Night (25K)
          Murasaki: The Tale of Genji (22K)
          Bashô: Frog Haiku (21K)
          Bashô: Narrow Road to the Interior (18K)
          Baudelaire: The Balcony (51K)
          Buber: I and Thou (21K)
          Cervantes: Don Quixote (101K)
Essays (32K)
Gargantua and Pantagruel (74K)

We Don’t Want Full Employment, We Want Full Lives! (French jobless revolt) (31K)
Notes and Reviews (45K + 217K PDF file)
Evading the Transformation of Reality (21K)
Loren Goldner’s Website (7K)
Introduction to Secretos a Voces (9K)
Georges Brassens and the French “Renaissance of Song” (16K)
          Ballad of the Ladies of Bygone Times (Villon) (15K)
Selected Opinions on the Bureau of Public Secrets:
          1975-1996 (37K)
          1997-2005 (63K)
          2006-present (70K)
          Ken Knabb, the Situationist International, and the American Counterculture (Depétris) (26K)
A Look at Some of the Reactions to Public Secrets (25K)
The Poverty of Primitivism (54K)
Reflections on the Uprising in France (34K)
Documents from the Anti-CPE Uprising (64K)
Graffiti from the Anti-CPE Uprising (36K)
Beyond Voting (25K)
Anti-Prison Resources (10K)
Rapid Responses (193K)
Ten Years on the Web (30K)
          A Little College Scores a Big Victory (35K)
          A Good Chance to Legalize Marijuana (6K)
          Adventurer Seeks Adventuress: Three Years of Online Dating (122K)
          On the Occupy Movement:
                    The Awakening in America (17K)
                    Yesterday in Oakland (9K)
                    Welcome to the Oakland General Strike (15K)
                    The Situationists and the Occupation Movements: 1968/2011 (39K)
                    The Occupy Movement at Its Peak (14K)
                    Looking Back on Occupy (38K)
          Out in the Open: Remarks on the Trump Election (17K)
          Pregnant Pause: Remarks on the Corona Crisis (61K)
          The Secret World of French Songs (108K + links to 10 Zoom videos)
          Travel Diaries:
                    Contents and Introduction (11K)
                    1971 (20K)
                    1973 (28K)
                    1976 (17K)
                    1977 (61K)
                    1979 (73K)
                    1984 (75K)
                    1991 (51K)
                    1997 (78K)
                    2001 (98K)
                    2005 (64K)
                    2008 (73K)
                    2018 (12K)

          Inventory of the Ken Knabb Papers at Yale  (380K)
Book Discussion Groups  (9K)
Leaflets (Council for the Eruption of the Marvelous) (78K)
“Great Moments in the Void” Trading Cards (CEM) (22K)
On Wielding the Subversive Scalpel (CEM) (63K)
Additions to On the Poverty of Student Life (CEM) (17K)
“Hello, Men!” balloon (1044) (14K)
Riot and Representation (1044) (19K)
Open Letter to John Zerzan (Contradiction) (5K)
Critique of Anti-Mass (Contradiction) (9K)
Critique of the New Left Movement (Contradiction) [complete] (49K)
On the Poverty of Hip Life (Contradiction) [complete] (24K)
Introduction to a Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right (Marx) (39K)
Crime and Criminals: Address to the Prisoners in the Chicago Jail (Darrow) (30K)
War Is the Health of the State (Bourne) (72K)
Stories of Mr. Keuner (Brecht) (14K)
Karl Marx (Korsch) (18K + 1018K Word file):
          Part I (134K)
          Part II (147K)
          Part III (134K)
A Non-Dogmatic Approach to Marxism (Korsch) (22K)
The Great Utopia (Weber) (49K)
The Problem of Social Consciousness in Our Time (1) (Weber) (111K)
The Problem of Social Consciousness in Our Time (2) (Weber) (107K)
Appeal for an English Edition of Diderot’s
Jack the Fatalist (Weber) (4K + large PDF files)
Designing Pacifist Films (Goodman) (24K)
Banning Cars from Manhattan (Goodman) (21K)
Buddhist Anarchism (Snyder) (13K)
The Power of Negative Thinking (Chasse) (80K)
May 1968 Graffiti (32K)
The Tyranny of Structurelessness (Freeman) (36K)
Total Self-Management (Vaneigem) (52K)
Disinterest Compounded Daily: A Critique of Point-Blank (Rosenberg & Shutes) (84K)
Two Gulf War Documents (Brook et al.) (28K)
          In the Crossfire: Adventures of a Vietnamese Revolutionary (Ngo Van) (7K):
                    Introduction (Knabb) (12K)
                    Ngo Van, Relayer of Living History (Fleury) (18K)
                    Preface (8K)
                    Chapter 1 (34K)
                    Chapter 2 (50K)
                    Chapter 3 (57K)
                    Chapter 4 (52K)
                    Chapter 5 (35K)      
                    Chapter 6 (39K)
                    Chapter 7 (49K)
                    Chapter 8 (27K)
                    Chapter 9 (67K)
                    Chapter 10 (31K)
                    Chapter 11 (20K)
          A Factory Occupation in May 1968 (25K)
          On Third World Struggles (7K)
          Reflections on the Vietnam War (11K)
          Translators’ Notes (49K)
          Note on Stalinism and Trotkyism (16K) 
          Chronology (26K)
          Bibliography (15K)
          Index (57K)
Asger Jorn’s Writings on Art and Architecture (6K)
          Notice (6K)
          Image and Form (45K)
          Form and Structure (52K)
          Against Functionalism (35K)
Farces and Fiascos Before the Cataclysm (Denevert) (24K)
We’re Tired of Playing with Ourselves (Cronin, Hammer & Smith)
The Chairman’s New Clothes: Mao and the Cultural Revolution (Leys)

Communalism (contents & index) (35K):
          part 1 (93K)
          part 2 (91K)
          part 3 (72K)
          part 4 (72K)
          part 5 (84K)
          part 6 (73K)
          part 7 (81K)
Essays and Reviews (13K):
          Subversive Aspects of Popular Songs (50K)
          The Social Lie (10K)
          The Chinese Classic Novel (20K)
          The Reality of Henry Miller (26K)
          The Decline of American Humor (16K)
          Some Thoughts on Jazz (40K)
          Five More Articles on Jazz (35K)
          Disengagement: The Art of the Beat Generation (40K)
          Beginnings of a New Revolt (36K)
          American Indian Songs (26K)
          The Hasidism of Martin Buber (64K)
          Lafcadio Hearn and Japanese Buddhism (41K)
          Greeks and Buddhists in Afghanistan (7K)
          Mark Twain (12K)
          D.H. Lawrence (48K)
          Kenneth Patchen (23K)
          Two Talks on Poetry and Society (47K)
          The Poet as Translator (42K)
          The Art of Literature (Encyclopaedia Britannica article) (76K)
          Lawrence Durrell (36K)
          Isaac Bashevis Singer (11K)
          Baudelaire’s Ennobling Revulsion (13K)
          Rimbaud as Capitalist Adventurer (10K)
          The Cubist Poetry of Pierre Reverdy (18K)
          The Influence of French Poetry on American (74K)
          Science and Civilization in China (29K)
          Sung Dynasty Culture (29K)
          The Tao of Painting (10K)
          Japanese Literature (12K)
          The World of Genji (13K)
          Japanese Noh Plays (9K)
          The Poetry of the Far East in a General Education (15K)
          Matteo Ricci’s China Journals (7K)

          Ecclesiastes (13K)
          Gnosticism (30K)
          The Holy Kabbalah (27K)
          Simone Weil (16K)
          The New English Bible (16K)
          My Head Gets Tooken Apart (20K)
          Citizen Fromm (9K)
          Turner: Painting as an Organism of Light (18K)
          Turner and Whistler (16K)
          The Letters of Van Gogh (20K)
          The Heroic Object and Fernand Léger (22K)
          Mark Tobey: Painter of the Humane Abstract (17K)
          The Visionary Painting of Morris Graves (25K)
          The Making of the Counterculture (67K)
          Urbanism and Community Planning (31K)
          The New American Poetry (29K)
          The Poetry of Eli Siegel (11K)
          Allen Ginsberg in America (11K)
          The Authentic Joy of Philip Whalen (10K)
          Gary Snyder: Smokey the Bear Bodhisattva (16K)
          Greek Tragedy in Translation (11K)
          Tragedy and Philosophy (12K)
          William Blake (8K)
          Henry James and H.G. Wells (12K)
          Samuel Beckett and the Importance of Waiting (22K)
          Introduction to Bird in the Bush: Obvious Essays (11K)
          Jack Kerouac (17K)
          Jazz Poetry (33K)
          Gibbon’s Letters (8K)
          Francis Parkman (13K)
          The Unchristian Crusades (17K)
          The Sicilian Vespers (10K)
          D.H. Lawrence: The Other Face of the Coin (17K)
          Henry Miller: The Iconoclast as Everyman’s Friend (19K)
          Blaise Cendrars (10K)
          Ford Madox Ford (16K)
          Richard Wright and the Persistence of Racism (14K)
          Thomas More’s Utopia (12K)
The Spiritual Alchemy of Thomas Vaughan (26K)
          Lamennais: From Reaction to Revolution (56K)
          The Evolution of Anglo-Catholicism (108K)
          The Catholic Modernists (16K)
          Haiku and Japanese Religion (15K)
          Ten Influential Books (5K)
          On Translating Roman Verse (16K)
          Coleridge and Zen? (14K)
          The Victorian Conspiracy of Cant (10K)
          Six Japanese Novelists (22K)
          The Heat (56K)
          Harold Gilliam’s San Francisco Bay (7K)
          The Lore and Language of Schoolchildren (7K)
          Africa’s Destroyed Civilization (8K)
          Surrealist Poetry (7K)
          The Bollingen Series (15K)
Poems (6K):
          Prefaces to Rexroth’s Poetry (35K)
          1920s (23K)
          1930s (26K)
          1940s (29K)
                    The Phoenix and the Tortoise (14K)
                    The Dragon and the Unicorn (54K)
          1950s (38K)
          1960s (16K)
          1970s (11K)
Autobiography (8K):
          part 1 (36K)
          part 2 (47K)
          part 3 (49K)
          part 4 (51K)
          part 5 (49K)
          part 6 (50K)
Translations (4K):
          Greek and Latin (12K)
          Italian and Spanish (16K)
          French (35K)
          Chinese (32K)
          Japanese (23K)
Classics Revisited (26K):
          Introduction (8K)
          part 1 (25K)
          part 2 (52K)
          part 2A (30K)
          part 3 (32K)
          part 4 (29K)
          part 5 (27K)
          part 6 (25K)
          part 6A (24K)      
          part 6B (57K)
          part 7 (26K)
          part 8 (37K)
          part 9 (40K)
          part 10 (29K)
Rexroth’s San Francisco (14K):
          1960a (54K)
          1960b (51K)
          1961 (12K)
          1962 (26K)
          1963 (25K)
          1964 (44K)
          1965 (41K)
          1966 (46K)
          1966-1967 (38K)
          1968-1969 (31K)
          1970-1972 (17K)
          1973-1974 (30K)
          1975 (37K)
San Francisco in the Sixties (37K):
          San Francisco Examiner columns:
          January 1960 (10K)
          February 1960 (31K)
          March 1960 (36K)       
          April 1960 (34K)
          May 1960 (42K)
          June 1960 (36K)
          July 1960 (40K)
          August 1960 (34K)
          September 1960 (35K)
          October 1960 (40K)
          November 1960 (36K)
          December 1960 (34K)
          January 1961 (41K)
          February 1961 (28K)
          March 1961 (29K)
          April 1961 (34K)
          May 1961 (44K)
          June 1961 (39K)
          July 1961 (45K)
          August 1961 (46K)
          September 1961 (35K)
          October 1961 (40K)
          November 1961 (39K)
          December 1961 (41K)
          January 1962 (42K)
          February 1962 (36K)
          March 1962 (37K)
          April 1962 (43K)
          May 1962 (38K)
          June 1962 (35K)
          July 1962 (42K)
          August 1962 (44K)
          September 1962 (41K)
          October 1962 (41K)
          November 1962 (36K)
          December 1962 (43K)
          January 1963 (38K)
          February 1963 (39K)
          March 1963 (44K)
          April 1963 (39K)
          May 1963 (41K)
          June 1963 (42K)
          July 1963 (39K)
          August 1963 (36K)
          September 1963 (39K)
          October 1963 (31K)
          November 1963 (36K)
          December 1963 (24K)
          January 1964 (27K)
          February 1964 (39K)
          March 1964 (43K)
          April 1964 (39K)
          May 1964 (41K)
          June 1964 (38K)
          July 1964 (42K)
          August 1964 (41K)
          September 1964 (42K)
          October 1964 (33K)
          November 1964 (44K)
          December 1964 (40K)
          January 1965 (43K)
          February 1965 (36K)
          March 1965 (39K)
          April 1965 (36K)
          May 1965 (41K)
          June 1965 (42K)
          July 1965 (39K)
          August 1965 (44K)
          September 1965 (43K)
          October 1965 (45K)
          November 1965 (44K)
          December 1965 (37K)
          January 1966 (39K)
          February 1966 (38K)
          March 1966 (39K)
          April 1966 (38K)
          May 1966 (50K)
          June 1966 (61K)
          July 1966 (67K)
          August 1966 (59K)
          September 1966 (56K)
          October 1966 (55K)
          November 1966 (57K)
          December 1966 (56K)
          January 1967 (60K)
          February 1967 (45K)
          March 1967 (48K)
          April 1967 (54K)
          May 1967 (59K)
          June 1967 (53K)
          San Francisco Bay Guardian articles:
          1967 (21K)
          1968 (48K)
          1969 (46K)
          1970 (40K)
          1971 (31K)
          1972 (34K)
          San Francisco Magazine columns:
          1967 (34K)
          1968 (74K)
          1969 (80K)
          1970 (80K)
          1971 (79K)
          1972 (70K)
          1973 (84K)
          1974 (80K)
          1975 (47K)
Camping in the Western Mountains (14K):
          chapter 1 (73K)
          chapter 2 (22K)
          chapter 3 (29K)
          chapter 4 (35K)
          chapter 5 (43K)
          chapter 6 (68K)
          chapter 7 (35K)
          chapter 8 (38K)
          chapter 9 (37K)
          chapter 10 (9K)
          chapter 11 (7K)
          chapter 12 (42K)
Interview with Rexroth (Meltzer) (99K)
Talking about Rexroth (Gibson & Knabb) (27K)
          With a Tabloid Biographer, Who Needs an Oeuvre? (Solt)  (86K)
Graffiti de Mai 1968 (33K)
Reich, mode d’emploi (Voyer) (27K)
Discrétion est mère de valeur (Voyer) (8K)
Pour l’intelligence de quelques aspects du moment (extrait) (Denevert) (20K)
Théorie de misère, misère de la théorie (Denevert) (42K)
Lettre de loin (Denevert) (13K)
Déclaration à propos du Centre de Recherche sur la Question Sociale (CRQS) (13K)
Notes pour un manifeste situationniste (Charles & Denevert) (17K)
La critique ad mulierem (Charles) (16K)
Fin de la science (extrait) (Moinet) (8K)
Nous ne voulons pas le plein emploi, mais une vie pleine! (36K)
Documents du soulèvement anti-CPE (79K)
Graffiti du soulèvement anti-CPE (28K)
Ken Knabb, l’Internationale Situationniste et la contre-culture nord-américaine (Depétris) (26K)
Ngo Van, passeur de l’histoire vivante (Fleury) (19K)

Petites scènes de débâcle en attendant l’implosion (Denevert)  (22K)

Comics détournés (paroles) (28K)
Dans de théâtre... (6K)
Ode sur l’absence de la véritable poésie ici cet après-midi (11K)
Critique de la Nouvelle Gauche américaine (25K)
De la misère en milieu hippie (18K)
Remarques sur le groupe Contradiction (57K)
Double-Réflexion (59K)
Remarques sur le style de Double-Réflexion (7K)
Avis à propos de la société dominante et de ceux qui la contestent (15K)
La société du situationnisme (40K)
Un bref guide de l’image situationniste anglo-américaine (31K)
Les pépins, c’est mes oignons (45K)
Le détournement affectif : une étude de cas (35K)
La réalisation et la suppression de la religion (41K)
Lettre ouverte au groupe “Libertaire” de Tokyo (8K)
Un groupe radical à Hong-Kong (16K)
La brèche en Iran (16K)
Banalités (7K)
Préface à la Situationist International Anthology (9K)
Éloge de Kenneth Rexroth:
        chapitre 1: Vie et littérature (51K)
        chapitre 2: Magnanimité et mysticisme (51K)
        chapitre 3: Société et révolution (57K)
La guerre et le spectacle (19K)
Deux critiques du bouddhisme engagé (62K)
La joie de la révolution (7K):
        chapitre 1 (51K)
        chapitre 2 (97K)
        chapitre 3 (103K)
        chapitre 4 (110K)
Confessions d’un ennemi débonnaire de l’État:
        partie 1 (88K)
        partie 2 (97K)
        partie 3 (93K)
“Nous ne voulons pas le plein emploi, mais une vie pleine!” (Introduction) (11K)
Notes et comptes-rendus (57K)
Examen de quelques-unes des réactions à Public Secrets (33K)
La misère du primitivisme (65K)

Préface à la traduction du Société du Spectacle (6K)
Introduction aux films de Guy Debord (16K)

Georges Brassens et la renaissance de la chanson française (19K)
Portes des vastes domaines (Introduction) (19K)
Réflexions sur le soulèvement en France (36K)
Secrets Publics (table of contents, etc.) (53K)
Opinions francophones sur Secrets Publics, etc. (43K)
Dix ans sur le Web (33K)
Une petite école remporte une grande victoire (28K)
Introduction à l’édition américaine de Au pays de la Cloche fêlée de Ngo Van (17K)
Chronologie dans l’édition américaine de Au pays de la Cloche fêlée de Ngo Van (28K)
Note sur le stalinisme et le trotskisme (18K)
Le réveil en Amérique (18K)
Entretien sur le mouvement des occupations aux États-Unis (18K)
Les situationnistes et les mouvements des occupations (1968/2011) (37K)
Au-delà du vote (15K)
Retour sur le mouvement Occupy (41K)
Au grand jour: Remarques sur l’élection de Trump (19K)

Une grosse pause: Remarques sur la crise du coronavirus (32K)

Avis au lecteur de ces ébauches (9K)
Traductions provisoires de textes divers (27K)
Traductions provisoires des opinions sur le BPS (63K)

Kenneth Rexroth en français (6K)
Poèmes de Kenneth Rexroth (9K)
          années 1930 (24K)
          années 1940 (38K)
          années 1950 (25K)
          années 1960 (22K)
Essais de Rexroth:
          Les débuts d’une nouvelle révolte (45K)
Le San Francisco de Kenneth Rexroth (7K)
          1960 (83K)
          1961-1964 (68K)
          1965-1975 (83K)
Les Classiques revisités (12K):
          Introduction (14K)
          Gilgamesh, L'Iliade, L'Odyssée, Le Livre de Job, Le Mahàbhàrata, Sapho (64K)
          Eschyle, Sophocle, Euripide, Hérodote, Thucydide, Le procès et la mort de Socrate (66K)
          La République, L'Anthologie grecque, Lucrèce, Tite-Live, Jules César, Pétrone (65K)
          Tacite, Plutarque, Marc Aurèle, Apulée, La poésie latine du Moyen Age, Tou Fou (65K)
          La poésie japonaise classique, Genji, Beowulf, Le Kalevala, Njáll le Brûlé, Marco Polo (62K)
          Chaucer, Malory, More, Machiavel, Rabelais, Montaigne (60K)
          Cervantes, Macbeth, La Tempête, La Duchesse d’Amalfi, Volpone, Le Parfait Pêcheur à la ligne (65K)
Bunyan, Le Rêve dans le pavillon rouge, Fielding, Sterne, Gibbon, Casanova (67K)
          Restif de la Bretonne, Stendhal, Marx, Baudelaire, Whitman, Rimbaud (70K)
          Flaubert, Dostoïevksi, Tolstoï, Journal des Goncourt, Twain, Tchekhov (73K) 

Introducción a Secretos a voces (6K)
En este teatro... (5K)
Oda sobre la ausencia de poesía real aquí esta tarde (10K)
Sobre la miseria de la vida hippie (25K)
La liberación femenina (9K)
Reflexión doble (56K)
Aviso relativo a la sociedad dominante y a los que la desafían (12K)
La sociedad del situacionismo (36K)
La realización y la supresión de la religión (33K)
La brecha en Irán (9K)
Banalidades (7K)
La guerra y el espectáculo (18K)
Duras lecciones para budistas comprometidos (16K)
Eludiendo la transformación de la realidad (23K)
La pobreza del primitivismo (61K)
Reflexiones sobre el levantamiento en Francia (37K)
Grafitis del levantamiento en Francia (49K)
El placer de la revolución (6K + 401K PDF file):
          capítulo 1: Cosas de la vida (46K)
          capítulo 2: Excitación preliminar (82K)
          capítulo 3: Momentos decisivos (90K)
          capítulo 4: Renacimiento (96K)
Erotismo, misticismo y revolución (estudio de Rexroth):
          capítulo 1: Vida y literature (49K)
          capítulo 2: Magnanimidad y misticismo (46K)
          capítulo 3: Sociedad y revolución (52K)
          Introducción a la Obra Cinematográfica Completa de Guy Debord (12K)
Nota sobre el stalinismo y el trotskismo (16K)
Más allá del voto (12K)
Una buena oportunidad para legalizar la marihuana (7K)
El despertar en América (18K)
De dominion público: Observaciones sobre la elección de Trump (18K)
Una pausa preñada: Consideraciones sobre la crisis del coronavirus (30K)

¿Dónde están las nuevas formas de arte y de cultura? (Rexroth) (11K)
          El diseño de las películas pacifistas (Paul Goodman) (24K)
          Reflexiones sobre la guerra de Vietnam (Ngo Van) (11K)
          Ken Knabb, la Internacional Situacioniste y la contracultura norteamericana (Depétris) (24K)

A Alegria da Revolução (6K):
          capítulo 1:  Coisas da vida (51K)
          capítulo 2:  Excitação preliminar (91K)
          capítulo 3:  Momentos decisivos (96K)
          capítulo 4:  Renascimento (105K)
Introdução à Obra Cinematográfica Completa de Guy Debord (14K)
          A brecha do Irã (11K)
A Realização e Supressão da Religião (34K)
          Anotações sobre Estalinismo e Trotskismo (16K)
          O despertar nos EUA (16K)
          Mais além de votar (13K)
A céu aberto: Comentários sobre a Eleição de Trump (16K)
In questo teatro... (6K)
Ode sull’assenza di vera poesia oggi questo pomeriggio (11K)
Doppia riflessione (61K)
Avviso riguardo la società dominante e coloro che la contestano (11K)
La società del situazionismo (39K)
La realizzazione e la soppressione della religione (40K)
Lettera aperta al gruppo “Libertaire” di Tokio (8K)
La breccia in Iran (12K)
Banalità (7K)
La guerra e lo spettacolo (24K)
Sul film di René Viénet: Può la dialettica spezzare i mattoni? (7K)
Due saggi critici sul buddismo impegnato (36K)
Confessioni di un garbato nemico dello stato (6K):
          parte 1 (81K)
          parte 2 (84K)
          parte 3 (86K)
Corrispondenza sulla questione della religione (19K)
Introduzione ai film di Guy Debord (15K)
Porta d’ingresso ai vasti domini (Introduzione) (16K)
Riflessioni sulla sollevazione in Francia (36K)
Documenti della sollevazione anti-CPE in Francia (21K)
Il risveglio in America (18K)
Opinioni francofone sull’Ufficio dei Segreti Pubblici (32K)
I ciechi e l’elefante (9K)
Introduzione al libro di Ngo Van In the Crossfire: Adventures of a Vietnamese Revolutionary (17K)
Nota sullo stalinismo e sul trotskismo (16K)
Risposta ad un liberale del Midwest (8K)
Al di là del voto (28K)
Riformismo y politica elettorale (8K)
Comprendere Debord dialetticamente (21K)
Sulle lutte del Terzo Mondo (Ngo Van) (6K)
Riflessioni preliminari sulla Guerra del Vietnam (11K)
Ken Knabb, l'Internazionale Situazionista e la controcultura nord-americana (Detris) (26K)


Doppel-Reflexion (61K)
Die Gesellschaft des Situationismus
Vi vill inte ha full sysselsättning, vi vill ha allt! (33K)
Mēs nevēlamies pilnīgu nodarbinātību, mēs vēlamies pilnīgas dzīves! (11K)


Graffiti may 1968 goda (73K)
Radost Revolutsii (256K + 1753K PDF file)
Voina i zrelische (81K)
Treschina v Irane (43K)
Banalnosti (28K)
Otkritoe pismo tokiyskoi gruppe Libertaire (24K)
Teoriya Dérive (75K)
Hedvat ha-mahapecha (6K + 767K PDF file)
Hippi Hayatın Sefilliği Üzerine (31K)
Sitüasyonizm Toplumu (43K)
          “Gösteri Toplumu” Filmi Üzerine Bugüne Dek Yapılmış Eleştirilerin -Lehte ya da Aleyhte- Reddi (23K)
          In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni (81K)
Paris Komünü Üzerine Tezler (19K)
          Lulu’nun Kamusal Sırları (10K)

Rowzane-ye omid dar Iran (4K + 99K PDF file)
Furansu ni okeru hanran no shousatsu (30K)
Furansu no 2006nen boudou ni okeru rakugaki (51K)
Tentang kemiskinan hidup mahasiswa (94K)
Kami tidak menginginkan kesempatan kerja yang total, kami menginginkan “kesempatan hidup yang sepenuhnya” (35K)
Introduksi pada kritik terhadap geografi urban (21K)
          Mentransformasikan kerja dalam bermain (15K)




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